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    The high cost of cutting grass

    Can you guess what it is going to cost to cut grass this year...... when you need to cut twice a week .... My 4500P takes 3 hours to cut without trimming so at 5.00 @ gal. thats 15.00 twice a week. I may have to change how much I cut and how often... The war will and did raise the prices here...
  2. J

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and safe holidays...... Jim
  3. J

    Merry Christmas

    Everybody have a great holiday and stay safe...... Jim
  4. J

    Christmas present ....

    I just picked up a new 3 point hitch and hyd. top link and the 3and 1 to put my from attachments on the rear. I know it is expensive but I have a bunch of stumps to grind and fill in and it will sure save a lot of work. The stump grinder is a real PITA. to hook up..... jim
  5. J

    Voltage light on

    I was mowing and the red light came on so I stopped and turned off the mower and the light goes out and the meter shows 14 volts with the mower off. Turn the mower on and it drops to 12, any ideas where to start or has anyone had this happen/ This is on a 4500P....... jim
  6. J

    new deck

    Traded in my old 60" (82 hours) on a new 60" deck. Well worth it cuts way better and it moves a lot of air and it doesn't unload like the old one in heavy wet grass. It longer and heavier but better balanced tilts easier than the old one, without the hyd. tilt, as soon as that comes I will...
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    How does the engine hold up compared to the other liquid gas engine? I see where Fd 851D is rated for 30 degrees where the others are down at 20 degrees?. jim
  8. J

    Steiner parts

    I was due to change my hyd. filter at 25 hours, so stopped at a Steiner dealer near where i was at the time and i proceed to the parts counter. This is a new building all landscaped even a greeter as you walk in the front door. Three guys back of the parts counter, and two people getting waited...
  9. J

    Power trac 422 FOR SALE

    I tried to post my power trac for sale but can't get it to work,maybe some one can help. when i hit Submit new thread it's not there. tried twice.......jim
  10. J

    PA: Power Trac 422 For Sale

    I have a 422 with new wheel motors and the old ones. it had a new 25 hp. engine replaced and it has 30 hours on it and a suspension seat. 48"deck with new style spindle,bucket, tiller,stump grinder,york rake,5' blade with cutting edge, boom and ripper. 700 hrs on tractor,sale for $7500.00 email...
  11. J


    Hi guys it's been a long time,but i had nothing going wrong. Now i think i would like a new engine,the robin 25 would be simple but the kohler may be a better deal.The problems are the wiring,has anybody did this before?the fab. of the mounts is no big deal but the wiring change from the robin...
  12. J

    new mod.

    changed out for more powerfull wheel motors,almost a bolt on,it's a bear
  13. J

    travel pump

    can any one tell me the max. pressure and the gal. per min. on the old 422 and 425? i was planning a mod. new travel motors with more torque and a internal brake
  14. J

    31hp. vanguard

    has anyone checked out one of these vanguard 31 hp.engines for in a 400 series?31 hp. and 48 lbs. of torque,that should get you up the hills
  15. J

    new kohler engines

    i just saw a new 27 hp. kohler engine, the air cleaner was a canster type and it set on top of a alum. elbo, and they said it had larger filters and is to have more power with less fuel. the28 hp. is fuel injected.
  16. J

    super lube

    i found super lube products at north state supply,they have four locations; buffalo,and watertown ,ny. charlotte, nc.and homer city pa. i didn't see it listed on there web site so it may be a local thing.
  17. J

    robin engine

    i have problems with the engine governor, the bolt that holds the governor arm to the shaft came loose. i went through robin, and it's at a service center now and has been there for three wks. i tried to order a service manual,but they have been back ordered for 2 mos. so i called terry and...
  18. J

    old steiner

    when we had to take my 422 to get some work done on it,he was telling me how steep it was where he was mowing. so we went to look at it and sure enough, it was a 1 to 1. he told me he couldn't go side ways on it but he could go up and down. it has dual wheels all around and it's pushing a 60"...
  19. J

    10 hr's on 422

    10 hr\'s on 422 well it was time to put the 422 to work,i ordered two tri axle loads of 2a mod. that came at the same time,late afternoon,so it realy had a workout. i wanted to try the mod. on the blade,it was about 50%. i need to make the feet can still grade with it,iput a nice...
  20. J

    loose center pin on 422

    i noticed a lot of movement in the center pin area i checked bottom one and it was tight(1 13/16). so went to the top both were loose, so i tighten them. i still had some play in the front. i put the jack under the back and tear it all apart, i found a very small amount of play in the top...
  21. J

    i'm baackk

    i\'m baackk ok ,here it goes... gas tanks, just the red ones have the metal. all mufflers made there,(old pics used)ENGINES- 425,kohler 422,robin the baby(not in production yet) briggs vangard 18 hp. weight,422- 1344 lb. now you guys with the 425's, wheel motors,better get something to mop...
  22. J

    trip to pt

    just finished hooking up to the trailer and sure enough, it always seems that at least one light doesn't work.fix that, brakes work,good enough. it's calling for snow,nothing can stop me from going to pt! my list in hand,questions on the new stuff. the water is hot now, not for a bath...
  23. J

    syn. oil

    just went to walmart and found syn. oil for 2.97 @ qt. ,seems that would be great for the hyd. you would never guess the mfg. (pennzoil)
  24. J

    published weight

    does anybody know the right weight for 422or 425? i see 1050 to1350lb., this is a very wide range.
  25. J

    cla air

    hey guys, guess who's pt is going to be on the pt web site for a long time.thats the one i'm going for on thursday! it just pulled the airplanes around.
  26. J

    422 starting problem

    can any body tell me how to get in contact with robin to get the parts i need? i emailed them 3 times and they have yet to contact me
  27. J


    sitting here waiting for the 422,with nothing to do,you think of things that would make a better mouse trap. why not put three levers on the right side to replace the joystick and the quick attach lever.when you plow snow all you would use would be the hoist and the angle,after the tilt was...
  28. J

    new pt owner

    well i guess after reading everthing i could i a'm sending a check to pt for a new-used 422 that has good coils! they didn't put this one on the web site it has 50 hrs. on it. mower deck,bucket,and a blade.for now i'll be in hog heaven.i'll get my welder busy when i get up here,modify the bucket...
  29. J

    the new 425

    longer lift arms, larger cyl. 60" lift. now here is the good part...larger wheel motors with higher torque!!! same #800 lb.may be somebody that had an old 422 that wants rid of it, can sell it to me and they can buy a new one with power.