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  1. duffer

    Instrument Gauges Gone Awry

    My neighbor just bought a 2019 model 2638. Original owner told him his fuel guage wasn't working. Dealer put in a new sending unit. Didn't fix the problem. Had to get a new instrument cluster. By the time the part came in the tractor was out of bumper to bumper warranty. Cost the guy $1000 for...
  2. duffer

    What the heck are these?

    Looks like height extensions for mixing bowls of different sizes.
  3. duffer

    Finishing mower blade removal question

    You should be able wedge a box wrench on the top of the bolt above the blade, and then use the breaker bar to loosen the nut underneath the blade. Spray some penetrating oil on the bolt and let it set overnite. If that doesn't work, take a torch and heat up the bottom nut and then try to break...
  4. duffer

    PTO Quick Connect Adapter or PTO Link

    I'm actually surprised that more mfgr's don't use a manual gearshift to put the PTO into "neutral" so you can spin the male spline coming out of the tractor by hand. Mine has it, but my neighbor's green tractor does not, and it sounds like the Orange guys don't either. Kind of suprising to me...
  5. duffer

    Pls Recommend Mowing Solution for 10 Acre Rural Residential

    I have a 10 acre finished yard. But it is bumpy. Recently I mowed it with my neighbor's 6' JD commercial ZT to test it. Beat the snot out of me. I'll never do that again. I much prefer my tractor & 7' 3 pt PTO finish mower. Much smoother ride, just as good a cut, and I can use the tractor for...
  6. duffer

    Ratchet straps that actually last

    If you're using the fabric straps (mainly made of poly) the sun will eat them up more than the rain. If you leave them outside in your truck bed or trailer, they'll deteriorate quickly. I've got straps from Harbor Freight and they have held up extremely well, because I keep them in the cab of...
  7. duffer

    Clamp on Bucket Forks

    If you decide to get a set of bucket forks. Couple of things to remember. Bucket materal is thin, per 5030 post above. So I use a couple of 6"x6"x1/8" steel plates under the bolt clamps to keep from "dimple-ing" my bucket, esp if you're trying to lift 500# or more. With the forks so far out in...
  8. duffer

    Best Way to Get Hydraulic Fluid into Tractor?

    I have a 12v pump I use to pump diesel into the tractor. 8-9 gpm. It was only $18 on ebay, and when it was time to change hydraulic oil, I said WTH I'll try it. If I burn the pump up, no big deal. Well...3 hydraulic changes later, I'm still using the same pump for diesel & hydraulic oil. Uses a...
  9. duffer

    12v vs PTO sprayer for 3901

    2nd the notion of a PTO sprayer. More output, more consistent than the elec one, and you can get bigger tanks. I have a 55 gal, with a 10' boom. Chose the boom over the boomless because you can spray in 10-15mph winds with a boom. If you try that with a boomless you'll be drinking some of your...
  10. duffer

    Why no Ecoboost in the F250?

    I suspect that it would be too much stress, much too often for the engine. Most guys with F250's really work them. Towing trailers, cattle, horses, construction equipment, etc. I've got an Ecoboost in my F150 and it's fine for just driving around, but I wouldn't want to be towing much of...
  11. duffer

    Lights, no lights, lights

    Funny you should post this. I just had my F150 at the dealer for the exact same problem. Even though my truck is newer than yours, it could still be the same issue. There is a sensing module that "talks to the computer" for the trailer. This lets you "program" the trailer, adjust brakes, etc...
  12. duffer

    Non-standard grease fitting threads?

    If a zerk won't take grease, it could also be a pivot pin for your FEL is clogged. (not for original OP here, but for zerks on the FEL) I removed my curl pins, drilled the flow hole in the middle of the pin all the way thru to the other side to give grease 2 exits to choose from, if one gets...
  13. duffer

    Compacting "gravel"/"item 4"/"road base". Rent a Roller?

    If you have a United Rental or like place near you, AND you plan on putting down 3-6" mix, it would be worth it IMO to rent the vibrating roller for a day. Have the trucking company tailgate the gravel mix in 3-4" lift. Repeat with a 2nd lift in the areas you want 6". Vibrate each lift. Should...
  14. duffer

    Irrigation well. Questions about pressure tank and freezing.

    I just re-read the OP post. I missed the irrigation part. Thanx for the correction. To the OP....never mind...
  15. duffer

    Irrigation well. Questions about pressure tank and freezing.

    While you don't get freezing weather for months at a time in TN, it can get down to where pipes would freeze. But the good news is that the line from the well head to the house should be below the frost line. have a basement, put the pressure tank, control box and pressure switch down...
  16. duffer

    Mahindra 4540 FEL Hydraulic Fitting Size

    thought I had to repair my control valve on my FEL. Went to 3 dealers and nobody had a clue of what to do, except sell me a $1100 replacement valve. So I ended up buying a new valve on line (not OEM, but with more flow for under $300) and took it to a hydraulic supply shop, and the guys there...
  17. duffer

    source needed for heavy duty 10" x 4" finish mower wheel/tire

    You are correct on the engineering aspect. But finish mowers can vary widely on the actual components used. Strength of steel, types of bearings, spindles, etc.
  18. duffer

    source needed for heavy duty 10" x 4" finish mower wheel/tire

    I suspect the amazon tires failed because they couldn't handle the weight. Those appear to be made for the front of ZT mowers, not a large finish mower. If and when you decide to "upgrade" your finish mower (I'm assuming its a PTO mower), take a look at Phoenix. I mow 10 acres with it every...
  19. duffer

    Sloping Gravel Driveway Drainage

    Regular french drains (FD) will clog up. But OPEN french drains usually will not. What's an open FD? Kind of like a trough drain. Instead of covering the perforated pipe with dirt, or crushed stone, cover the pipe with #57 or larger stones (no fines) so that the water will fall into the FD...
  20. duffer

    Insulation around windows ?

    IMO, fiberglass won't work near as well as the spray foam. The foam expands into minute areas that you can't get fiberglass into without crushing it, which defeats the purpose of the insulation in the first place. If you use the spray foam, BE SURE to get the low expansion formula made...
  21. duffer

    B100 hydraulic issues

    No expert here, but it sounds like a control valve issue to me. Might have an internal O ring or seal gone bad. Or it could be a loose connection on one of your hoses on the backhoe. Check all the connections for leaks first, and if that doesn't turn up anything, see if you can find a hydraulic...
  22. duffer

    Help Me Understand Septic Problem

    I'd suggest using an expandable coupling. It's far easier to install than just normal coupling. All the pros use it. The 1" diameter one is only $8-$10, compared to the Blue Store. Be sure to let your glue set up for...
  23. duffer

    Help Me Understand Septic Problem

    Take 15 minutes and a spade shovel and dig the wet spot until you hit a water pipe, leach pipe or tank. Then go from there. If there is no smell, I'm guessing it's a water pipe.
  24. duffer

    Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation

    That's good advice, and coincides with my estate atty's advice as well.
  25. duffer

    Any soil experts here?

    I always get that mixed up !! Thanx for the correction.
  26. duffer

    Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation

    One thing you should know is the "pecking order" of any estate inheritance. Beneficiary designations "trump" everything. They trump wills, trusts, probate court, everything. In recent years (I'm an old fart, so "recent" is relative) there are now TOD (transfer on death) accounts available for...
  27. duffer

    Any soil experts here?

    Also not an expert, but I have my soil tested at least once a year by the local ag extension service. (In my case Clemson). IMO I think your pH is a little high @ 7.65(?). Around here they want it very low 7's to 7.0. To me the report says you need Nitro, Potassium and maybe some lime to bring...
  28. duffer

    Glyphosate cost through the roof and beyond.....

    Only difference between branded round-up and generic is that the branded round-up already has a little surfactant in it to help it adhere to the plant. Put a teaspoon of Dawn/gal in your tank and you accomplish the same thing.
  29. duffer

    2004 Mazda B3000 V6 3.0 should I change water pump after storage at 83,000 miles

    Take a whiff at your gas. If it smells funny, you better drain it and replace it. 5 years of sitting could cause it to varnish up.
  30. duffer

    Glyphosate cost through the roof and beyond.....

    My local HD has a bunch of it in gal jugs for under $50 if you want to stock up, check your local HD.
  31. duffer

    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    My Dad always told me to try to fix it myself before calling in the experts, because they won't charge you any more if you muck it up trying to fix it yourself. I'd certainly give it a try, if you can get a winch and other tools to try to capture it. I checked on YT and there are a couple of...
  32. duffer

    why this is not working ??

    Did you use a "power beyond" adapter fitting in the control valve for the FEL? If you just hooked up the grapple hose to the control valve it won't work (ask me how I know). You need a power beyond adapter fitting in the main control valve. Has something to do with the regulated flow to that...
  33. duffer

    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    Couldn't agree more. Go rent a portable 1 man lift. A few hundred $$ a week, (probably less than what you'd pay for 20' high scaffolding) and you can probably cover the entire side of the house without leaving the bucket/cage on the lift. Much safer, much more flexible, and no assembly required...
  34. duffer

    Too much oil

    In my neck of the woods, we call that stupidity...
  35. duffer

    What causes a circle of dead lawn grass?

    At first glance I was going to say grubs too, but since it's almost a perfect circle, that kind of DQ's grubs. I'm leaning more in the camp of spilled weed killer, or a hydraulic leak while turning around. How long has the circle been there? Just this year, 5 years, what? If it's been there...
  36. duffer

    She bleed out today!

    It looks like (tough to tell from the pic) that you'll need a new fitting (square thingy) that screws into the housing, and I think you'll also need at least, a new fitting for the hose, and maybe the entire hose. If the hose fitting is crimped onto the hose, you might get away with just the...
  37. duffer

    converting a lightly used dirt road to gravel - how important is it to follow gravel road building best practices?

    Your profile doesn't say where you're located, and that will make a difference if you're in rocky parts of TX, or great farm land in the upper midwest. Usually...removing the topsoil is best, because the rock you add on top will permiate down thru the topsoil, and you just wasted $500-$750 for...
  38. duffer

    Google CHROME installed without my consent.

    Change your default search to Duck Duck Go and all of that crap goes away. And your search remains private.
  39. duffer

    Google CHROME installed without my consent.

    You can go into the settings menu on Chrome (3 lines in upper right?) and change Chrome to your default browser which will over ride the Edge default from here on in. But...if you would like the speed of Chrome without giving your life's info to Google, use Brave browser. It is Chrome based but...
  40. duffer

    Frustrating but simple problem

    Go to a tire store and ask them for a couple of valve stems. cut the bottom off to make them flat. It fits right over the tube (without the button) on the WD-40 can. Attached your air hose to the valve stem, then press down and you should re-pressurize your can easily.
  41. duffer

    Resurrected a 2009 JD LA115 mower.

    "Inherited" a JD LA115 riding mower from good friend after he passed. Only had 200 hours on it, but it was in really rough shape. Mower blades were seized, flat tires, ran like (excrement). Blades looked like he mowed rocks and stumps with it. Cleaned it up, tore apart the mower deck and to my...
  42. duffer

    Surging on an LA175

    Watched a YT video and the guy's problem with his surging was a plugged up gas cap vent. Might want to clean yours if you haven't lately. Not saying that is your problem, but it might be.
  43. duffer

    Mahindra mForce 100P - Three point trouble.... just added some "character" to your tractor. I have several of those of various origins on mine. ;)
  44. duffer

    PTO Won't engage

    You've probably already done this, but just in case you haven't, try re-routing the wire or at least zip tie it up, where it's not likely to get snagged by stuff you run over. Glad it was an easy fix for you. I never would have thought about a solenoid outside of the dash area.
  45. duffer

    Recommended Tractor for 4.5 acres

    The loader is paramount IMO (agree with M59). You'll do far more work with the loader than you will with a box blade. I have a ¼ mile drive, and I use a landscape rake to "rough" groom it, and the FEL to do the final back drag to give it a finished look. The landscape rake is also used to move...
  46. duffer


    Use it export it to countries that need it. It's just a commodity that is needed around the world. Aruba has a large desalination plant and exports all of the salt they create.
  47. duffer

    Change e-mail address

    Personally, I have 2 email accts. One for non-essential stuff like shopping, or any google controlled stuff like YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon all capture and sell your personal data. Use the non-esential email for that stuff. The 2nd email is for sensitive stuff like banking, etc. I've...
  48. duffer

    How do I check the hydraulic fluid level on a 4025

    Not totally familiar with your tractor, but the filling port for mine is on top of the reservoir by the 3 pt hitch. Cap is only 1½" diameter (at least on mine) The site glass is near the PTO spline (mine is on the right) coming from the reservoir. I made a home made dipstick (Mahindra didn't...
  49. duffer

    Joystick Control Pin

    If your control valve was made by Besco, you're SOL on parts. No Mahindra dealer carries them (that I could find), and the service manual says to replace the entire valve assembly (way too costly). I agree with the others to try to swap out the bolt. Just for clarification, can you actually...
  50. duffer

    John Deere Vs Cub Cadet Garden Tractors

    The LT 1045 is the one I had for a couple of years before I sold it.