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    branson 35 hp injector problems makes crazy bad noise then smooth

    Could there be air in the injector lines?
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    2007 3510i low power

    Check the air filter too.
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    Question: is it difficult to drive dumptrucks?

    The exciting part is when you downshift on a steep downhill for engine braking and the splitter jams between gears and freewheels.
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    Engine control module file modifications.

    I didn't see anything on the GPT site that would get the file off the ECU or install the new one. That can be tricky. In road vehicles the manufacturer often tries to make that difficult. It may be easier with off road vehicles. I'm suspicious that they offer tunes for so many vehicles...
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    Branson 4820 problems

    If I can't hear it deadheading, I find out when the 3pt won't go up.
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    Branson 4820 problems

    It sounds like you may have had a hydraulic valve deadheading the whole time you were mowing. Fuel consumption should be 1 gallon per hour not 5, and a 48hp machine should be able to drive a 4' mower through just about anything without struggling. But if the hydraulic system was deadheading...
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    Native grass renovation

    It's cool that you got actual native grasses. Here, you'll get oats and cheat. Both are invasives. The native bunch grasses can't compete. We see a little of a native fescue (mostly in the lawn where I don't want it) but that's it.
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    2515H Bent Loader hydraulics

    Hopefully Branson comes through. Do you know what operation bent them? I could see it happening by going to pick up a log with the grapple pointed down, the lid hitting the log first which would apply pushing force on the curl cylinders.
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    Loctite, where to use or avoid

    There's hundreds of locking compounds made by LocTite. The most common red one is a medium strength thread locker. When I have used it the fasteners have come loose but it takes more torque. You can also use heat to loosen the bond though I have never needed to. I have used a high strength...
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    What is a good brand front door lock with "lever" handles?

    You could replace the cylinder instead of the whole thing. If you remove the cylinder you might be able to work some lube into it. I'll second (or third) the Schlage recommendation. That's what we put on our house. The locksmith who keyed them for us commented on the quality. They weren't...
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    Loctite, where to use or avoid

    I use LocTite 545 on NPT hydraulic fittings. It works a lot better than teflon pipe dope.
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    Oil change intervals

    Most owners manuals have two maintenance schedules. Most people assume that they fall under the regular schedule but if you read what determines the severe duty schedule, most people actually fall under that. I follow the severe duty schedule. But I'm also not putting on a lot of miles, so...
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    My new Branson was missing inner Air filter, should I be worried?

    I have not seen any dirt on the inner filter in 320 hours. You're probably fine. You can take the filter can off and inspect the intake tube for dirt. If it got past the filter there will be some in the tubing.
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    Burnouts Ruining Tires

    Burnouts were popular in my high school in the '70s. A lot of kids had muscle cars and they definitely had the power to do burnouts in the parking lot until the vice principal showed up. It's not new. Drifting is a style sport, like gymnastics. In competitions they have judges. It's not my kind...
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    Best Way to Get Hydraulic Fluid into Tractor?

    I bought a ~15 gallon drain pan to handle the 10 gallons from my Branson. It's on wheels so it's easy to move around when full. My tractor is not tall enough for 5 gallon buckets to fit under it and I didn't want to try to swap buckets in the middle of draining anyhow. When I try to move an...
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    Best Way to Get Hydraulic Fluid into Tractor?

    Filling too fast can cause problems. Many tractor oil fill ports will overflow if you try to fill them too fast. Unless your oil has dye in it, it's easy to overshoot the level visible in the sight glass. I change the oil every 3-4 years. The manual bucket pump works fine for that. It won't...
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    What have you done to your Branson today?

    Ours is a clone of the common Bosch VE pump. There's info on how to tune them out there.
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    Lighter weight log chains -- where to buy?

    Around here you're more likely to find newts under logs than rattlesnakes, but that's a good reminder to look under the log first. The ones I made are like this: But there's also this style:
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    Lighter weight log chains -- where to buy?

    Yep that's it. The bullet end goes into the sliding fitting and it grips the tree tight. The one problem with those is they lack a ferrule in the eye. So when you pull on it hard with something small diameter in the eye (like a chain you're using to extend your reach) the cable in the eye bends...
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    Lighter weight log chains -- where to buy?

    Cable chokers weigh less than chain. I like cable chokers for pulling logs as the cable is easier to stuff under a large log. But they are a pain to carry on the tractor and store. Chain chokers can be dumped in a box. I got G100 chain chokers from G100 costs a little more...
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    Help! Branson Tractor only IDLES - no Power

    It's got a regular mechanical pump operated by the throttle lever and the HST pedals, and a passive DPF+DOC (which the manual calls a DPF). The only electronics is the data recorder which has sensors for pressure differential across the DPF and the temperature, and maybe tracks running time...
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    Help! Branson Tractor only IDLES - no Power

    Verify that the lever on the pump moves when the throttle (or pedal) is moved. Or move the lever by hand while it's running. According to my shop manual blinking every .5 seconds means sensor malfunction. Every 2 seconds, the DPF is getting clogged and needs cleaning. Solid means the DPF is...
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    Help! Branson Tractor only IDLES - no Power

    You could remove the DPF and run it with just the up pipe that leads to the DPF. Not for long and with the hood open so you don't damage the paint. Just to check if the DPF is the problem. But if the DPF light on the dash is not stuck on solid or blinking fast, then the data recorder thinks...
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    Is Deere vulnerable to Malware and ransom ware?

    More of a risk is the unpatched old software Deere is running. Even with the latest update from Deere I would say with 100% certainty that they have a lot of unpatched vulnerabilities. I've seen a lot of systems and when they're proprietary and locked down like this there's always unfixed...
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    Building Pad on hilltop - perimeter clearance

    How big a turnaround does CalFire want you to build? My county wants a 40x48 turnaround, 12' wide roads that can handle a 75,000lb fire truck, and turnounts on the road ever 400'. They keep increasing the requirements. Not long ago it was 32x32 turnarounds and turnouts every 800'. County fire...
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    Low temperature hydraulic fluid?

    That's probably good then. OTOH when I asked my Branson dealer they said not to use UDT.
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    Building Pad on hilltop - perimeter clearance

    People build houses on stilts with 20'+ drops on one side. So it's possible. It'll just cost more.
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    How to Keep Chokers From Falling Off The Winch During Transport?

    Chain or cable chokers? My Uniforest winch has built in boxes which work well for chain chokers but are too small to fit a rolled up cable choker. Maybe you could build a box that fits on the tractor side of the winch, or on the tractor to hold your chokers.
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    Branson 3510i Starter Replacement

    There could be air in the fuel injection lines. Did you change the fuel filter? The lift pump might not be working. On my newer Branson the lift pump makes a noticable sound (fast clicking) when the ignition key is turned on.
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    Pros and Cons of allowing Cell Tower on Property?

    If it sells for that price taxes will be about 13,700 a year according to zillow. A big jump from the current 3700. California's prop 9 from 1976 put a limit on tax increases as long as the property does not change hands. It was sold as letting granny stay in her house but it also has the...
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    Low temperature hydraulic fluid?

    That looks like hydraulic fluid not tractor fluid. You want tractor fluid. It has additives that make it work well with wet clutches and brakes. Chevron makes a synthetic version of THF1000 which has better low temp viscosity. than the regular stuff All the manufacturers publish viscosity...
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    California Targets Private Property With Latest Water Well Fees, Charges: Report

    Making all seasonals permanant would be awesome but I have not seen any legislation doing that. So far all that's happened is one time (or a couple time) extra payments, mostly to seasonals. That passes last year and it took most of a year for funds to actually show up. There's a lot that...
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    What have you done to your Branson today?

    I changed the oil, filter and fuel filter. This time I drained the fuel out of the filter housing before unscrewing the bottom instead of dumping a pint of diesel all over everything. My 3725 has the clear plastic bowl filter housing that has the manual priming pump on it. I also figured out...
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    "Who" makes the kukje motor for TYM T474 - Comparable to Massey Shibaura?

    DEF is only used on engines over 75hp, where the emissions limits are tighter than under 75hp. My 4 year old Branson has a low temp continual regen DPF, without the ability to command a regen. It works great for the vast majority but a few people mostly in very cold climates who didn't work...
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    Increased traffic on country road.

    I have seen people put up signs saying stuff like "This is not a through road. Your GPS is lying." If you can find out what web site/app is generating the bad route, you may be able to get them to remove it. I have heard of people doing this but sometimes it takes knowing someone at the company.
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    Hydraulic thread sealer

    If it's an NPT fitting then it needs sealant. Otherwise it doesn't. With NPT the threads are the sealing surface but with other types there's an O ring or tapered surface that provides the seal. If it's NPT then the LocTite 545 should work fine. Clean the threads with solvent (I use spray carb...
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    Need a Primer on Tractor brake lock

    My Branson HST will hold on a slope if I make sure I pushed the brake pedal reasonably hard. It's got the type of brake with a simple ratchet that holds the brake pedal down. The steps on the ratchet are fairly large. I could see one step being not quite enough pressure on the brakes and the...
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    Multiple problems with 2018 New Holland WM50 (470 hours)

    You usually need to buy the service manual, and it can be as much as a few hundred $$. It's worth it though if you do any work on the machine. A mechanic costs $125/hr. If you save two hours of mechanic's time over the entire life of the machine, the shop manual's paid for itself.
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    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Unfortunately it''s not 100% compatible. I regularly have compatibility problems when I give my OpenOffice documents and presentations to Windows/Mac users running the MS versions, or I get their documents or presentations. It hasn't been enough to get me to build a Windows VM for my Linux work...
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    Fake Crops?

    Fake organic products are common. See The Great Organic-Food Fraud
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    Nice way of managing bucket plus pallet forks in my small barn bay

    I made a two level dolly. The bottom level is a space for the forks to slide in, and the bucket can sit on the top level. So the forks and bucket share the same floor space.
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    Bigfoot skull?

    Of course its a publicity stunt. The pic shows something that looks like a gorilla skull. It's not a bear. But the pic is only half the skull. Makes me think they're hiding something that would disprove their claim.
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    The outside air kit (specific to each stove) is nice because it brings outside air directly into the stove. It's not being pulled into the living space and making it colder.
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Most stoves now are EPA stoves. Many locations require EPA stoves in new installs. They burn cleaner than older designs and get more BTUs from the wood. There are catalytic and non cat EPA stoves. The non cat ones use clever design with smoke routing and air tubes to burn the smoke. Cat stoves...
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    Branson 7845 blowing smoke

    My 3725 is harder starting and runs on only a few cylinders for a while if I forget to wait for the preheater light to go out. Besides not waiting for the light, your preheater may not be working properly or at all.
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    1/2" to 3/8" NPT reducer

    I'm not a fan of NPT for hydraulics but in this case it's the right thing. I don't know what plating they use on these fittings but all the ones I have bought still look as new.
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    1/2" to 3/8" NPT reducer

    They make hydraulic rated parts for that. Regular pipe is not strong enough. You can get them at many TSC stores, or a hydraulics supplier, or some NAPA stores, or online through Discount Hydraulic Hose or Surplus Center. Some would use a plumbing part for a reducer but I'd rather spend $0.50...
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    catastrophe led to kubota l2501 tie rod replacement

    The usual hardware store screw extractors are hard and easy to break. Before you go too far, get on Messicks and look up the price of a new tie rod end. It may be so cheap that there's no point in doing anything that costs money. I have had success removing broken extractors by cutting a slot...
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    rear 3pt arms drop overnight?

    I drop the 3pt and loader for safety when I park the tractor, so I've never tested it. Most valves leak a little so it's not unusual for them to leak down over night.
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    Looking for a 3rd function solenoid valve recommendation.

    As long as the single PB/return port can handle the pressure the tractor puts out, there is nothing wrong with using that kind of valve. The manufacturer specifies the limits in their docs. All the solenoid valves I have seen have just the single return/PB port.