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  1. hornett22

    Newb looking for advice and info on a new compact tractor and attachments

    I have my rear tires filled with washer fluid. My tractor is pushed past it's limits all the time in the mountains and hills of East Tennessee. I've never had a flat in the rear tires but if I did, washer fluid is fairly cheap and available everywhere. I cannot recommend filling your rear...
  2. hornett22

    Kioti cx2510 vs tym264 vs Branson 2610 h

    Smart move, you'll be much happier and better off.
  3. hornett22


    For what you've going to pay for an X series and adding an FEL, I would jump up to a 1023E or 1025 R or competitors equivalent SCUT.
  4. hornett22

    Input and advice for adding tractor work to my skills

    I run a business with my tractor. I personally believe a SCUT is just too small to be practical. It's just not enough for most field work. I use a Mahindra 1626 shuttle. It's good 99%of the time.
  5. hornett22

    Kioti cx2510 vs tym264 vs Branson 2610 h

    Tires filled? I believe I stated in a previous post, those models I feel are too small. My previous tractor was a hydro. A Mahindra 3215. I rarely ever used high range. My current tractor is a 1626. It's a two range but it's a shuttle shift.
  6. hornett22

    customer services frustration

    I'd say it's laziness and/or unorganizated. Might just be lack of professionalism. Maybe they don't pay great and moral is low and employees just don't care. After being in auto repair for 30 years, I've encountered some crappy attitudes from parts people. Way more than good. How do they...
  7. hornett22

    Kioti cx2510 vs tym264 vs Branson 2610 h

    Same here. I used the snot out of my three range. After using a two range, there's no way I'd settle for two. That would seriously suck.
  8. hornett22

    Branson expansion

    Kind of odd because earlier this year TYM was saying they're dropping the Branson name and everything will be labeled TYM
  9. hornett22

    Thoughts on this guy’s experiences

    Go a little larger on tractor. If you have a Mahindra dealer nearby, I can highly recommend the 1626. The backhoe is impressive.
  10. hornett22

    2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

    I'm as diehard a toyota guy as it gets but I want no part of that uglyness or V6.
  11. hornett22

    Kioti cx2510 vs tym264 vs Branson 2610 h

    Still recommend next size up and three range transmission. Go Desantis!
  12. hornett22

    Kioti cx2510 vs tym264 vs Branson 2610 h

    I honestly feel they're all too small and light. I'd highly recommend go up a model. I also wouldn't even consider a two range transmission in a hydro. I have used both. I'd look at the CK 2610 or Mahindra 1626. I have 28 acres on East Tennessee. Plenty of hills and trees and I love my 1626.
  13. hornett22

    2008 f350 v10?

    Yep, buddy of mine bought a F-550 4x4 dump with a V10 when the 6.0s were blowing up left and right. Towed fine and it was very reliable. Logs and equipment were no issue. He later bought a 450 with a 6.0 and sunk over 10k in getting it fixed and bulletproofed. 10k buys A LOT of fuel. Not to...
  14. hornett22

    Kioti CK2610 vs Mahindra 1626 vs Kubota L2501

    After having a backhoe, I wouldn't not have one. I only use it for digging.
  15. hornett22

    Part out or repair

    I hope your friend didn't pay much for it.
  16. hornett22

    5 Reasons Why I Chose Mahindra

    I'm at 975. Never been back.
  17. hornett22

    Most wanted

    Ouch, that's high. I'd check around.
  18. hornett22

    Most wanted

    Is it missing or just bad? I'd inquire about having it rebuilt.
  19. hornett22

    Kioti CK2610 vs Mahindra 1626 vs Kubota L2501

    Might have it checked out asap. I haven't had that issue.
  20. hornett22

    Considering New Tractor

    The t474 is a really nice package but I too am fond of that t494
  21. hornett22

    Got an Orange one... Quick questions.

    Good deal, nice tractor! Should run a 6 foot finnish mower fine. Not a 6 foot bush hog.
  22. hornett22

    2008 f350 v10?

    V10 is a good engine and I hate Fords
  23. hornett22

    Non-standard grease fitting threads?

    Same issue. NO tractor place around here had them. Every hardware store I've been in does.
  24. hornett22

    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    After using both, I wouldn't even consider 2wd unless it was an antique for novelty/hobby purposes. Honestly, you could probably get away with something fairly reasonable in 4x4. I do what you want to do with 4x4 26hp and shuttle shift. You should look at Mahindra, Kioti, and Branson. Those...
  25. hornett22

    Best battery

    Things may have changed. I haven't bought one in at least 2 years. I can't imagine they would have any way of knowing it was in a tractor unless you told them.
  26. hornett22

    Getting rid of a bumpy 4 acre yard

    I'd use my tiller. Does a nice job.
  27. hornett22

    Compact Tractor Ads that didn't make it ...

    Nothing runs like a Deere.....or smells like a john.
  28. hornett22

    very hot -battery cable

    Make sure you have a good clean ground.especially at the end opposite the battery. I make my own ground cables with welding cable.
  29. hornett22

    Best battery

    I've had an RK for a couple years. Seems fine but I use my tractor almost every day. Wal mart batteries are actually pretty good. At least they used to be. Not sure if anything has changed recently.
  30. hornett22

    2022 honda elite Pilot verses 2022 Toyota Highlander platinum

    Your post was the opinion.
  31. hornett22

    2022 honda elite Pilot verses 2022 Toyota Highlander platinum

    You'll see the difference soon enough. Enjoy.
  32. hornett22

    2022 honda elite Pilot verses 2022 Toyota Highlander platinum

    Highlander is a better quality vehicle. Hondas aren't what they used to be.
  33. hornett22

    Anyone live near Boydton, Va and can discuss the housing?

    All I know about VA is taxes are high, cops are tyrants, too close to the swamp.
  34. hornett22

    RK Tractor Prices

    All brands have gone up. It's not just RK. I paid $17,800 for my Mahindra 1626 in Feb of 2020. I doubt you will find that price today. You want to hear true crazy? This morning I saw an ad for a JD 3025e with a FEL and backhoe for $38,999. JD is on drugs.
  35. hornett22

    LX3310 vs. L3302

    I think you should consider looking at some other brands. Kubota (and JD) are seriously behind the times and way overpriced in this range.
  36. hornett22

    Your Yearly Cost of Tractor Ownership

    I didn't buy mine with a backhoe. I added it a year later. I should have bought it with the tractor.
  37. hornett22

    Buying Advice The evolution of Chinese Tractors

    Glad they took care of it for you. I do everything myself. So far just a couple hydraulic hoses and the tachometer cable broke at 890 hours.
  38. hornett22

    Your Yearly Cost of Tractor Ownership

    I never worry about costs. I look at the convenience and all the work I get done and that is a lot. It's absolutely amazing what one man and a tractor can do.
  39. hornett22

    Buying Advice The evolution of Chinese Tractors

    I have three Mahindra dealers in three directions. Mine hasn't ever been to any of them. I didn't buy locally. Hasn't been back for anything in 965 hours.
  40. hornett22

    Buying Advice The evolution of Chinese Tractors

    I see your point. I too think JD is over priced and over rated. My point so some people are just cheap. Then when they're stuff iss broken, they expect you to help them because they made poor choices.
  41. hornett22

    Kubota L5030 - 50HP Hydrostatic w/ Loader & Backhoe.

    That's a good buy right there.
  42. hornett22

    First electric tractor ride

    It's actually 7 but it seems to have a 2 gallon buffer so you don't run it out. I put 5 in at E.
  43. hornett22

    Need ideas for a used tractor to run 5ft implements

    I've never been back to my dealer. I'd buy this tractor again in a heartbeat and it's a 4 digit model.
  44. hornett22

    Introduction, RK Purchasing Team, Brian Evans

    The stores here look like a dumpster fire. Management is severely lacking. Moral seems low . Everything seems like an afterthought. I'm glad I followed my gut and didn't buy the RK37. Even though I REALLY liked the tractor, the store experience was a major disappointment. Honestly, it's very...
  45. hornett22

    Mahindra Tractors-Should You Buy One?

    My 1626 shuttle is at 960 hours now. Still hasn't been back to dealer.
  46. hornett22

    Branson 6530C still having AC issues

    Sounds like too much oil.
  47. hornett22

    First electric tractor ride

    Costs me about $25 to fill up my tractor with diesel. I get A LOT in return for my $25.
  48. hornett22


    I saw the nozzle boot years ago. I haven't seen one in a long time but I don't frequent lefty areas. I'm sure the fumes are captured and released out behind the building. It's all BS.