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  1. ch1ch2

    Need advice

    Looking at buying a tracked skid steer, and forrest mulcher. Looking for any and all advice in buying operating. Used a Kubota 95hp with drum mulcher. Looked at JD. Liked the way the controls were arranged. Did not like that it was all computer controlled. Lot of cost here do not want to...
  2. ch1ch2

    Help in deciding on a skid steer.

    I was using a Kabota CVL 95 w/forest mulcher. I looked at a JD 333. I liked it better. And it was less expensive. I have not yet looked at others. Not sure I want to spend that much money. What advice can you all give me on what to get and what to avoid?
  3. ch1ch2


    I was reading here on TBN of headlines related to domestic issues. I wanted to give my two cent in but realized I would be highjacking the thread. So I am starting this one. I have a property on a lake with the same neighbor for 27 years. In those years we have gotten along well. In those...
  4. ch1ch2

    Got stuck today

    Shredding with my TN95A. Went though a low spot and my right rear tire just spun. Stepped on the differential lock and still did not pull out, I pushed the 4x4 button and my left front tire spun. I noticed I only had 2 tires spinning. One back and one front. I was able to get out of the...
  5. ch1ch2

    Arn't trains related to tractors?

    Not sure where to post this. What country boy doesn't like his tractors and trains? I have been going all over the U.S. riding vintage trains and vintage train lines. This one is one of the best. I will be going there again this year and will be volunteering my time for a week. Check it out...
  6. ch1ch2

    adding more tires

    I have an extra set of rear tires and wheels. I was thinking about making my tractor a dually. What would it take? What would be the pros and cons. My thoughts... Pros more traction. Cons have to take them off to load the tractor on a trailer.
  7. ch1ch2

    Leach field question.

    I have a metal building with a leach field in front of the entrance. I drive over the leach field to enter the building. (not often) The ground is mostly red clay and sand. It packs really hard in the summer. I have been thinking of adding on to the building and I am thinking about building...
  8. ch1ch2

    I have a question

    My lift arm was getting slow and weak. I figured it was internal leak. I bought gauges and put on both sides of the hydraulic lines. (later thought it was a waist of money) 200 psi between the two when only the lift action was used. (should have been 2850 and 0) Now I need to figure out which...
  9. ch1ch2

    RV surge protection

    I need your thoughts on RV surge protection. I have had a bumper pull 28 years. I just bought a new bumper pull, 50 amp service. I am currently buying all the stuff I need to go with it. Do you think I need a surge suppressor? If so, Cord plug-in or permanently mounted? What features? Prices...
  10. ch1ch2

    Need help with baler

    I have a 30 acre area that is in hay. It has been harder and harder to get someone to bale it for me. I bought a NH 658 round bailer at a real good price. I just have to figure out how to run it. I have searched for owners manuals and operators manuals, but have not found a site I trust to buy...
  11. ch1ch2

    Slow lift

    I have a NH 820TL loader that has become very slow lifting very fast lowering, and weak, not wanting to raise anything very heavy. The arms would not hold in the raised position very long, so I figured the valve might be the problem. Replaced the valve, now the arms will stay raised for over 24...
  12. ch1ch2

    grapple hoses

    I have done some searching and have not found any previous posts on handling grapple hoses. How to keep them up out of the way and not hanging on anything. I have the hoses coming from the rear remotes. They are secured along the tractor to the lift arms to the arms with weld on hose clams...
  13. ch1ch2

    Woods Backhoe

    I my son bought a NH TC55 with a Woods backhoe a couple of years ago. He decided the backhoe wasn't enough for him and he bought a small excavator. He now says he wants to get rid of the Woods backhoe because he does not need it and he said I could have it if I want it. The question I have is...
  14. ch1ch2

    New problem tighten bolts

    JD 302 old construction grade tractor work, horse for a long time. Two stage clutch. PTO quit clutching. Split the tractor found 1 or the 3 arms broken. JD does not sell a clutch pack assembly, you have to buy individual parts at ridiculous prices. Bought a new arm and started reassembly. Six...
  15. ch1ch2

    PTO engage problem

    My son has an old JD302. It started its life as a construction grade back hoe. The loader and the back hoe were remove before my son acquired it. The pto works fine except you can not engage it with the engine running. If you try you hear grinding noise. So it has to be engaged with the...
  16. ch1ch2

    carry and usage

    I recently read lots of post on; do you carrying on a tractor. Lots of us carry, anywhere and everywhere. My question is when would you use it against a person? I would use it to defend myself and my family. I question if I would use it to defend someone else. It for me would be a judgment...
  17. ch1ch2

    I don't understand vhy

    First of all, I have a keyboard problem. The letter betveen the Q&E on my keyboard quit vorking so I vill use the "v". Ve decided to move a 40' shipping container. 8K pounds. Ve chained to it a 5K tractor vith R4 tires. The tires dug in and spun. Ve chained up a second 5K tractor vith 4x4 and...
  18. ch1ch2

    rear wheel spacing

    Is there a formula to determine the rear tire width you will have by having the inter wheel turned in or turned out and the width you will have with the outter wheel turned in or out? I am thinking I can have 4 options depending on how the wheel is bolted together. I have not been able to find...
  19. ch1ch2

    Mis-matched tires

    Please give me your thoughts on mis-matched tires. I have R1 tires. 4 ply Chinese on front and don't recall on back. (tractor is 80 miles away.) I just bought an 8 ply Firestone 23 degree to replace one of the fronts. In the overall scheme of things, I do not think it will matter, but what do I...
  20. ch1ch2

    tire repair?

    I know tires can be recapped, but when should you do it and when should you just buy new? Additional question... I ran over something and blew out a tire and tube. I took it to the repair shop and they put a big patch in the tire and a new tube. It has been about a year now and I just noticed...
  21. ch1ch2

    valve rebuild.

    I have an issue with the lift valve on my NH TN95A. It has been leaking down for a while, it started falling fast or dropping while lifting, (I think float mode), and now it lifts so slow it is hard to get things done. I need to decide on rebuilding or replacing. All advice is welcome. I will...
  22. ch1ch2

    Hear a story

    I heard of a guy who knows a guy who took a 40' shipping container, buried it halfway in the ground, cut off the top, sprayed a poly film coating inside and uses it for a swimming pool. Has less than $4k in it. It got me to thinking.... Why not flip it over and cut out the floor. Seams like it...
  23. ch1ch2

    Loader valve.

    My TN95A has had issues with the lift valve on the FEL. It will leak down from full extension to on the ground in 3 to 4 hours. It has now gotten to the point of not lifting at low rpm and barely lifting at high rpm. I want to take it apart and rebuild it, but I am not sure what is going to...
  24. ch1ch2

    How did I do that?

    I was shredding between trees. Done it many times. Came back around and it did not look like it has cut right. I looked back at the shredder and it was sitting funny, so I checked a little better and a hitch pin had disappeared. I got the shredder lined back up and put a new hitch pin on. It...
  25. ch1ch2

    Broken but is it broken?

    I was pushing some trees on the ground, one rolled and a limb came up and something went pop. I see a fluid mist coming off the engine, still running. I shut it down and investigated. The injection pump has hard lines going to the injectors and soft rubber lines going back to a hard line that...
  26. ch1ch2

    NH TC55 died.

    I was doing some light dirt work Saturday at a low RPM when the tractor just died. I checked the fuel gage and had 3/4 tank. I went to restart it and nothing. The dash indicator lights worked but went dim when trying to start. My first thought had been the fuel solenoid lost power or went bad...
  27. ch1ch2

    Ferris ZTR

    I have an opportunity to buy a commercial 61" Farris ZTR. It has oil leaks and is badly faded with paint missing. It runs and cuts good in spite of needing new blades. $1K I was told it was over $9K new. Any one have any insight as to what I should do? What I need to inspect? Words of wisdom?
  28. ch1ch2

    How much oil should my truck use?

    I bought a new '16 Silverado with the Duramax engine. My first truck with a diesel, and I love it! First oil change, I was out of state an used a Chevy dealer whom was supposed to change the oil rotate the tires and fill the def fluid. He changed the oil and put a little def fluid in to go...
  29. ch1ch2

    what to do with my rotary shredder

    I have a tractor supply cheap shredder that has be fixed too many times to count. My son borrowed it. It came back with the stump jumper broken in half. This part is important... He did not want to borrow it for fear of tearing it up. I told him not to worry about it. If it breaks , it...
  30. ch1ch2

    which quick connects?

    I basically see 4 type quick connects. Flush Face, Agricultural, 600, 700 series. How do I know which ones to buy? Which ones interchange, if any?
  31. ch1ch2

    lift arms too short?

    I have a problem with my implements hitting the tires and riding up on the tires on my IH 584 and on my IH684. I have narrow 36 inch tires and wide 30 inch tires. Lift arms are the same length. Does anyone else have this problem?
  32. ch1ch2

    Injector issue

    I changed the fuel filter. Tried to run the tractor. It died. It took a long time to get it bleed of air. I cracked open the injectors, open them some more and some more. Finally got it to flowing fuel. Got it to run but it was ruff. It lacked power, so I went back to bleed the...
  33. ch1ch2

    Need help with NH TN95A 4WD

    I recently replaced the clutch assembly on my tractor and after putting it back together I can not disengage the 4WD. The 4WD switch is on the dash. At this point I am guessing/hoping it is in the switch. I also have some wires that I do not know where they go or what they should do. I...
  34. ch1ch2

    Please explain PB

    I think I understand PB but I can not understand the reason for it. Why can one not keep adding oc valves in the return to tank line just like stackable valves?
  35. ch1ch2

    TN95A clutch broke.

    I was moving loads of mulch with workers around. Pushed in the clutch started dumping the bucket, put it in reverse, continued dumping and the tractor started backing up! I am standing on the clutch, standing on the brake, the engine sounds like it is going to run away. I am thinking I have...
  36. ch1ch2

    Tires Who is using beet juice?

    I want to hear from operators who are using beet juice in their tractor tires. I have locus thorns and mesquite thorns. I want a flat preventer for my tires. I also want to be able to run liquid ballast in my tires. I thought beet juice was a flat stopper but all I read is it is for ballast...
  37. ch1ch2

    Change Filter?

    I have a NH tractor with 112 hours and 4 years on this set of filters and oils. I was going to change all but $110 in filters got me to to wondering if I need to change the filters. Help with your thoughts. Would I be OK just changing the oils? (just do to age and condensation.)
  38. ch1ch2

    13 Hours

    There is a new movie out called 13 Hours. It is about Benghazi. I got to see it at AT&T Stadium (That is where the Dallas Cowboys play or try to play) on the 50 yard long TV screen with great sound. They had some of the surviving CIA solders and their families there. It ran 2 hours and 17...
  39. ch1ch2

    cut open a propane tank

    I was reading a post on moving a propane tank. Got me to thinking. How could I cut it open and make a fire pit out of the end caps.
  40. ch1ch2

    I do not understand

    I was towing my IH 584 into my garage the other day to work on it. It had blown a hydraulic line and most of the fluid had been pumped out. The range was in neutral, and the gears were in neutral. The tires would not turn unless the clutch was pushed in. Can anyone explain this to me?
  41. ch1ch2

    I want to say

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! I just wanted to say Merry Christmas. And, thanks to all of you out there. Ya'll have been lots of help over the year with all of the ideas and advice. God bless you.
  42. ch1ch2

    Diesel engine with a miss.

    I have an old JD. While driving it yesterday, it sounded like it had a miss, it seemed to have more vibration than usual. I have not had it long so Ido not know much about it. I was thinking if a diesel has a miss it can only be 1 of 3 things. A burnt piston, a burnt valve, or a fuel...
  43. ch1ch2

    Will it work?

    I have a vintage JD 302. (@50HP) It originally had a bh and fel on it. It now has neither. I have an opportunity to buy a fel that is new. I believe it is a Case from a tractor of around 35 hp. I have seen the schematics of the JD that show the FEL with closed center valves. I am thinking...
  44. ch1ch2

    jump start

    I see lots of pages of where a xx tractor will not start. Turn key and nothing. I was thinking (my first mistake) but, I could not think of a starter which does not have the pos battery going straight to it. I can not think of a starter that does not have a control circuit wire going to the...
  45. ch1ch2

    TC55DA 3 pt lift issue

    What does it take to fix my 3pt lift? The pto turns some even when not engaged. Enough to spin a shredder. The lift arms do not stop. They go up or down if I lift any where between lower and rise. The draft seems to work most of the time but I can't tell with the lift lever doing it thing. If I...
  46. ch1ch2

    3 pt lift

    What does it take to fix my 3pt lift? The pto turns some even when not engaged. Enough to spin a shredder. The lift arms do not stop. They go up or down if I lift any where between lower and rise. The draft seems to work most of the time but I can't tell with the lift lever doing it thing. If...
  47. ch1ch2

    Boiling fluid

    I was doing some light shredding yesterday. Low RPM 1K TO 2K. Several stops to cut mesquite trees, and push big rocks. After about four hours work, I stopped and heard the hydraulic fluid boiling in the transmission. It continued to boil for about a minute after I stopped. I checked the...
  48. ch1ch2

    Flat Repair

    I have three tractors all of which have had flats. There are different types of thorn trees on my property. I have used the green stuff and the purple stuff. I have plugged and I have patched. One tractor has tube tires. I would prefer to run water ballast in the tires if I can. What do all...
  49. ch1ch2

    lost hyd on IH 584

    I have had an IH 584 for 16 years. It has been used very little by me. It was in very bad shape when I got it. I have been throwing money at it since I got it. I am sure I have close to $20K in it. Now The Hydraulics have gone out. No FEL movement, No 3pt movement and Steering is...
  50. ch1ch2

    Hyd hose ends

    What kind of hose ends do I have on my NH 820TL? A bucket cylinder hose ruptured and blew hyd fluid all over me and my tractor. I have had leaks before but never a full blown rupture. After I got it shut down and changed clothes and showered, I went to remove the hose and get a new one made...