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  1. RjCorazza

    Bought L3902 HST

    You definitely need to use the recommended API class oil. CJ4 is a current oil, but is superceded buy CK4. CK4 is likely easier to find anyway. These oils are designed for the Tier4 dpf emissions system on your tractor. As far as the 50h service, I would personally go to the dealer and stick...
  2. RjCorazza


    Tractors are chock full of safety switches. Sounds like your machine requires the transmission to be in neutral to be out of the seat? I would start by looking at the neutral switch on your range shifter. See if you can find a parts breakdown to see what's there. The other typical safety...
  3. RjCorazza

    Golf Carts

    I've had a 2002 EZGo since about 2008, and we have gotten a lot of use out of it. Trash / recycling runs, mail, running around the neighborhood, maintenance around the property, etc... I'm on my second set of batteries (bought with marginal and mismatched batteries), and expect to replace them...
  4. RjCorazza

    Fuel station - nozzle dusty

    I made a holster for my diesel nozzle out of 5" vinyl firehouse. Works well in the back of my truck, easy on - easy off. I doubt the small amount of dust is an issue, but there is also no reason to unnecessarily introduce any amount of contaminants to your fuel system or tractor.
  5. RjCorazza

    Used tractor concern

    The only thing I will add is that if the seller financed the machine and paid it off they should have some type of lien release paperwork. Certainly not ironclad, but if they state the machine was financed and paid off I would insist on seeing the paperwork. They could just add easily say they...
  6. RjCorazza

    2515H Bent Loader hydraulics

    I've seen very similar photos of that loader design and cylinders, I believe here on TBN. The previous thread, and this one look like a loader that was designed to fail. Sorry about your troubles!
  7. RjCorazza

    Backup camera for watching rear implements?

    I suspect where and how a camera is mounted plays a significant role in vibration. I have a rear camera mounted on the underside of the cab, and it provides a stable image.
  8. RjCorazza

    Finishing mower blade removal question

    I used to block the blade with a 2x4 so it would bind up against the decking, then use a pipe over the wrench. The handle for a floor jack works well also. Really the best method is air tools though. They'll make life easier for years to come.
  9. RjCorazza

    Good morning!!!!

    That balancer is quite the tool. I bought one recently and I really like it. All of my blades were way out of balance after using a cheap cone type for years.
  10. RjCorazza

    Bleeding air from Ford 3930?

    Unlikely (but still possible) that you are dealing with multiple issues. I would go back to the tank and reclean, rinse the water separator and element, and replace the filter again. A slug of gunk after the tank will wreak havoc. Bad fuel and algae problems can require several attempts to clean...
  11. RjCorazza

    Rear wheel spacers

    Pretty sure MotorSport-Tech makes the spacers after ordered. I had mine in about 4 weeks. If you call them, they'll walk you through the necessary measurements and make what you need.
  12. RjCorazza

    Hydraulic augers?

    I think you'll be ok with those numbers. My tractor hydraulic specs are 14.1 gpm overall, 4.7 for power steering, = 9.4 gpm for implement use. The auger I use specs 6-15 gpm required for the hydraulic motor. It works great, but slower in rpm's than what I am used to with regular pto powered...
  13. RjCorazza

    Difference in auger teeth?

    I did 55 holes last year with non carbide teeth and ground the teeth square for the heck of it. I suspect the regular teeth are good for several hundred holes in my conditions. I think if I were regularly drilling holes I would consider the carbide teeth, but the extra expense doesn't make sense...
  14. RjCorazza

    Difference in auger teeth?

    I'm glad I looked into your post, as I now know my Land pride auger takes Pengo wear parts also. My soil is somewhat clay mixed with rock, and the TriFlo dirt tip does fine, along with the standard flat teeth mounted at 40 degrees. It looks like the rock options would get pricey fast, but I...
  15. RjCorazza

    Conversion of CAB lights to LED

    I don't know what the problem is. I haven't been able to post pictures in a while. Still no luck.
  16. RjCorazza

    Conversion of CAB lights to LED

    I have always been disappointed when replacing individual bulbs with led bulbs. The white lights never seemed to reflect properly in the original halogen housing. Flashers and running light LEDs are great in the OEM housings though. I replaced the halogen housings with 55w 9" combo flood /...
  17. RjCorazza

    Best Way to Get Hydraulic Fluid into Tractor?

    I use a Tupperware style packing bin. They are around 20 gallons, but I usually only let it fill partially so it's easier to dump into buckets I take to recycling.
  18. RjCorazza

    Buying Advice Small Cab Tractor

    Whatever manufacturer you choose, keep in mind that your pre emissions 38hp tractor will command a premium price.
  19. RjCorazza

    Best Way to Get Hydraulic Fluid into Tractor?

    I take the low tech approach by refilling 1 gallon at time with a flexible neck oil can.
  20. RjCorazza

    Buying Advice Small Cab Tractor

    When I was shopping for my first tractor cabs were not as available on smaller machines as now, so I ran an open station for 15 years or so. By the time I upgraded to a larger machine OEM cabs were more available on smaller tractors. Anyway, for me there's no going back after having a nice...
  21. RjCorazza

    M7030 Starting

    It looks like a rod attached to the injector pump for emergency fuel shut off. I still need to look at mine.
  22. RjCorazza

    M7030 Starting

    Maybe put a little slack in whatever adjustment may be there, and make sure the linkage has enough friction to keep the knob firmly in. My previous Kubota had a manual engine shut off, but my current L4060 does not. I should probably know how to cut the fuel or air if necessary (other than the...
  23. RjCorazza

    Kubota z231kw-42

    It appears well built with a quality engine imho. Also a fabricated (as opposed to stamped) deck is a big plus in longevity. I have a Kawasaki v twin on my walk behind mower, and it has been flawless over the past 800 hours. I would consider the Kubota residential mowers to be high end...
  24. RjCorazza

    How do you store you logging/tow chain?

    I really like the hangers on your grill guard. I may fab a set like yours! I don't put anything metal on the floor, especially near the cab glass...
  25. RjCorazza

    2007 L3940D with 400hrs

    A low hour pre emissions tractor is worth a premium price. Assuming good condition without issues, I would imagine it's worth about what it sold for new in 2007, maybe a little more. Check for that info. Good luck!
  26. RjCorazza

    12v vs PTO sprayer for 3901

    Starting fresh I think you would be happier with the larger capacity pto driven sprayer. I use a 25 gallon electric sprayer on 6 acres, and when I broadleaf spray the whole 6 acres, it's less than convenient to refill so many times. There's also wiring the electric sprayer to the battery... For...
  27. RjCorazza

    Scalp wheel bracket for a Kubota mower

    WranglerX provided a thoughtfully prepared answer to what I also believed your question to be. You were also provided with a polite reply to a rather impolite post. Good luck with your project.
  28. RjCorazza

    Operating temperature for New Holland TN 70

    I have no information specific to your machine, but you can start with finding the thermostat opening settings and go from there. For example, my tractor thermostat starts opening at 180f and is fully open at 203f. The manual declares the engine as overheating at 214f. There also may be specs...
  29. RjCorazza

    Flail Mower with collector

    I have been looking at ditch bank and collection flails for the last several years. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I would likely go with the Peruzzo collecting flail, and yes... There are not any (?) US manufacturers that I have found. A little more options in the ditch bank flails, but...
  30. RjCorazza

    "Universal" Tractor Fluid - Depends on your transmission type?

    Too funny! I would have thought TSC would have learned their lesson.
  31. RjCorazza

    "Universal" Tractor Fluid - Depends on your transmission type?

    You have a good grasp of the various ratings, specifications, and viscosity numbers. The real problem is that "universal", "recommended for", and "suitable for use in" mean practically nothing. The only thing regulating these manufacturer claims are the once in a blue moon lawsuit, like the TSC...
  32. RjCorazza

    275 FUEL TANK

    I store 55 gallons of diesel and use a 37 gallon transfer tank for my daily use. Properly stored, diesel will be fine over 3 years. My recommendation would be to keep the tank at a minimum, under cover and preferably in a shed type building. Also filter the fuel pumped out with a water...
  33. RjCorazza

    Oil & Fuel Emax 25 Stalling, Trouble Starting

    Start by checking for adequate fuel flow at various points in the system. Gravity flow from tank, before and after fuel filter, before and after lift pump, etc... Flex the rubber lines to check for cracks that can suck air, confirm the lift pump is operating, blow out the lines with compressed...
  34. RjCorazza

    Loaded tires or air for a better/smoother ride?

    R4's are going to give the harshest ride, whether filled or not. That said, I can't tell much of a difference in properly filled tires vs air only.
  35. RjCorazza

    Massey Ferguson 1020 oil question.

    Synthetic diesel rated oil will be perfectly fine in your machine.
  36. RjCorazza

    Air getting in fuel lines and IDK how?? 3325

    Other things to check or do: Cracked fuel lines will suck air, and can be deceptively difficult to see. Bend them to check for cracks, or just replace. The lift pump could be bad. If electric, confirm it's connected to power and running. My ZD mower was sputtering on inclines and I eventually...
  37. RjCorazza

    B2650 to LX2610 - How did I do?

    The LX2610 open station with a front end loader and backhoe retails for around $34k msrp. The old rule of thumb was that dealers would generally go 10% below msrp. I doubt that is true now, but would be ballpark $30,600 if so. So you have a practically new machine and warranty around $4k under...
  38. RjCorazza

    Built a new diesel tank dealio…

    Your new Fill Rite pump is rated for gasoline, and most of the GPI pumps I looked at are also. I suspect your biggest concern would be the clamp on 12v battery cables creating a spark around potential vapors. That said, I have never noted any sparks when I hook up my diesel transfer pump, though...
  39. RjCorazza

    Cub Cadet ZT-2 54" blade question.

    I had the blade mount bushing modified on my zd1211 to fit the older size zd mower blades. Aftermarket blades were not, and likely still not available in the new size for my application. I would much rather go to the trouble of changing the blade mount than dealing with a poor selection of blade...
  40. RjCorazza

    Anyone else seeing signs of an early winter?

    500' in Maryland I've noticed early leaves on the ground, all different species.
  41. RjCorazza

    Looking for a mower that is great on hills

    Unlikely your boss will be happy with your choice. Rider, steep hills, and good price (whatever that is) are difficult criteria. For more educated information post the slope degrees or percent, and a budget. Without knowing the slope and actual budget, a commercial walk behind mower may be the...
  42. RjCorazza

    Loader In search of Assembly Instructions manual for LA555 / LA855 / LA1055

    I looked there earlier, and there is a loader assembly manual for the L40 series tractors... I forget the loader model, but they included the 3rd function assembly. Is it possible it is similar enough to help you out?
  43. RjCorazza

    Kubota 3710

    I am not familiar with the creeper gear I mentioned earlier. If your machine has the option, it looks like the creep shifter will be slightly higher on the case than the standard H/M/L shift control. You'll have to get under there and look.
  44. RjCorazza

    Hydrostatic quirk or total nonsense?

    Funny how people behave in these work situations. My pet peeve is spectators giving direction to the operator, or practically randomly yelling something. They all want to try to exert some type of control. I have been involved in numerous recovery type operations, and there is ALWAYS someone not...
  45. RjCorazza

    Kubota 3710

    The L3710 hst will have the treadle pedal and three ranges: High, Medium, Low Creeper gears were an option, but I am not familiar with their operation.
  46. RjCorazza

    Kubota 3710

    14.4 mph hst 14.3 mph gst That may vary with tire type.
  47. RjCorazza

    Left fuel cap off 5045E---now what?

    I would personally run the fuel through in normal use, then replace the filter at some point in the near future. More concerning would be the possibility of larger junk getting into the tank like insects, leaves, etc... Those could intermittently obstruct the tank outlet and cause aggravating...
  48. RjCorazza

    Finally bought a CUT

    I see it now! When I first looked at the picture it appeared to be a pin on bucket. There are lots of ssqa implement manufactures that cater to compact utility tractors. As you are aware, most of the skid steer implements will be too big for the average tractor. Some of the names I am familiar...
  49. RjCorazza

    Finally bought a CUT

    Congratulations on the new machine. I have to ask... What happened to the previous tractor? I looked up the specs on that machine, and it seems very capable. The only downside I see is that it doesn't have a ssqa bucket, so you may want to either convert it from pin on to ssqa, or use the rear...
  50. RjCorazza

    JD 2210 mowing issue

    Other than the fact that it runs for an hour under load, it sounds like a fuel problem. Maybe the lift pump is failing after it gets hot? I would check the fuel flow after the one hour when symptoms appear.