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  1. scaredychicken

    Boat Storage contracts - seasonal, winter (seeking templates)

    Good morning, I tried to find the best place to post this thread, as there may be some tractor people that can help me here. My apologies if this is posted in the wrong area, please re-direct as needed. I used to think that one could find almost anything through an internet search. So far...
  2. scaredychicken

    LEATHERMAN tools

    I have a Folding BUCK Knife: Hunter 110 - I love it, and use it several times daily. That frequency actually surprises me. Though I have never previously considered this, I'm now thinking that a LEATHERMAN tool might be a nice addition to my daily pocket tools. I just have no idea what kind /...
  3. scaredychicken

    Dixie Choppers brand (zero turn ride on mowers)

    Being in Western Canada it is very difficult to find out anything about this brand, let alone finding any Dixie Choppers that are for sale. I first became interested in Dixie Choppers upon seeing the 2004 ? show of Orange County Choppers (OCC) that featured them. I do not see a forum thread...
  4. scaredychicken

    RE-POSTED : Zero-Turn Mowers (is there a separate topic, thread)

    Good Morning, Having taken a look at the yard, after weeks of rain, I have a bit of catching up to do. Given the unexpected horse fencing and other obstacles that have surfaced on the yard since I bought the Kubota BX23S and Land Pride rotary cutter mower, there is now no practical way to...
  5. scaredychicken

    Zero-Turn Mowers (is there a separate topic, thread)

    Good Morning, Having taken a look at the yard, after weeks of rain, I have a bit of catching up to do. Given the unexpected horse fencing and other obstacles that have surfaced on the yard since I bought the Kubota BX23S and Land Pride rotary cutter mower, there is now no practical way to...
  6. scaredychicken

    Land Pride 3 pt hitch REAR BLADE RB0560

    I saw the ad for this rear blade, and I know that it will fit on my Kubota I don't know if it can spin 180 degrees ? that might be useful I currently do most of my levelling etc with a box blade, so I'm really not sure if there is a specific advantage for the rear blade ??? I have never...
  7. scaredychicken

    Jacobsen tractors - vintage, 1960's

    There must be a Jacobsen crowd / fan-base in the TBN mix here ??? I'd like to connect, share information, knowledge, source parts etc. If you are familiar with the Jacobsen brand of Garden and Lawn Tractors (1959-1989) I'd like to learn more. I acquired my 1969 Jacobsen Super Chief 1450 last...
  8. scaredychicken

    VOTE equipment and tractors (2022 models)

    Started this thread because I didn't see a VOTE thread anywhere. I just saw a listing for the VOTE badged / brand of new equipment. This is totally new to me. I know nothing about them, but they look great The ad suggests that there may be a Kubota affiliation of some sort. (Kubota diesel...
  9. scaredychicken

    John Deere GX75

    saw an ad for this unit (manufactured 1991-96) 9 hp, Kawasaki 290 cc, has the 30 inch mower deck, needs a new fuel tank, needs a new battery I know that it has limitations being so small, but it would be something that I could easily get on/off of. wondering if I should consider this, or...
  10. scaredychicken

    1970 Hough Payloader - loader, forks, chains

    considering buying this unit ... pretty cool trying to decide if i would use it enough. i know nothing about these units, but i see potential
  11. scaredychicken

    How do you add a CATEGORY to a Topic Thread ? ie: Related Equipment

    I was hoping to start a thread comparing different types of TRAILERS. The topics included seem to cover everything but trailers. I currently have a smaller single axle flat deck utility trailer (7 ft x 12 ft deck), but I would like to buy a a tandem axle Car Hauler OR Equipment Trailer...
  12. scaredychicken

    When did the GOOD POST SCORE begin ?

    Curious Minds (ie: mine) want to know. I tried to do a search, but found nothing I like stats and trivia, and this question has been bugging me for months ... I know, silly thoughts It started during one of my absent periods - so, I'm just trying to keep up to date. Since there are also times...
  13. scaredychicken

    JD quick attach PALLET FORKS, for a Kubota BX23S ?

    Just a little research. My friend has a smaller model JD tractor (no details, under 30 hp) that is probably 20 yrs old, I have not seen his tractor. It does have a quick attach set-up. I have been looking for a set of pallet forks, used is fine, brand is not important, if they will fit. Friend...
  14. scaredychicken


    Good Afternoon, I've been wanting to add a tool box to the BX23S, for basic hand tools etc. I just have no idea where to place the said toolbox so that it is not in the way. Seems like the ROPS may be the only spot, however it may hinder the switch to backhoe. Maybe I need a tool box design...
  15. scaredychicken

    Is there a spot in one's TBN Profile where equipment photos can be posted, album style ?

    I'd like to be able to save a few photos in my TBN Profile that are easily accessed as interest, references if you will. I always scramble to find the photos back of my tractors / equipment from other sources ... i think it would be nice to just have a spot on my profile that i could land them...
  16. scaredychicken


    I have decided that it is time to get a sea can on the property. In the past 5 years, we have had a lot of changes here. 1) 3 kids graduated and moved out 2) we divided the house in half, upper and lower levels. we live in the lower level, tenants in the upper suite. Our unit is small. 3)...
  17. scaredychicken

    Grandfather - first time

    Excited to announce that I am a grandfather now. On Febr 24/22 in the wee morning hour, my daughter and her husband became parents of a healthy baby boy. A C-section was required, as 2 days of trying to induce did not go as smoothly as hoped. The medical staff was amazing. Konrad and I met...
  18. scaredychicken

    wheel spacers for BX23S

    Some time ago I read a thread that discussed wheel spacers for the BX23S units. I can't locate that thread anymore, but what I do recall is that someone had noted that a specific automotive wheel spacer was identical, for a lot less money than from the tractor dealerships. I'm just wanting to...
  19. scaredychicken

    any bolt on loader "snow wings" for the front of the 4 ft FEL on a BX23S ???

    They don't even need to be a forward extension of the loader (wings, no base) was thinking more of a snow funnel, that would make the clean-up easier, directling snow into the bucket rather than have it overflow the sides I don't yet have a plow blade, but I have used the box blade in the past...
  20. scaredychicken

    i fell bad, dislocated LEFT shoulder ... completely immobilized, probably months

    hi all, this post will take awhile to write -1 finger typing, typos, point form etc ... hust wanted to share explain, be vulnerable for a minute on wed morning i fell for me this is nothing unusual, i fall almost daily, this time was dyfferent background: i'm healthy, mid 50's, never /rarely...
  21. scaredychicken

    Florida Morgan ??? - on the TBN Facebook page

    I received a "let's get to know each other, it's really important" post response from this young lady. I don't know her She's not here as a TBN forum member, as far as I can tell I think she's just surfing social media platforms to get attention - I did not reply. Don't let her pretty face fool...
  22. scaredychicken

    I need some help in identifying this John Deere tractor, thanks

    one photo no markings any ideas on the model and year ? thank you
  23. scaredychicken

    Trying to figure out WHAT BRAND this deal is ? WHO it is ? legitimate, scam, marketing ???

    I was looking for a zero-turn forum, but this should do it. I have never heard of or seen this brand ... still not sure what the BRAND actually IS ? has a 22 hp B & S engine...
  24. scaredychicken

    using a Barrel Pump ? set up, but no result

    Hi all, I recently bought a manually operated Barrel Pump, to drain a large drum. I thought it was ready to go, even sealed the barrel opening to create the vacuum / siphon. The barrel is full, and temperatures are still high. Moving things to shady areas. I haven't mastered the barrel...
  25. scaredychicken

    INGERSOLL (Case / IH) ride on mower - please help me identify

    The photo below is described as an Ingersoll "sit on" mower. This is the only available photo. I am trying to figure out what it is as I have potential interest in these pedestal type steering mowers ... easy for me to get on/ off. What I THINK it is, ... is an 8 - 12 hp mower, probably 200 -...
  26. scaredychicken

    J D Lawn Tractor Manual

    I have the older JD 160 lawn tractor from 1986 - 1988, (not the LT160 lawn tractor from 2002-2005) Mine is a 1988 I found a manual that is for sale, and I think it is the correct one, but I'm not sure. The manual cover says 1986 (probably written in 1985) my question is that all of the models...
  27. scaredychicken

    mid-mount mower decks

    I'm wondering if there are any universal fit MMM decks ? after market decks specifically late 60's - early '70s minimum 38 inch cut to 48 inch cut
  28. scaredychicken

    Hobbies and Interests

    Just thought I'd see what hobbies / activities / collections / interests TBN members have. I have had WAY TOO MANY collections over the years, and I am now continuing to purge things. I think that collecting stuff was my way of coping with physical limitations that prevented me from typical...
  29. scaredychicken

    Cabelas Tractors (2013 - 2016) ... just curious

    I checled for previous threads on this, but they were all dated Years ago, so I thought I'd start a new topic / thread. I don't mean to scrape the scab off an old wound, but I am really interested in the short term run of the Cabelas tractors. Was there quality in the tractor, or were they...
  30. scaredychicken

    My FAVOURITE tractor video ever

    I laugh every time, and I go back to it every year or so. Enjoy I wanna laugh, I wanna cry, I feel inspired, and there is just so much detail to look at, motivated my purchase, too funny ... the stories that this could tell :) So sad I'll bet that the Trade In Value was better than the...
  31. scaredychicken

    considering purchase of a Platform Lift

    I think that a Platform Lift (preferably used) would be very useful for me when I work on the Lawn Tractors, ATV, Utility Yard Trailers, and even push mowers. I'd like to hear from others re usefulness and value The image is an example of what I think would work.
  32. scaredychicken

    Allis Can Olmert 716 Hydro Ride On Tractor --- anybody ever heard of this one ???

    This is the ad description, I just don't know what it is. I don't need another project, but this one caught my attention. ad photo my best guess was this, from Allis Chalmers 716 tractor information
  33. scaredychicken

    SOLENOID for 1988 John Deere 106 Lawn Tractor

    I'm going to replace the (starter) solenoid on my little green machine. It has been acting up and unreliable for about two years, and a friend confirmed the issue. The lawn tractor is currently stored under cover by the chicken coop, and I haven't really had a good look yet, or removed the...
  34. scaredychicken

    How do you INVITE people to join TBN forum ?

    It's been awhile, so I forgot how the invites are sent. Suggestions ? is there a button to link to Facebook ?
  35. scaredychicken

    hitch attachment

    I just bought this 3 pt hitch attachment the other day. $20 Cdn so I figure it will pay off How useful is it ? obviously, with the square hitch receiver it will be good for hauling trailers / loads around, and it can carry a box or platform also. I've never had this option, but the price...
  36. scaredychicken

    John Deere LT160 brake pads

    So my 1988 ride-on mower with a Kawasaki engine, has had lousy brakes for about 5 yrs. I stopped using it, in favour of other, newer options. I bought some brake pads (x2) at THE local specialty yard equipment place about three years ago (that business has since shut down). I had the idea of...
  37. scaredychicken

    1969 ROOF PALIMINO lawn tractor mower / mini-jeep

    Yesterday, my friend showed me a video clip (Taryl's) about the 1969 Roof Palimino lawn mower. I had never heard of such a beast. But there it was, all over the internet. It almost has a cult following, and seems to be rare - that is why he likes it, and so do I. He's a Jeep / Willys /...
  38. scaredychicken

    mid mount mower deck for a vintage tractor

    I'm looking for a mid mount mower deck that will fit my Jacobsen Super Chief 1450 lawn tractor. 14 hp built between 1969-71. I'm not particular about brand, colour, cutting width, or even vintage suitability, I just want something that will fit and be functional. I won't be able to measure...
  39. scaredychicken

    SO EXCITED ... and perhaps a bit sentimental (UPDATED)

    I don't have many photos with my late father who passed away in 1985 when I was 20 yrs old. One of my favourite photos however, is with Dad, as groundskeeper for the community hospital. I was 2 years old, and we are photographed on his Jacobsen Chief lawn tractor. I saw that photo for the...
  40. scaredychicken

    kubota b5320 ballast box

    I have a 2018 Kubota BX23S. This afternoon I saw a sales ad for the kubota b5320 ballast box - it is a few hours away, but picking it up could be done when my wife is in that area in a few weeks. It is used, asking $300 Cdn. I have never priced one of those boxes out, and the Dealership an...
  41. scaredychicken

    JACOBSEN lawn tractors ... anyone ?

    My dad was a landscaper / groundskeeper for many years at the local hospital. He died in 1985 when I was 20 years old. I recently discovered a photo that shows Dad and me on a Jacobsen lawn tractor in April 1966 when I was not quite 2 yrs old. (trying to attach photo) The tractor would be...
  42. scaredychicken

    Chipper wanting to know if there is an Equipment / Attachment Data site anywhere ?

    I'm looking for the specs on pieces of equipment, to compare brands, features, options ... I love the one that is there for tractor data, hoping that there is a similar site for equipmwnt ? google can only do so much ... has anybody seen a Mulcher like this in this colour ? I'm trying to get...
  43. scaredychicken

    FRONT LOADER & HYDRAULIC POST HOLE AUGER ??? (skid steer style) for compact tractors

    FRONT LOADER & HYDRAULIC POST HOLE AUGER ??? (skid steer style) for compact tractors Hi Everyone, We are getting ready to do some more holes / fencing with the PTO driven, 3 point hitch, rear mount, post hole auger that I bought with my Kubota BX23S. Then I see a short video that Neal of...
  44. scaredychicken

    Chipper Researching best qualitry wood chipper for a Kubota BX23S, suggestions please

    Good Morning, Lately my interests have turned to yard clean-up and planning the purchase of a decent wood chipper that my BX23S can manage. I'd like some ideas from those that have experience and knowledge of chippers. - my needs are for something that will handle 3-4 inch trees / limbs...
  45. scaredychicken

    30 X 40 ft BARN DESIGNS for a Hobby Farm

    I tried to find an existing thread for this topic, but nothing was close, so starting a new thread ... My plan is that in a year or two, I would like to replace the existing chicken coop and sheds on the yard with a nice 30 x 40 pole barn type barn with aluminum siding and perhaps a partial...
  46. scaredychicken

    considering purchase of a Kubota G2000 Garden Tractor, 5 foot mower deck, rearbagger

    Hi Everyone, It has probably been a year since I last chceked in. Still loving and learning how to operate my BX23S. Now I have a chance to buy a Kubota G Series, G2000 Garden Tractor (production years were 1989-97) and it is in good, well maintained condition with 800 hrs on it. A friend is...
  47. scaredychicken

    kUBOTA BX23S - wights, tire chains or ballast box ?

    Hi Everyone, lots of thick ice, unusual long-term deep-freeze weather, and too much snow = spinning I've checked a few of the earlier posts about this issue, still looking for the best option for performance /snow removal (I may look at a rear blade in the future). The tractor was delivered...
  48. scaredychicken

    Hi All - wondering if this is the Forum section for Sears CRAFTSMAN brand ?

    my friend bought a Craftsman Lawn / Garden tractor, I'm just trying to direct him to the correct spot in the forum. thanks
  49. scaredychicken

    kUBOTA BX23S - instrumentation display, all lights suddenly shut off, plowing snow

    Hi everyone, and Happy New Year of posting :) Issue: It snowed all day yesterday. In the afternoon I was plowing the driveway (8-9 inches) of snow. Only the loader is attached, backhoe removed. I did a pass, and was about to turn around when instantly all the instrumentation lighting, marker...
  50. scaredychicken

    Arrival of my Kubota BX23S TLB package

    it has finally arrived :) - was delivered on late Wed aftenoon. BX23S package - tractor loader, backhoe with customized entry-exit step, grab bar, and toggle HST pedal (all specific modifications) box blade post hole auger canopy 3rd function valve 3 hitch-ball bar grapple (delivery pending)...