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  1. Joel/ak

    Losing weight.

    I never had this problem since I've been 170 for over 30 years but I have watched my wife struggle with it. It sucks and if your doing good on weight loss, my hats off. She lost over 80lbs and keeping it off. She's disabled but still forces herself to walk 4-6 miles a day, firewood and other...
  2. Joel/ak

    Birth of a new deer blind

  3. Joel/ak

    Small towable graders? Anybody have luck with this kind of set up?. Our road is about a mile long and getting rough. I've done the back dragging with the fel and used our back blade. It works to certain degree. A few spots I gotta...
  4. Joel/ak

    Bigger is better but....

    Don't underestimate the smaller machines. Gotten in some tight places with the mini pulling the mini where my truck wouldn't fit...atleast without damage to the truck.
  5. Joel/ak

    Wife's truck making noise.

    I don't drive my wife's truck much but used it yesterday to go to my dad's to cut up an oak tree that was down. Drove good but dang, something was wrong coming from the bed area. Got home and found a broken leaf spring. Asked her about the noise and she said she just got used to it and I'm...
  6. Joel/ak

    Pressure washer with suction?

    I'm looking for a decent pressure washer that can suck water out of a tank for at the property. Just to do a quick clean up on the equipment. If something needs to be fixed, I can bring it home and do a good cleaning. Right now I have to bring everything home to wash and it's a PIA. DeWalt...
  7. Joel/ak

    Had to buy a new toy today..

    Had one of those Chinese sxs from Cabela's. It was dying and parts are drying up. Kawasaki mule pro MX SE.
  8. Joel/ak

    Greetings from SW MI

    New here. My name is Joel and lived in SW MI for about 10 years now. We have a little bobcat 324 mini and a Massey Ferguson 1705 over glorified lawn mower. We have about 100 acres of hunting land to maintain and you can never have enough equipment it seems. A small dozer is next on my list...
  9. Joel/ak

    Boom and drive won't work at the same time

    Little 324. If I'm driving, I need to stop to lower the beam, or basically do anything with the joysticks. I can rotate but nothing else. Was stuck once and really sucked trying to crawl out while trying to pull myself out. Is this normal on these little machines? It's always been this way...