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  1. Navvet

    Got to love developments in rural areas

    Short answer, No. We are grandfathered at the back end of a 1.5 mile 1 lane gravel road. County would require me to upgrade the whole road to 40' with 10' shaped drainage and streetlights. Not feasible because most of the easement is across a hillside.
  2. Navvet

    Got to love developments in rural areas

    It's the same all over NC. In our area Wake, Durham, and Johnston counties have all over built with McMansions and high density housing (Read "townhouses"). We live in Granville county and the only thing stopping additional development is the South Granville Water system was built during...
  3. Navvet

    DPF Regeneration driving me crazy...

    So, What's a "Regen" ??? And what's this DPF everyone's talking about ???
  4. Navvet

    Help .... Frozen hydraulic pivot pin

    No, I have a guy that rebuilds cylinders for me. That's one thing I leave to the pro's.
  5. Navvet

    Help .... Frozen hydraulic pivot pin

    The pin and sleeve you are looking at (with the drift pin and grease fitting) is one of the ends of the arms. What I am working on is mid span of that arm, where the hydraulic cylinder connects. I am removing the hydraulic cylinder to rebuild it with new seals. I added that picture to show how...
  6. Navvet

    Help .... Frozen hydraulic pivot pin

    I'm concerned about the ends also, I think it's time to cut the pin in the center and push it out either side. Anyone know a good source for a 1.5" X 12" pivot pin ???
  7. Navvet

    Who rides motorcycles?

    The DCT should be a nice upgrade, but they made the GW smaller with the redesign. At 6' 8" and 300lbs my 2013 F6B took a lot of mods to be comfortable. I have a feeling I will be going to a Spyder to get the DCT....
  8. Navvet

    Can a X738 front blade system be mounted on a rear three point?

    Shouldn't be hard to attach your mounting / hydraulic assembly to a 3pt frame. The only issue I can see is all of the hydraulic connections you will need. Could be interesting ....
  9. Navvet

    Help .... Frozen hydraulic pivot pin

    I just realized some clarification may be needed here; 1) There is no production work being impacted here. I buy old equipment that I have a specific need for, fix it up and then sell it after I'm done. In this case, this is a Marklift boom lift I plan on using to add a garage onto my house...
  10. Navvet

    Help .... Frozen hydraulic pivot pin

    Just an update, we have been able to move the pin a 16th to an 8th of an inch using the jig and a sledge but it just won't go through. Too much flex in the square tubing to allow me to push with full pressure. Next step is using the hacksaw blade to cut the pin and drop the cylinder out of the...
  11. Navvet

    Help .... Frozen hydraulic pivot pin

    I have a 1.5" hydraulic cylinder pivot pin that is seized and will not come out. It moves easily on the cylinder end but is frozen to the sleeves in the square channel on either side. The pin was held in the sleeves with vertical drift pins but over the last 30 years moisture has gotten in them...
  12. Navvet

    Who rides motorcycles?

    The wife and I don't bend too well anymore so now we stick to touring bikes .... We leave the crotch rockets to the youngsters ....
  13. Navvet

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Nice looking runabout ...
  14. Navvet

    Clamp on pallet forks

    I got the clamp-on to use for the rare occasions I need forks. They work great and store away in minimal space. I have lifted several #3,000 pallets of blocks without a problem.
  15. Navvet

    PTO Generator

    I use a 16KW and back-feed it through my welder plug. Best gen set I have ever owned.
  16. Navvet

    Stabilizing clamp on forks?

    I have my back hoe for counterweight ....
  17. Navvet

    Stabilizing clamp on forks?

    I did the same thing with the chain (it hooks to the chain hooks at the top of the bucket, not all the way around). If you look at the picture above, you'll see they added a bracket for the turnbuckle to attach to. I never use a 2x4 for the backstop, don't trust it. I use some heavy c channel...
  18. Navvet

    Light duty FEL Brush Cutter

    I just added a "Lane Shark" to my collection of tools. Only have about 3-4 hours of cutting with it and so far I'm impressed. I get 8.5 gal through the hydro and that seems to be plenty. Also, with the swinging blades, I don't need to worry too much about hitting something.
  19. Navvet

    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    Welp, 3 days for shipping and 4 days grunting and tugging (and a new Harbor Freight 2 ton engine hoist) and I'm up and running again. I also changed the oil and hydraulic since I had it apart as well as full greasing and fixed some routing and protection issues with the wiring and hydraulics...
  20. Navvet

    Flail Mower Cutting lawn with flail mower.

    Just to close out my search, I went with a "Lane Shark". Impressive so far, only time will tell.
  21. Navvet

    Has anyone had any experience with "swinging lawn mower blades"?

    If you don't mind, How are they for durability ? I mow several acres with my 62" deck and I tend to be a bit rough on blades. Thanks
  22. Navvet

    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    I mean it is listed as fitting several models .... Both Mahindra and Case/IH
  23. Navvet

    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    Yes, I was amazed to see that the same clutch plate is listed as a replacement on an 80hp Case/IH 845. Should defiantly be strong enough for my little 40hp Mahindra.
  24. Navvet

    Has anyone had any experience with "swinging lawn mower blades"?

    Ran across the Meg-Mo Rotary Mulching Blades as well as the Cutlass blades for a lawn mower. Looks like a bush hog type blade for a lawn mower. Just wondering if they would be worthwhile on a JD Diesel with a 62" deck.
  25. Navvet

    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    I thought so too until I realized that same clutch is used in a Case/IH 523 which has 11 more HP. I think its more of a one-off failure, especially with only 250 hours on the machine.
  26. Navvet

    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    I think I found my problem, surprisingly I didn't see any thing else damaged.
  27. Navvet

    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    Almost got the tractor ready to split, can't wait to see what's broken ...
  28. Navvet

    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    Yea, was hoping to find some one who has seen a similar problem and might have some tips. Usually a good idea to pick the brains of those with more experience ....
  29. Navvet

    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    No inspection plate ... The Transmission and the PTO are a dual clutch system off of a single pedal. Upper half of the pedal travel is the transmission and the lower is the PTO (so you can change gears without interrupting the PTO operation).
  30. Navvet

    Loud bang and the clutch stopped working ....

    Mahindra 4025 4wd with 250 hours on it. Been a great tractor so far. Was out on my road today doing some minor work, 1st gear, low range, 1200rpm, when I heard a moderately loud bang. Pushed the brake and clutch and nothing happened. Tractor kept on rolling. Slowed down when I reduced the...
  31. Navvet

    Hydraulic hoses

    Right now I am looking at Discount hydraulics to make up the hoses I need. 2 wire, 1/2 in, 3000 psi rated with jic female swivel on either end. I have never worked with hydraulics a lot so this is a learning experience. I am adding a "D" spool motor controller and an "A" spool 3rd function to...
  32. Navvet

    Hydraulic hoses

    I did, I also looked at Discount Hydraulics, Summit, and New line. Just looking for input, good or bad, from people who have ordered hoses online.
  33. Navvet

    Hydraulic hoses

    Any suggestions on where to get some hoses made up. I'm adding a couple of "3rd function's" to my Mahindra 4025 and probably looking for 1/2 in JIC female to female hoses in various lengths.
  34. Navvet


  35. Navvet

    Is it possible to be objective for a moment about Mahindra? Question relating to career change

    I've had a Mahindra for 6 years now and never had a problem with it. Several of my friends with other brands are impressed with the strength and reliability of it. Adding that to not having to add DEF and not dealing with "regen" issues, this has been a great tractor.
  36. Navvet

    3rd function question

    Please excuse me if this has already been asked/answered, I've been looking around and haven't seen anything like this. I am looking to add a third function to the FEL (grapple) as well as the backhoe (thumb). Can I "T" the lines to give a connection for both the front and the back from the...
  37. Navvet

    Mini Split Reliability

    I have had 4 Mr Cool DIY mini-split systems in operation for the last 5 years. 2 - 12k 1 - 18k and one 30k BTU and they are amazing and much less expensive than the "professionally installed systems". I'm sure prices have gone up by now but my systems cost me less than $1k per ton for 22 seer...
  38. Navvet

    Just picked up a Bobcat S185 ....

    Planned on getting a set of OTT tracks to use in real muddy conditions as well as out in the woods. Has anyone had any experience with TracksPlus Steel Skid-Steer Tracks ? They are listed at Northern Tool as well as my local JD dealer. I will not be using these all of the time so I don't want...
  39. Navvet

    Not another flail mower thread, but, has anyone used one of these ???

    Mainly I am looking to maintain the sides of my 1.5 mile private road. Keeping the brush cleared back makes ditch and road maintenance easier. I have been PM'ing Jack Yuan about the ditch mowers and was on the verge of buying one of the Nova models but, A boom mount would be significantly...
  40. Navvet

    Not another flail mower thread, but, has anyone used one of these ??? I have some areas along the side of my (private) road as well as my tree line I would like to keep trimmed down. I have been looking at various "ditch bank mowers" and sickle bar mowers, but none of them take care of all of my needs...
  41. Navvet

    tilt bed trailer

    I have to agree with bitternut, my 20' tilt pivots behind the rear axle. Seems to me, pivoting between the axle's would require the bed to be higher to clear the axle.
  42. Navvet

    Rant time !!! Bureaucrats at it again .... New home build

    A little background, My wife and I retired from the Navy. Me, early retirement at 17 years, her 20 years. Our plan was to get some land, semi rural, but close enough to family and bigger cities to be convenient. We ended up with 20 acres at the tail end of a 1.5 mile private gravel road (good...
  43. Navvet

    Lets see your Mahindra!

    Our toy .... And working on our gravel road ..... Pissing off the people in the new sub-division they built along side of our gravel road.
  44. Navvet

    Hurricane Michael

    We finally got our power back and yesterday they cleared the trees blocking one of the main roads we use to get back here. 4025 preformed flawlessly, first providing PTO power to the 16KW generator that provided our power, then cleaning up trees that were blown over. On a side note, over the...
  45. Navvet

    Legitimate fake news on the weather channel LOL

    My favorite was always the local NJ weather girl during Sandy ...
  46. Navvet

    Why ride street bikes?

    Last weekend My wonderful bride and I rode the "Tail of the Dragon" ... Not too bad for a couple of old, disabled, retired Navy Chiefs ... (She switched to 3 wheels when she turned 64)
  47. Navvet

    Advice -+- X495 PTO clutch replacement ...

    Need to replace the clutch plates for the PTO on my X495. Any one have any hints, tips, tricks to make the job easier ???
  48. Navvet

    Dog pics

    My sisters dog, "chillin" on a hot summer day ......
  49. Navvet

    Small tractors doing big work.

    JD X495 with 24hp Diesel 54" hydraulic blade and 3pt hitch make this a real workhorse. Great for moving and leveling dirt and gravel. Perfect for the 2 - 3 times a year we get snow here. I throw on the 62" mower deck to keep the yard in shape.
  50. Navvet

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Decided to get my "Last Trailer I Will Ever Buy".... 16.5K 4' + 20' tilt bed. I pull it with a 99 F350 "Powerstroke". This can handle anything I will ever tow including the tractor, cars, Goldwing, wife's CanAM Spyder, etc .... . Anything I need to move that is bigger, I will pay...