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  1. Muhammad

    Best truck under $10k?

    Let's just say, best general use pickup truck under $10,000 in the current market. Factors to consider: Reliability (starting from the age/mileage) Features/performance Practicality Value
  2. Muhammad

    Call for front porch moderators

    If you are interested in being a moderator of the front porch forum to help improve the quality of discussions, please send me a private message. Looking for members with at least 1,000 posts. This is an unpaid volunteer user upgrade at the discretion of the forum administrator. Can be...
  3. Muhammad

    Proposed update to front porch forum rules

    Based on ongoing feedback and reviewing moderation guidelines, I have come up with a proposal to update the current forum rules for the front porch. Since TBN is more than just a technical forum, we can't ignore the fact that member do enjoy discussion of topics outside of tractors, be it talk...
  4. Muhammad

    Should the community make the rules?

    Do you think we should allow the TBN members make the rules by way of proposing and voting on rules? Over the years we've tried our best to make rules in the best interest of the community. Doing anything else would be counter-productive. But, maybe it's time for a new way of deciding the...
  5. Muhammad

    Retaining Wall Failure

    No, not my wall! But rather a new large housing development up on a hill just finished this retaining wall a few months ago... then the biggest rainfall we've seen in years in San Diego came. Could have been worse, I guess but then again this is a pretty big failure in my eyes. The wall I...
  6. Muhammad

    Zetor Marks 75 Year Anniversary

    2021 – 75 years. A story of generations. The year 2021 brings another anniversary of the beginning of ZETOR tractors production. In the history of its existence, the brand has become synonymous with hard work and has won prestige on the world market as one of the most important exporters...
  7. Muhammad

    The Top 5 Tractor Channels on YouTube

    The top 5 most popular tractor channels on YouTube. Go to post
  8. Muhammad

    Right to repair laws coming? Please use your best efforts to keep political debate out of this topic and keep your comments related to the right to repair issue and what this would mean for tractor companies and tractor owners.
  9. Muhammad

    Is this house falling into the ocean?

    The house my parents are renting for the past three years in San Diego has developed numerous cracks in the sheetrock over the past three years. None of these interior cracks were present there years ago. The patio pulling away from the house and one of the cmu cracks were present 3 years ago...
  10. Muhammad

    Best inexpensive tool cabinet?

    Title says it all for the most part., I'm in the market for a tool cabinet to get organized. I have a mixture of small hand tools and power tools and would love to be able to store everything in a uniform setup that saves spaces and keeps things organized. I currently have open shelving that...
  11. Muhammad

    Quick tip if something looks weird

    We've made a bunch of changes since Saturday and sometimes things might look a little off. Missing this, changed color on that, or whatever. In those cases, hold down shift and press F5 (PC) or press command and R (mac) to do a "hard refresh" of the page. If anything was loading from your...
  12. Muhammad

    Attachment manager (reuse attachments)

    Got this fully implemented today. See the screen shots. You can get to it by clicking on the paperclip on the message editor toolbar on all devices.
  13. Muhammad

    Coming soon list

    Since a lot of members have the same question I'll update this post with the items that are planned or added. 1. We will bring a simple my home link back so you won't need two clicks to get there. Give me a couple of days to do that. 2. Number of posts per page will be added. 3. Tractor...
  14. Muhammad

    Welcome back

    Did you get anything done during the TBN downtime? Install a new septic? Wash your tractor? :)
  15. Muhammad

    TBN 6.0 Preview

    As we've been hinting at for a long time, our new forum software will be deployed tomorrow. We've spent a year (on and off) preparing and testing the migration, which takes about 15 hours to copy our 500gb database and another few hours to configure. Most of the copying will be done overnight...
  16. Muhammad

    Front wheels pushing into ground, not steering

    I recently rented a little yanmar tlb for a project and found that with an empty bucket the tractor could barely steer. Worse in 2wd than 4wd but basically the tractor had no steering at all going up hill in 2wd. When I loaded the front bucket with gravel, in 4wd, steering seemed pretty normal...
  17. Muhammad

    How much carbon monoxide is normal

    Recently had my gas forced hot air furnace circa 1983 serviced and the tech ran a carbon monoxide meter on the vent closest to the furnace. We stopped checking after about 30 minutes and PPM was up to 28. He didn't seem too comfortable with that. Just curious, what would you consider safe levels?
  18. Muhammad

    Retaining walls and patio

    Over at my brother's house he has some soil erosion going on and desires a more aesthetically pleasing hillside. His house sits above the street so our plan is to run a long wall on the hillside as well as a three-tier wall in front of the house. He also wants to replace his old backyard patio...