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  1. nisaacs

    Found a '97, JD 970 4x4

    I have had my eye open for a 970/1070 4x4. I have a '94 970 4x2 that is an awesome tractor but won't pull the hat off your head. I picked it up at an auction. Kinda scary because all the items for sale were all non runners. Been parked for years. It is going to be a keeper. After several days of...
  2. nisaacs

    Three stick shifting a big truck

    This forum is getting slow so I thought I would post this for some fun. Can you guys tell me what is going on here? What each stick is doing and how? Love that Cummins turbo spoolin....
  3. nisaacs

    Vintage Cub Cadet for sale on C/L

    Looks to be a '70's model with the belt drive starter/generator combo. Note how massive the gear box is. Cub cadet tractor with PTO - farm & garden - by owner - sale
  4. nisaacs

    Pump upgrade for dump trailer

    I posted this on another forum so I though I would share it here. As all you owner operators of dump trailers are aware, the lift is super slow. For me, it is aggravatingly slow. For a home owner with once in awhile use, it is fine, in a commercial setting, not. (1) Calling all dump trailer...
  5. nisaacs

    JD 4320/400cx mount repair.

    I have an '09 John Deere 4320 with the 400cx loader. It has 3k hours on it. I had trouble with the right hand mount, uncoupling with heavy use. After looking at the wear of the mount and mast I decided to replace the mount thinking it had the most wear v/s the mast, plus it was cheaper:) It...
  6. nisaacs

    New Diamond C FMAX 212 flatbed trailer.

    I picked up my son's new trailer Monday, Diamond C FMAX212, 102"x32' w/Max ramps, 25.9k gvw. Round trip to Mesa, 340 miles, 21.5 gal=15.81 mpg, not bad for a 20 year old truck. Dang, seeing my son's new Diamond C trailer might push me over the edge. I have been looking/researching the...
  7. nisaacs

    Nova BX72R 540/1000 PTO chipper review

    This is a 7" direct drive, double hydraulic powered in-feed roller unit. After 3 fails of other chippers I think I have a keeper. It can out chip this older guy:D I was a little concerned that at 540 pto rpm my JD would lack performance and I would need to use my Case/IH with 1000 rpm pto. Not...
  8. nisaacs

    Any Befco tillers on here?

    I just bought a used Befco 11-250-23x tiller. I would like to change oil in the gearboxes but I don't see a drain plug or level plug anywhere...what are they thinking? What do you guys do? I do have a seal seeping on the output shaft of the pto gear box so I can empty the oil when I change it...
  9. nisaacs

    Hay Buster 1000 gets it done.

    Ground up 40 yards of a special blend of compost/manure this morning. 30% compost (aged ground pine needles/wood pieces) 30% horse, 20% alpaca/grass hay mix and 20% cow. Looks good and should be a fine mixture for soil amendment. Compost that I used, not the pup:) and finished material.
  10. nisaacs

    1975 Ford FE sled puller

    Any FE Ford fans on here? Missing my old sled puller and smelling the 110 burning about a 1/2 gallon in 300' Re-posting Marana, AZ 2015, the old 440 FE gets it done! I think they call that, "takin it out the gate":D Nick, Marana, AZ 215 - YouTube
  11. nisaacs

    Box Scraper Frontier BB2184/RB2284

    Buying a used Frontier BB2184 box blade and a RB2284 rear blade. I did my search in Texas so they can be picked up with my new PJ dump trailer. I got lucky and found them both, with very little extra mileage. They are both 7' so an easy fit in a 16' dump. Now I just have to learn how to use...
  12. nisaacs

    New PJ, DE model, dump on order.

    This is a new model for PJ and comes standard with a 7'x16'x3' 7 gauge bed, 20k GVW. Probably more trailer than a home owner would need, however, I haul commercial so bigger is better. My current trailer is a Lamar 7'x16'x3' 7 gauge floor, 16k GVW. I will keep it as my secondary unit and sold my...
  13. nisaacs

    New member from Snowflake, Arizona

    Good morning, TBN. Old time tractor, truck, trailer and equipment person. I finally signed up after reading help sections from time to time. It is more fun if you can post and share, so here I am! Picture of my helpers:)