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  1. mx1alex

    7100 2 row or 71 2 row?

    7100 might be the most common planter ever made and parts are easy to come by.
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    It’s a fun game!
  3. mx1alex

    2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 windshield?

    Let me start out by saying I've had a Ranger, a Pioneer 1000, and now own a Mule Pro-FXT. If you want full doors go with Ranger, Can-Am defender, or Kubota or Deere. They have the best cab systems out there. Both the mule and the pioneer come with half doors. The Pioneer 1000 has crazy...
  4. mx1alex

    A solar powered generator?

    They're pretty nifty little units that come in all different capacities. So you can get a small one to just run or charge a few small things or a big one that will run your house during an outage. All that said they're ridiculously expensive. You can easily build your own setup for a fraction...
  5. mx1alex

    high pressure tree sprayer run on PTO

    Yeah they're not cheap but that's what orchards and vineyards use. You can get a a cheap fimco style 3pt sprayer and like 3gunr said, the roller pumps supply more pressure typically than the diaphragm pumps do. This can allow you to use a hand wand and possibly reach the heights you're looking...
  6. mx1alex

    high pressure tree sprayer run on PTO

    Just buy a 3pt air blast sprayer.
  7. mx1alex

    Looking at MX5400 for my 80 Acres-good choice?

    They all shrink when you get them to the farm and you'll wish you had something bigger. I wish mine had more power at times but I didn't want a tractor any larger in physical size than the MX. I also wanted a geared tractor and they don't offer the MX6000 with a geared transmission.
  8. mx1alex

    MX5400 breakout/lift strength?

    I've been underwhelmed by MX5400 LA1065 combo as well. I came from an '07 L3940 with a Woods loader that I feel like would do more than my MX can. I asked my dealer about it but they said everything was in spec. My L3940 would easily lift the rear end off the ground if I tried to pick...
  9. mx1alex

    This is my last post on TBN

    Get on twitter or facebook if you want to ramble on about the ills of the world. Plenty of folks over there to banter with regardless of your stance. I come to TBN to learn about tractors.
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    Why is Weight The Only Solution Being Offered To The Problem Of Traction?

    Maybe on a forum like this where most folks have small compact tractors with loaders. But look at any row crop tractor out in the field. Just about every single one of them will have weights hanging on the front of it. Imagine how much traction you need to pull a 60 ft planter across the field.
  11. mx1alex

    Floor Options For Pole Barn (Not Concrete)

    I would do everything you can to try and get the concrete floor in there now. I did the same thing as you and kick myself everyday for not just putting in concrete when I built it. And now the shed is full of crap that it will be an even bigger job to get it all out of there so i can put...
  12. mx1alex

    Autumn olive and multiflora rose puller

    I used and Intimidator tree puller to clear out this little area. Was super impressed with. One cool thing about it is that when it's closed up it can be used like a stump spade.
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    I have a pull behind but wish it was 3pt so I could move it from plot to plot easier. Been thinking about rigging it so that i could do either similar to what 3Lfarms did.
  14. mx1alex

    Small Pond Build

    Update: It won't be near a 1/4 acre in size but I think it will serve its purpose in holding water for some cows to drink in the summer. Dug down fairly deep to get into the clay and packed it all down as best as I could with my tractor. Got some rain the other day and it's already holding...
  15. mx1alex

    JD 4052R vs 4066R vs 5065e

    If you're not doing any ground engaging work (disc, plow, etc) then I would lean towards a HST for your needs. If you're looking at Kubota the MX series sounds like it might fit what you're looking for. Last piece of advice... No matter what you buy, it will shrink when you bring it home and...
  16. mx1alex

    Small Pond Build

    I have a small pasture that I want to build a small pond in so I don't have to run 200ft of hose to fill up a stock tank all the time. I've cleared out the area pretty well that I'm to the point I'm ready to start actually moving dirt. My question is that there's a ditch running through there...
  17. mx1alex

    Don’t Buy A Farm Unless You Understand A few Things

    Couldn't disagree more. I work in agriculture for a living and travel all over North and South America and don't see what you're describing.
  18. mx1alex

    Thinking of getting Honda Pioneer 1000

    Polaris just introduced a new electric ranger. Has some pretty cool features but the range only goes up to 80 miles. Has 110 hp!
  19. mx1alex

    Thinking of getting Honda Pioneer 1000

    Richard - The cabs for the Pioneer are very sub-par compared to the Can Am, Polaris, John Deere cabs that I have been in. Just my opinion but it seems like the frames of those machines were designed/built with having a full cab in mind where with the Pioneer, the cab was an after thought.
  20. mx1alex

    Thinking of getting Honda Pioneer 1000

    I had one. Very solid machine. Tons of power. Just wasn't for me. Things I didn't like: I hated that the roll cage covered the whole bed. Made it a pain to load and unload big stuff in the bed. If you get the 3 seater this isn't an issue. Motor is under the seat and the seat gets hot. Like...
  21. mx1alex

    Do i hay or crops

    Location? Soil type? Slope? What do your neighbors do? What's growing there now?
  22. mx1alex

    Can this Compact 47hp HST handle Chisel Plow

    Look at no-till options. It will improve the soil structure, reduce erosion, better weed control, etc.
  23. mx1alex

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    I installed two 4" bilge fans under the seat to try and direct the air down and back. It definitely helped! I did use the manual mode quite a bit but when you're doing something like spraying and need to keep a constant 3-4 mph it was difficult to accomplish. It was a nice machine, just...
  24. mx1alex

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    My biggest complaints on my Honda 1000-5 were that the roll cage covered the entire bed which made it harder to load and unload stuff. Also when it's hard to keep a slow and steady speed, and when you are putting around the heat from engine under the seat gets uncomfortable. The seats in the...
  25. mx1alex

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    Looks sexy to me!
  26. mx1alex

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    I've had both a Polaris Ranger and a Honda Pioneer 1000-5. Both were nice machines but a year ago and swapped for a Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT and I love it. Not as fast or powerful as the Honda or Polaris but it's built like a tank and just suits my needs better. Can fit up to 6 people but not as...
  27. mx1alex

    New Stihl?

    I used a 291 for 10 years or so. Super tough a dependable saw but it's underpowered for how heavy it is. Got a deal on a 261 and wish I would've made the move sooner. The 261 is the perfect all around saw IMO.
  28. mx1alex

    Comparables to Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe

    I owned the P1k-5 for bout a year and a half. The pioneer is definitely more sporty, peppy, faster, etc. The top end of the mule is like 46 mph and the pioneer is 65 mph. 99% of the time I don't need to go that fast. I wish the mule had a little more power but it's a much better machine for...
  29. mx1alex

    Comparables to Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe

    I went from a 800 Ranger to a Pioneer 1k-5 to Mule Pro FXT. I made the jump from the ranger to the pioneer for the extra seats in the bed. Well they're more of a pain than they're worth IMO. They're too small and awkward, and when they're up you have zero bed space. I also didn't like that...
  30. mx1alex

    How agriculture works thread

    Before BT corn, the stalks would rot down fairly fast on their own and you could run a planter through them just fine. Now most corn is BT. So you don't need to worry about corn borer anymore..... but now the stalks are healthier and they take longer to break down. Enter Precision farming...
  31. mx1alex

    Advice on what to do with my Oats Cover Crop

    Well it's all relative I guess but as you mentioned as hay there's way more value when it's cut early. Very little feed value in straw. I guess I'm not familiar with the climate up there where he is at but I would assume it's past that point now. The OP indicated that the oats were planted...
  32. mx1alex

    Advice on what to do with my Oats Cover Crop

    I'd just leave it. Some will come back next year but just bale it right along with your new grass. It's not worth much as hay/straw they way it is right now.
  33. mx1alex

    Looking for build ideas for a "Zero Drift Herbicide Applicator"

    What are you worried about the drift hurting? There's lots of things you can do to reduce drift and still use a normal boom. You can add a drift reduction agent. Use proper nozzles that produce large droplet sizes. Keep your boom as low as possible. Use a hooded boom. etc. But if you're just...
  34. mx1alex

    Do you know what the purple paint law is?

    The laws regarding use of gravel bars by river travelers is very vague here in MO. As and avid kayaker and floater of Ozark streams I have looked into it quite a bit and there is no clear answer. A lot of it depends on what LEO, prosecutor, and judge you end up with if it gets that far. But...
  35. mx1alex

    Appraisals - the dilemma.

    Not sure if this would be any help to you at all but I have a coworker who just bought a house on 20 acres outside of Fresno and he got his load through National Grange (I had never heard of it). Home - The National Grange He had to join the organization but said it was worth it compared to...
  36. mx1alex

    Corn Question????

    I work in ag all over the the country. There's all types of "professional farmers". To say that guys who cut hay aren't real farmers is a slap in the face. The hay goes to feed live stock just like over half the millions of acres of corn that gets planted does. Tell the farmers in AZ who cut...
  37. mx1alex

    I give Up looking for a trailer.

    I sold a trailer a few weeks ago that I bought brand new 6 years ago. It was starting to rust pretty bad and and had other typical wear and tear. I looked on FB to see what they were going for and couldn't believe it. I listed it for what I paid for it and had it sold within an hour of listing...
  38. mx1alex

    Miss 2 speed pto

    What is the snowblower supposed to run at PTO RPM wise? I don't use a snowblower but I'd be surprised if it's supposed to run any faster than 540.
  39. mx1alex

    6" of Rain - Gravel Driveway Catastrophe

    Yeah it never did have much crown but before the utility folks messed up the drainage the drive way only really had to drain off what fell directly on it. Now it's catching runoff form both sides of it that used to never get on the driveway.
  40. mx1alex

    6" of Rain - Gravel Driveway Catastrophe

    Owned this place for 8 years now and the driveway never needed anything but minor touch up work... That is until the last couple of weeks. Got a 6" of rain a couple weekends ago that gutted the driveway pretty bad. I drug everything up the hill with the box blade and it did a pretty good job of...
  41. mx1alex

    Changing Wheel Width

    Just to follow up with my original post. With the help of two other guys I was able to swap the wheels/rims to a wider stance. Gummed up some threads on a couple bolts trying to get them out when the weight of the filled tires was still on it but other than that everything went pretty smooth...
  42. mx1alex

    Major repair to my L4240 Kubota

    I had to do the same thing with my L3940 at 700 hours. Problem came back almost immediately. That's one of the main reasons I went with the gear drive on my MX5400.
  43. mx1alex

    Changing Wheel Width

    With the wheel/rim combo on my tractor I can adjust the wheel spacing to 4 different widths and won't need a spacer. Just change the wheel orientation and/or which side of the tabs the wheel bolts to the rim.
  44. mx1alex

    Changing Wheel Width

    How hard is it to change the rear wheel width with fluid filled tires. I have a Kubota MX5400 and I want to widen the stance. The fluid in the tires adds an extra 400lbs or so to each tire and figured that it might be too much for me to do alone.
  45. mx1alex


    I just went sold my 3pt sprayer w/ roller pump. It held more water than my 35 gallon diaphragm pump sprayer does which was nice but for me managing 5-10 acres of food plots a year it was just easier for me to use the UTV sprayer. I built my own boom for it. I'm not really a fan of the boomless...
  46. mx1alex

    Pond question

    If the bluegill were spawning they would be holding tight to their beds in that shallow water. I bet it was an oxygen issue. Probably pretty stagnate water in those shallow beds. Assuming the chemical was labeled for aquatic use and the applicator used it properly then it's very unlikely that is...
  47. mx1alex

    Honey Locust Tree

    I hate honey locust with a passion. I go around with a hatchet and a bottle of either triclopyr or picloram and hack and squirt all the trees I can. This kills them pretty quick but leaves them up in the air. By the time the dead trees start dropping limbs (takes a few years) the thorns aren't...
  48. mx1alex

    How agriculture works thread

    I work in ag research and get to travel the country and work with just about any crop you can think of. Coming from MO where it's mainly just corn and beans, it's really interesting to see all the differences.... and the similarities in farming practices around the country.
  49. mx1alex

    Spraying 2,4-D - Sanity Check

    I wouldn't consider 21 GPA high but I would consider 10 GPA low. Benefit of higher GPA is more coverage and better results. Lower GPA means more acres covered per tank which if your a big farmer and time is critical then you try to run on the low side but still enough to get a good kill. Some...
  50. mx1alex

    no till drill options for small acreage

    Around here anyways you can rent no-till drills from the county NRCS office and they have small enough ones that your tractor could handle.