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    Grapple Options

    If you're looking to move a lot of brush, some trunk parts, I find the grapple bucket limiting bit adequate for occasional yard/property chores. For work, a dedicated brush grapple is worth investing in. On my 1850 I use the 34" one from pallet forks. Com. On the 425 the power trac made...
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    Where to find PT425 48" Mower Deck Blades

    The pricing helps make me nostalgic. Lol
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    1978 Terramite 4 Hydrulic problem

    Does it tram well even if it's a hill or over an obstacle that requires pressure? If you're only losing curl/cylinder function you might have a sticky relief though you should be able to hear it squealing. It sounds like you're building up heat in the fluid maybe. Open all the access panels...
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    Near new Deutz diesel Power Trac 1430 and attachments for sale in NC

    If you have ongoing auger needs... That one is easy mod for excavator use. Judging by the type of rock, you may be talking about a big excavator tho.
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    RK19 Has this happened to you

    I hope he gets some help but... It's a dead end unless the dealer also set up the shaft and implement. Matched and appropriate setup aren't the same.
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    422 fan thermostat / fuse

    The thermal switch in mine went bad and the pto switch was on its last... I replaced them with a 3 position switch on the dash. Now I control the fan. Off, on (fan only), on fan+pto
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    Bora spacer mounting bolt thread

    Looks like a single offset to aid in traversing slope.
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    Predator yay or nay

    Got the pm delete/edit this.
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    Predator yay or nay

    The gx630 is a 21. Never noticed a significant power loss except with the trencher. Thrifty, reliable engine. The seller is a maintenance/service Mgr for united rentals. Not a lemon dealer. If you're interested in them pm. Happy to help. Nothing in it for me... The predators are OK....don't...
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    rk25 bucket not level

    Thx for the update. Everybody else waiting for the mobile service guy appreciates your patience!
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    5' King Kutter bent bush hog Lift Arm Brace

    Good eye ruff dog. These bend so other things don't, resist the temptation to reinforce that stay. Replace it with a new one. Keep the olds as spares. Also if you're unfamiliar with running a brush deck, mind that when you turn sharply the leading edge wants to dive. Lift a bit, turn, lower...
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    RK24 Hydraulic failure

    There are often multiple reliefs in the system. Under that nut is either a relief or an adjustment for the divider. I think you're on the right track. That lil plug w oring could be a bleeder. It's possible that air was introduced to the system during filter change and pushed out at the oring...
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    Predator yay or nay

    Give your gf the Honda gx series the predator is based on. I've used both in several repowers and way better service from the Honda. A guy near me has 2 gx630 engines for 700. Brand new and one w 10h for 600. From an abandoned project. Near Burlington NC. I could get them as close to you as...
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    RK24 Hydraulic failure

    I suggest posting this in the hydraulics forum for a wider range of eyeballs on the question. It sounds like excess pressure. You may have a relief valve stuck. You can buy, make or get a shop to use a pressure test gage to verify the spike in pressure. Could be the result of a collapsed or...
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    Bolt on blade for buckets

    Same happens to mine. I repaired it and braced it with a steel 'x' across the bottom.... Helps. We tend to use a mini skidsteer land plane now. Built to backdrag and works on the same cheese slicer concept. Easy to fab or relatively low cost purchase. has them..
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    FEL joy stick.

    Teflon tape will do the same for you if you have that handy and not the loctite.
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

    Well pulling it w a truck is definitely not helping the wheel motors unless you are also finding the patience to deal with the tow instructions. The cylinders are made by pt in house, unless something there changed. You can get like size one elsewhere I guess but the should match... So that's...
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    1430 Duetz starting issues

    We're screwed when Terry retires. Unless maybe MR is looking to relocate. :unsure:
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    TYM T25/RK25 attachment compatibility

    Great question. Definitely a gray area. See if you can get a manual or parts diagram emailed by each seller. The fit up at the tractor is likely the same the rest could be different. Fwiw, the local Mahindra dealer has been helpful in finding parts for my rk55 in the tym database. They knew...
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    FEL joy stick.

    I have done so on other machines. There's no reason it would hurt. Anything to dampen the vibration getting telegraphed to that handle should help.
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    425 60" mower motor

    There's adequate hp. I've converted 540rpm attachments for hydraulic use by selecting a hydraulic motor that has a bearing for side loads to produce near 540 at the pt's rated flow. Then we coupled the hydraulic motor to the gearbox using chain. That leaves all the implement engineering in...
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    Older better than newer?

    Also, Pt is a very fair priced shop. I've taken two machines to them and was very pleased with the rate and turnaround time. Worth considering the to overhaul. They'll sell you that qa plate or any parts you need...
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    425 60" mower motor

    Good info. Thx for sharing. I'm putting those numbers here, so search engines can see them... : SER X0411 04478 BUILD INFO : MGG20025 BB1A3 Surplus center is a good source of these if you need. But power-trac does a pretty good job of fair parts pricing and I buy from them when I can.
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    Power Trac help

    That number is your serial number. Give it to Terry and Keith, they'll help you sort out parts.
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    PT-184 engine swap

    They'll absolutely sell you what you want to upgrade. I've converted several machines from different manufacturers to run pt equipment. And many implements for skid steer and tractor to use on pt. It's worth upgrading to hydraulic quick attach while you're at it.
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    Rk55 hydraulic side link

    Brand: Agristore USA Category 1 Hydraulic Top Link 20 7/8" - 31 7/8" Category 1 Hydraulic Top Link 20... Category 1 Hydraulic Top Link 20 7/8" - 31 7/8" : Industrial & Scientific Hose kit Hydraulic Top Link Valve Type Hose Kit Hydraulic Top Link Valve Type Hose Kit ...
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    Rk55 hydraulic side link

    I'll get you the details asap. Side and top link.
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    New gas cap for PT-425

    Any vented cap that fits should be fine. I've had no leakage w the original cap since I replaced the cork-like gasket w a gas tolerant sealant. I have the plastic tank.
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    1997 T5C hydraulics Problem

    You may have a sticky, stuck relief valve. Cross your fingers, that's cheap. If your machine will lift its rear on the stabilizers, check that the pedal is in complete control of the tram lever on the pump body. I had a broken roll pin that was causing the lever the pedal controls to judder...
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    Rk55 chains?

    Hi Anyone running chains on a 55? Looking for size and brand recommendations. Thx
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    Skid Steer Quick Connect On Terramite

    I made this mod and I think posted pics of you search my posts in this forum. The biggest single piece of advice... Switch to 2 loader tilt cylinders. When I first put on my tilt tach plate from titan, I had just one cylinder and quickly pretzled it. The lowest cost path to skidsteer...
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    Terramite Tires

    You might want to check out the turf tires available for fairway mowers. I found a pair of fronts from a ransomes 250 fit my needs.
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    Buying Advice Belly mower and rear pto question

    Thanks, that's what I'm looking for. Last one in that class I had was a PITA to switch. It was old...the mid was clearly an after thought.
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    Buying Advice Belly mower and rear pto question

    Hi all Lots of equipment and experience but I'm newly in the market for a 20-30 hp (engine) property maintenance tractor and have a usability question. The terrain is suitable for 2wd and belly mower. The tractor is likely to see 3-400h/year. Used or new is fine. I'm after a hydro trans...
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    1430 good deal or no

    When I lose climbing power in my 1850, oil temp is usually the culprit. Specifically, the fins of the oil coolers have become clogged w mowing debris.
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    RK25 and skid steer compatibility

    If you ever need them for repair or adaptation the ssqa plates from titan are good.
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    Anyone have 300+ hours on their RK55?

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm around 250 and no tractor issues to speak of. Generally good interactions with rk, tho their staffing struggles are apparent. If your rk store is a problem, try the nearest tym and Mahindra dealers. I had a problem (self inflicted) they knew the...
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    RK25 and skid steer compatibility

    Universal is a moving target in the ss world. It's getting closer. I've modded several to fit by enlarging, adding holes. Never had a problem, but none of my machines are at the upper end of the ssqa capacity. The 25 is pretty low on the capacity scale for ss attachments so you should have a...
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    PT425 ran great yesterday, won't start today and backfiring through the carb

    Same except then mine blew and I replaced it with a Kubota. Runs like a top, even in cold weather. Haven't stalled it in several years...not even sure I can. :)
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    1430 good deal or no

    I'm definitely +1 on m5040's approach. PT is very reasonable and efficient for servicing.
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    Power Trac Maximum Slope Capability Questions

    I've converted several tool carriers to remote control. On a power trac both the steering and drive present expensive problems due to the variability of the flow. On/off controls are relatively easy to deal with and affordable. Fine control and proportional flow are expensive and relatively...
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    Real world RK ownership Experience

    My experience with the tractor (rk55) 200h now, and store, Martinsville, VA has been great. The store, like a lot of places, has struggled with staffing during covid. But the few needs I have had were met and felt like a priority. Idk about the rk37, but the local Mahindra dealer is...
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    Got a 1430, looking for pallet fork recommendations

    The machine/carrier (pt1430) in question is rated to lift 1200#, so power trac would not label them any higher regardless of the capacity.
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    Got a 1430, looking for pallet fork recommendations

    I 2nd the 3pt to ssqa approach. I've been happy enough with the forks I have from (check their scratch and dent) If I bought again, I'd get adjustable width ones.
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    Front window for mini-x Polycarbonate or Acrylic?

    I'm building my 3rd 'windshield' for a piece of equipment. Mainly to protect from mowing/mulching w front mount attachments. My preferred material is lexan w margard, impact and abrasion resistant. Lots of brush and limb contact, very little wear. I use .375 thickness...
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    Replacement TC5 Steering wheel.

    I found the Jacobsen/ransomes fairway mowers to fit.
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    Terramite T5, are they really that bad?

    Any pics of that setup?
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    Rk55 backhoe 8.5

    If any rk55 owners have an interest in a backhoe attachment, I'm planning to let an unused one go soon. I bought it with my rk55 in January and have only used it to test getting it on and off the tractor. I added an excavator to my lineup and the bh is just going to be idle. PM me. Can load...
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    Backhoe control valve replacement T5B

    IMHO you're on the right track. I've had great service and support from hydraulic-master which is based in Poland and provides great service. Summit also does well. I added a hydraulic thumb to mine. I don't know how old your unit is but consider replacing any hoses. Adapters add up fast and...