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  1. Bobrown14

    FEL issue help needed

    OK so I hit into a small tree with my bucket in the mud. My bucket actually came loose and dont know weather it wasn't attached properly or I just hit it hard enough to knock it loose from the SSQA bracket. Anyways when I went to re-attach the bucket to the plates, the SSQA plates on each...
  2. Bobrown14

    LS MT352 filter kit?

    Amyone know where I can purchase my 50 hour filter change kit??
  3. Bobrown14

    New LS MT352

    New here and new tractor owner. Finally found a decent tractor. Bought a LS MT352 with shuttle and cab with 20hrs on it. All the dealers anywhere near me didn't have any cab tractors. We live in Upstate NY finger lakes with a long driveway (asphalt) complete with speed bumps ffs. Gotta...