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    new ranger review?

    I have owned 2 Rangers and know a lot of people who have and nobody every had a problem with theirs. You are the first one I have ever heard complain.
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    new ranger review?

    I've got my 2019 2wd and consistently get 25.5 MPG. That only changes when I pull a trailer.
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    Chipper / shredder

    I'm looking for a mid-sized chipper shredder to keep my property maintained. The chip / mulch are a side benefit. I don't need anything larger than 3-5 inch because anything over that will be cut into firewood lengths. I just want to get rid of brush, twigs, small limbs etc. I'd like to keep the...
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    Best way to cut pipe at an angle?

    I have a small Klutch table top band saw. I suspect the vise would support the saw if I wanted to hang it on a pipe. Then I can adjust the angle while it's hanging there....or set it up before attaching it. If the vise can securely hold a 3" piece of tubing it can certainly hold the saw in...
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    Tractor Shortages

    Unions and greed are the reasons we limit what we make.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Who's to say what's wrong?
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    new ranger review?

    I'm just happy that I don't need snow tires here in the Ozarks. If it snows, it's gone in 2-3 days. If it snows, I'm home in front of the TV until it melts. Last year we had one storm that left 6". I got out my Kubota and cleared the driveway. 2 days later all of it melted. The clearing was just...
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    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    I found out that pressure was the issue with my FEL. Where I kept it was in full sun from about 10 AM to 2 PM. If I connected it when it was still in the shade, no issues. But if it sat in the sun for even 1/2 hour it was near impossible to put on a couple of the couplers.
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    PTO shaft

    Today I cleaned up my yard and did as you suggested. It seemed like the most logical answer that I obviously overlooked. As far as the end I left on the mower, I found that a peanut butter jar fits tightly over the sleeve and keeps rain and other debris from accumulating in it over the winter...
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    Getting Back Into Welding

    I'm not sure if the OP is still following this post. I was in the exact same position. I moved away to a larger property that needed more landscape equipment and more maintenance. So I bought an inexpensive DC inverter arc welder, a Amico 160. It is absolutely great. Then I bought an...
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    PTO shaft

    I have to leave my implements in the weather, fairly protected under a tree but still outdoors. The only issue I have is the PTO shaft on my 3 point finish mower never wants to slide in and out easily. I believe it is the sleeve that is the issue. I have seen videos suggesting that WD 40 be...
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    new ranger review?

    That tonneau and roll bar combination is very neat. I opted for the tri-fold factory hard tonneau for my needs. Doesn't look anywhere as nice as yours.
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    How much damage am I likely to have done to my new tractor?

    I'm curious as to what you are mowing with a belly mower that got you into this situation. The belly mower is a finish mower by design, not a bush hog. You may consider getting a bush hog for your initial cuts in an unknown area. It might just save you some $$$$ in the future. By your own...
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    Carry On trailer wheels

    Gladly. What I did was email "" and this is the response they gave me.
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    Carry On trailer wheels

    I have a 4 x 6 Carry On utility trailer. I have put a wood plank deck on it and it has served me well, so far. It has the 4 on 4 hubs and came with the 12" wheels. I would like to increase the wheel size to 15" but everything I see that is reasonable it based on a 5 lug, 4.5 hub. My question is...
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    Chipper Shredder

    Hopefully someone can give me some advice. I am looking into a chipper / shredder for my own personal use. I have about 5 acres, half is wooded. I want to expand my yard and cut down a few trees, make some trails and overall improve the property. I was hoping to spend somewhere between $1000...
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    Chop Saw Reccomendations

    I bought a benchtop band saw from Northern Tool. I also have used cutoff wheels but I like the fact that there are no sparks with the saw. It cuts very smooth at 0° to 45° and will handle 3" stock. Not as fast as a cut off wheel or chop saw but nice to have when working in the garage...
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    Anyone build a pine needle rake?

    First of all, I do not have a pine tree on my property. I have seen people use these rakes for yard cleanup with some success. I have looked at the towable ones that could be pulled behind a mower. Those have a lever to lower and raise the rake to dump the contents. I have seen the 3 point...
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    Making a towable backhoe truly towable.

    I have been thinking about getting a Jansen towable backhoe. I have little projects that I could think it could handle and I like having machinery to do some of the "heavy lifting". I see that the "towable" aspect doesn't make it road worthy and that would be something I could see being a...
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    Why use wire or stick?

    I have both welders, like many if not most here. What makes you decide to use your stick welder or your wire feed? When you decide to turn it on and put on your helmet......which machine fits the bill? I'm fairly new to welding and I admit my wire feed welds usually look better than the stick...
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    Box Scraper Narrow box blade

    I am looking for advice and perhaps some insight. I am sure someone has fabricated their own box blade and used it successfully. I am wanting something along that line but narrow....perhaps 12" to 18" that would be able to "scoop" out an area. Ideally it would be a 3 point device that one could...
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    Kubota Z100 Kommander series

    I am looking to replace my lawn tractor this year or next spring. I have been looking at the Cub Cadet Ultima series but also considering the Kubota. Anyone have any experience with the Kubota? I have seen a lot of reviews on the Ultima but haven't been able to find out much about the Kubota...
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    Cutting 11ga. plate

    I have a table that I want to put a metal top on. I am thinking that a 11ga plate would be fine. I can get a sheet of that for about $90 locally. I wanted to have it cut into a few sizes so I could use it for other fabrications I have planned. The steel supply quoted $150 for cutting it into 5...
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    Transformer or inverter flux core

    I suppose this thread will get some fiery responses. I purchased an inverter arc welder a few years ago. It is a 120 / 240 model and I am very happy with it. I am looking to purchase next a wire feed welder. I am choosing flux rather than gas only because my use is limited as a hobby user and...
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    Suspension for zero-turn mower seat

    As advanced as tractors have become it seems like the seat is still the roughest part of the equation. Has anyone upgraded their seat to a suspension type or added the slim "suspension mechanism" to an existing seat? I'm curious as to whether or not the difference in ride height is substantial...
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    Ultima Series

    I'm looking to replace my Cub Cadet lawn tractor this year with a Zero Turn The Ultima series looks to be a well build machine. Does anyone have any experience with this yet? I know it is a newer machine. And I have just one more question. Are the front wheels on the Cub Zero turns solid or...
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    Wire feed welder

    I bought a small DC arc welder last fall. I am very happy with it. I am just a hobbyist with a small shop and mostly use it to fabricate small items and fix the bigger ones. I. have thought of getting a small wire feed welder but I'm not sure if I will use or need it. Should I decide to do...
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    Inverter welders

    I recently bought an Amico 160 amp DC stick welder. It is 120/240 volt inverter machine which is quite compact and lightweight. I currently have only 120 volts available in my "shop" and it has been working absolutely fine. Within a couple of weeks I am welding pretty well and my welding is...
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    2006 LT1050

    I'm planning to upgrade my tractor and sell my 2006 LT1050 It's been maintained and runs well, no mechanical issues. The paint is good, except for the usual deck scratches. Anyone give me a ballpark number as to what I should sell it for?