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  1. Johndeere3720

    New (to me) 4100

    Picked up a high hour (5540 hrs) John Deere 4100 today so I can have a mowing tractor again. Surprisingly for the hours it’s mechanically sound, no blow by, smoke, or stuttering in the transmission/hydraulics. I’m not sure what it’s previous life entailed but I think it’ll have an easy...
  2. Johndeere3720

    YM187D Project tractor

    It was bound to happen… listed my 226D for a stupid price thinking no one will ever buy it yet I still sold it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Timing wise it worked out though since I was moving into my new shop and needed to free up some space while I got settled in. Now that everything is put away it was time for...
  3. Johndeere3720

    Hyster S40 / E50 part interchangeability

    About 2 months ago I picked up a Hyster S40XM forklift for a fair price. It’s everything I need in a shop forklift although I wouldn’t mind if it lifted higher than 7ft. A few weeks ago I snagged 2 more forklifts, 2 identical E50XM’s. One is missing the battery and the other needs the...
  4. Johndeere3720

    135D project tractor

    Picked up another project today, a Yanmar YM135D. The guy’s dad used to be the local Yanmar dealer back in the day and believed his dad sold this tractor new. He had torn it apart to fix the leaking front end then suddenly put it back together and decided to sell it as it wasn’t really his...
  5. Johndeere3720

    New to me 226D

    Posted this on my other thread but figured I’d start a new thread for the “new” tractor. This one is a Yanmar YM226D, let’s just say it needs some love. - Clutch releases basically at the bottom of the pedal (can’t shift ranges or into the PTO when running) - front axle pivot is pretty worn...
  6. Johndeere3720

    Might be getting back into a Yanmar

    It’s certainly been a while, almost 10 years ago I sold my YM169D to purchase my first skidsteer. Today I do excavation full time with several newer bobcat machines but still have a soft spot for the 80’s US market Yanmar tractors. This afternoon I’m going to go look at this YM186D, apparently...
  7. Johndeere3720

    Bobcat M600D / M600 Glow plugs

    Long time no post but I'm working on gathering information for a project machine. Last week I picked up an old M600 with a bad Wisconsin engine. Having had no luck finding a Wisconsin locally I did manage to find the Duetz F2L410 out of an M600D locally on ebay. So fast forward a few days I...
  8. Johndeere3720

    Bobcat T180/T190 or Deere CT322/323D

    I start, I've had a 317 deere skid steer for several years and this year is is giving me plenty of grief, losing the hydraulic pump, injection pumps, and control linkage all at 1700 hrs. Power wise its unstoppable when everything is up to par, but I very much dislike the design behind the 4024T...
  9. Johndeere3720

    Hinomoto E150 w/ locked engine

    I haven't posted here in quite a while but this last week I picked up a Hinomoto E150D with a seized engine as a project. The story I got from the seller was that the previous owner had used this tractor for 20 years to mow his field. He parked it in his machine shed for about 3 years and when...
  10. Johndeere3720

    The M-Wards Hydrostatic 16 project

    A few days ago I picked up my 9th garden tractor, a 1977 Montgomery Wards Hydrostatic 16. This is my first M-Wards so a lot of it is new to me however I am very impressed with how well built this thing is. I believe it has a shaft driven transmission (which is serviceable), hydraulic lift, and...
  11. Johndeere3720

    What is the largest load you have lifted with your tractor(s)?

    The title basically says it all, what is the largest load you have lifted with your tractor(s)? For me it is a toss up, both times using two skid steers to remove a stump or two out of the ground. The first time was with my Deere and my grandpa's Bobcat. We maxed out both machines trying to...
  12. Johndeere3720

    Who else on here has a Skid Steer?

    I have had my skid steer for close to a year now (1 year @ end of January 2013) and absolutely love it! Who else on TBN has a skid steer? What do you use it for? How many hours does it have on it. I'll start. I have a 2004 John Deere 317 skid steer currently with a 66" bucket and a 3 point...
  13. Johndeere3720

    hours per year

    How many hours do you put on your tractor in a year? I have noticed a huge jump with my Deere skid steer. My old Yanmar would get about 50-60 hours logged on it every year which would be mostly mowing and scraping dirt. Now that I have my Deere skid steer I am about 6 months into owning it and...
  14. Johndeere3720

    Fitting an imatch to a skid steer + hydraulic PTO

    I came up with a wild idea that if I took my imatch from my old Yanmar and mounted it to the front of my John Deere 317 skid steer loader that I would be able to not only use the tractor implements I currently own but also be able to purchase 3 point implements in the future. Then I figured that...
  15. Johndeere3720

    Your previously owned tractors....

    A good majority of us have owned more than one tractor, we all have seen changes in what our needs may be and upgraded to a bigger tractor or bought something a little smaller to suit your needs better. Lets see what kind of tractor's Y'all have had. :thumbsup: I have owned two tractors: First...
  16. Johndeere3720

    Deere 317 will not start

    Well, I should have known it was coming, the battery finally gave way on my 317 last night. It took a while to figure out how it comes out and I am in a pickle, the boom must be raised to remove the battery. :confused2: How am I supposed to raise the boom if I cant even start it? I have no other...
  17. Johndeere3720

    Lets see your Deere

    Well, we all take pride and joy in our John Deere's, why not show off your pride and joy? :D Here are my two Deere's: First is my 317 skid steer, brought it home a couple months ago to take the place of a reliable little Yanmar and I absolutely love it. The jump from 16 hp to 61 hp has made a...
  18. Johndeere3720

    What does this button do?

    I have had my deere for over a month now and still have no idea what the button to the far left does. I have been in several Deere skid steers and all of them have this button and I feel stupid for not knowing what it does. :confused2::laughing: Any ideas? Thanks guys! :)
  19. Johndeere3720

    Skid Steer Door and enclosures. Lexan Bobcat Cat Case.

    Do you offer a door for a 317 Deere skid steer? If not, when do you plan to offer one? I would love to have an enclosed cab on my skid steer. :)
  20. Johndeere3720

    How many hours on your Yanmar?

    Saw a similar thread in the Kioti Forums and figured it would work out well in the Yanmar forums. How many hours does your tractor have on it? What have you added to customize your tractor? Pictures welcome. :thumbsup: My YM169D has a little over 1110 hours on it, still runs and works great...
  21. Johndeere3720

    Bobcat scale model

    Was browsing the Bobcat website and found out that they have a scale model of the CT235. Bobcat Store: Product: CT235 Compact Tractor Die Cast
  22. Johndeere3720

    What is your favorite tractor model?

    Many of us will say our own Yanmar is our favorite model, but just out of curiosity, what is your favorite Yanmar model and why? Mine would have to be the FX235 because of the countless features it has available. I especially like how large the tires are as it focuses on getting as much power...
  23. Johndeere3720

    John Deere 2040 hydraulic leak

    Monday in shop class i get to take the school's 2040 apart to replace a leaking hydraulic hose. To me I see it as an opportunity to learn a little about how the 2040 work's and get the hydraulic fluid off the shop floor as it is a hazard and liability on the school waiting for someone to slip...
  24. Johndeere3720

    Would you do this?

    OMG THAT'S A JOHN DEERE TRACTOR - YouTube :confused::confused2: The safety police will love this one. ;):laughing:
  25. Johndeere3720

    276D electrical

    I was asked if I could get a Yanmar tractor to run again. I assume it is a 276D, I have seen it from a distance in person. It has an electrical problem, the symptoms are "like a dead battery" yet the owner installed a new battery and it still does the same. Hasent ran in 5 months supposably. My...
  26. Johndeere3720

    Allis Chalmers 610 re-power

    In July, I came across a deal and sure enough took it. It included an Allis Chalmers 610 and two Simplicity Broadmoor lawn tractors as well as some boxes of parts and a 36" MMM and a 30" belt driven rotary tiller. Being the tractor fanatic that I am I hauled them home and all of the sudden had a...
  27. Johndeere3720

    New Yanmars!

    Yanmar & MTD/Cub Cadet Alter Brand Partnership - The link says it all. I cant wait to see the actual Yanmar brand tractors return to the compact tractor market. :D:thumbsup:
  28. Johndeere3720

    What is the most popular tractor on TBN?

    Well, out of my curiosity, I got to wondering what is the most popular tractor on TBN? This being said I have seen a lot of threads about JD 2320/2520 tractors as well a Kubota B2320's and BX tractors. Not lets not forget all the other brands, these are just the ones that I notice the most. So...
  29. Johndeere3720

    Just sold a couple attachments, still have more to sell though

    Well, i just sold both my bush hog and my post hole digger today. I still have several attachments and my tractor to sell. I am not doing it for no reason, I have my eye on upgrading to a tractor with a FEL or a skid steer loader. Of the time i have had my tractor, the lack of a FEL has shown...
  30. Johndeere3720

    What is your favorite feature on your tractor?

    It's simple really, what is the best feature(s) on your tractor? It could be a factory installed feature or one that you added on yourself. This ranges from hydraulic ports, to cup holders, to extra lighting, and most everything in between. :thumbsup: Mine is the factory installed rear work...
  31. Johndeere3720

    The lawn tractor project

    Well, It was now I think 2 weeks ago on Tuesday??? that I bought myself 2 small lawn tractors to mess with. I got the 3 for $20 and that also included a 36" mower deck and a small tiller. I got a Simplicity 738 (nice paint), and Allis Chalmers 610 (really tight and nick named "Allison"), and a...
  32. Johndeere3720

    What is your most used implement?

    The title says it all. It can range from FEL's to box blades to Bush hogs, most anything you use the most on your tractor. For me, It is probably my Brush hog. Even with it being seasonal it gets the most hours of use than most of my other implements. I have to mow the property every 2 weeks...
  33. Johndeere3720

    They're Not Yanmars, but it involves the 169D

    Last week, i came across 3 very small lawn tractors when I was building a barn, they were stored at the place next door. now i have a history at this place, every time we have worked there, I bought something. This is the third time and i knew I wasnt gonna get away without buying something. He...
  34. Johndeere3720

    A PTO shaft day

    It started when i decided to fix up my neighbor's John Deere 413 brush hog a few weeks ago. He and I made a deal that I could sell it and get half profit. So of course, I couldnt pass it up. :thumbsup::D It had a dent in the back, so I pounded it back, welded up the cracks, and painted it. Then...
  35. Johndeere3720

    Fixing my Agric AL 50 yet again.....

    When I last used my tiller on Monday, it was leaking gear oil really bad from the gear box. I knew it was the seal that goes around the PTO stub so today i decided to take it apart to see what was going on. Sure enough, it was the PTO stub seal, so we ordered one today. Also, when I last used my...
  36. Johndeere3720

    Been drawing Yanmars again lately...

    Today I was really thinking about Yanmars that I wanted to draw so i picked out two that i really liked off the web and drew em'. The first is a YM1610D which I actually started last night but didn't do much so i basically did it all this morning. The second one is a YM2000, I really like that...
  37. Johndeere3720

    What's your dream tractor?

    Everyone has a dream tractor. This is if you had no limits financially. Mine; A John Deere 4105 with a 300CX. This is not limited to one machine either, and construction and agricultural machinery counts. :thumbsup: I will probably have a couple more soon but ever since I sat on that 4105...
  38. Johndeere3720

    I think tomorrow is the day!

    Tomorrow i will hopefully be bringing home a new 2011 STIHL MS290 Farm Boss with a 25" bar. Price is $410.00 + a Free lunch from the local Deere Dealer. Sounds like a good deal to me. :thumbsup: I also am getting some chaps from my Dad and a helmet with the built in face mask and ear muffs. So I...
  39. Johndeere3720

    Lets see your best tractor pictures

    I have seen a lot of great tractor pictures and would like to see what ya'll got. Since TBN members love pictures this will work out pretty well. Lets see where this goes. :thumbsup: Here's some of what I got. :thumbsup:
  40. Johndeere3720

    What would you change?

    What would you change if you were the one behind the design of your tractor? There are a lot of simple things that i can think about but i can say that i wish my YM169D had a 3rd range in the tranny, a reverser and a little bigger engine.
  41. Johndeere3720

    3-Point Hitch 169D 3 point hitch is weak

    Last night i went out on my tractor to enjoy the nice weather and level out some ground where we dug up some stumps last year. My box blade got packed with mud and I tried to lift it and my tractor would not. So i backed up and got it cleaned out and it can only lift my box blade 4" off the...
  42. Johndeere3720

    BX24 problem

    I was taking care of my neighbors horses last weekend and his BX24 is not running good. When you give it throttle (typically about 2500 rpm) it runs strong then almost dies goes to half throttle, back up and down and so fourth. I have heard that when the throttle control gets loose on the in the...
  43. Johndeere3720

    Getting my YM169D fixed up

    Well on Saturday it was raining, what a shock, we have had rain for 21 days straight so far. :o Anyways, I decided it was a good time to replace the hour meter cable in my YM169D that I ordered from Hoye several months ago. I Also needed to charge the battery and fix the fuel gauge problem. So i...
  44. Johndeere3720

    R4s on YM169D

    I have had a problem where my R1 tires have been damaging areas where the ground is soft or on well watered lawns (hard not to find in the pacific NW). So i have had the thought of getting R4 tires in the back of my mind for quite some time since the price was to high to justify the purchase...
  45. Johndeere3720

    Got myself an Ariens tiller

    Well, last Saturday I got myself another machine. It is an Ariens Rocket VII rototiller. The Carb needs to be cleaned, it has a flat tire, and it needs a new pull string soon. Other than that it should run. It is actually in really good shape considering it sat out in the rain for quite some...
  46. Johndeere3720

    Pallet fork trailer mover

    I have been wanting to weld lately and came up with a little project for moving uhaul trailers with the CT322 and all the trailers at home. I saw one one one of the forklifts at united rentals so i figured why not make one? I started with one long piece of 3"x5" steel square stock and cut them...
  47. Johndeere3720

    Congratulations Compacttractorfan member of the month March 2011

    I just want to say congratulations to CTF for earning the title of member of the month. Congratulations Kyle!:thumbsup:
  48. Johndeere3720

    2 tires, what to make?

    Okay guys, i have been looking at these tires for 2 weeks now trying to figure out what to make out of them. I also have 2 smaller tires but i am more focused on the larger 2 (shown in pictures). They are 18"x8.5" R3 tires and take a 3/4" axle so I am limited weight wise due to axle diameter. I...
  49. Johndeere3720

    An unreal price

    This seems unreal but it doesnt look like a scam. :confused::confused::confused2::confused2: 05 Massey Fergusion 1533 with 4-WD. Thoughts? Opinions? :confused::confused:If it is real this would be a great tractor for someone with a short budget. If It is real, you can imagine I would wish I...
  50. Johndeere3720

    Replacing bearings in my Tiller

    A while back, I did a tilling job out on the Oregon coast. It all went well but soon enough, it was leaking oil and towards the end developed a bad sound. I got the job done but knew that there was one bad bearing and several seals that i needed to replace or repair.