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  1. TNhobbyfarmer

    For Veterans Day

    Enjoy Military Songs Medley * Patriotic Song with Lyrics and Images - YouTube
  2. TNhobbyfarmer

    For you guys who like fishing

    I made this youtube video. It is crappie fishing last Friday with my two grandsons. Hope you enjoy. Crappie Fishing Fast and Furious Action Enjoyed By Two Young Fishermen. - YouTube
  3. TNhobbyfarmer

    Extension cord question

    I have a job to do that will require a hammer drill. The only such drill I own is electric, 7.5 amp. The job is located about 130 ft. from the nearest plug. The only extension cords I have are the cheap 50 ft 14 gauge type. Couple of questions. 1) How much power will I lose using this type...
  4. TNhobbyfarmer

    Me and my grandson did a youtube video

    My grandson and I started a youtube channel in the fall. We both love college football and initially were going to specialize in that subject alone but realized that we needed other content when the football season was over so we changed the name of the channel from college football to college...
  5. TNhobbyfarmer

    Thought you might like this

    I love patriotic music. Since it's a slow time of the year for tractoring and outdoor stuff, I thought I'd post this for those so inclined to enjoy. Battle Hymn of the Republic * Patriotic Song with Lyrics and Images - YouTube
  6. TNhobbyfarmer

    Trickle charger vs battery tender

    Are they the same thing? Can a trickle charger act as a tender?
  7. TNhobbyfarmer

    Does Kubota discount new tractors?

    I have never bought a new Kubota. When you build a tractor on their website, they give a list price. What has your experience been with respect to discounts off the list price?
  8. TNhobbyfarmer

    M6060 vs L6060

    What are the differences? Why is one better than the other? There is a used M for sale close by and I am deciding whether or not I want to take a look.
  9. TNhobbyfarmer

    Hernia surgery

    I recently developed an inguinal hernia. Unfortunately that type is in the groin area, not exactly an area I want to be cut on. But hey, you do what you gotta do. I have an appointment with a surgeon Friday to discuss the possibilities going forward. Anyone ever have hernia surgery? If you...
  10. TNhobbyfarmer

    Plumbing advice

    My grandson flushed a toilet at my house and dropped his sunglasses in simultaneously. They are smallish sunglasses, he's only 6. Well they're gone, and subsequent flushes indicate they're hung in the line, water backup. What would be my best course of action? Will a plumber try to retrieve...
  11. TNhobbyfarmer

    Drilling stainless steel

    I will be starting a project in a few weeks that will require me to drill stainless steel. Couple of questions; will I need any specialized drill bits? What is the best liquid lubricant to spray during the process? I remember seeing one recommended by several on TBN but can't remember the...
  12. TNhobbyfarmer

    Need some bulldozer work done

    I need to contract out some bulldozer work. What should one expect to pay per hour this day and time for say a D6. It's been a long time since I did this.
  13. TNhobbyfarmer

    Help me put a value on a L2500

    I have a friend whose health is failing, and he wants to sell his L2500 tractor, 27HP 22.5 PTO HP. He has asked me to help him price it. It is 4WD and has a front end loader. The most interesting thing about the tractor is it's low hours, only 206. It has been kept under roof its entire...
  14. TNhobbyfarmer

    Sickle bar mower

    I have a need for one and have never used one. I am a little worried that if I buy a used one, I'm asking for trouble, however I don't want to pony up for a new one. Are they pretty straight forward to repair and maintain?
  15. TNhobbyfarmer

    Will my L3430 handle a 6' tiller ok?

    28.5 PTO hp. Would prefer a 6'over a 5' so it would cut out the wheels.
  16. TNhobbyfarmer


    Only one hummer on my feeder so far. Too early I suspect for the masses. I guess he's possibly a scout.
  17. TNhobbyfarmer

    Saw the first hummer of the year

    Today on my feeder. Signs of spring abound.
  18. TNhobbyfarmer

    Pneumatic grease gun

    I know a lot of guys on TBN use cordless grease guns. I don't do enough greasing to justify the cost of a cordless. However, I have been considering a pneumatic gun. They are considerably less expensive. Anyone have experience with a pneumatic? What are your thoughts?
  19. TNhobbyfarmer

    Polaris Ranger 500 grease points

    I have a 2017 Ranger 500. I intend to grease it and am curious how many zerks are on this vehicle. There is an old thread by a person who had a 2013 model and he surmised that there were 15 as follows: 4 front A arms 8 rear A arms 2 rear stabilizers 1 rear of drive shaft Does this sound right...
  20. TNhobbyfarmer


    I put out a bluebird box 3 weeks ago, the first one here at my current residence. I saw some bluebirds flitting around in my yard prior to putting up the box. There is some nest material in the box. I'm not sure if it was put there by bluebirds or some other species. However, I see no...
  21. TNhobbyfarmer

    Worms on my patio

    I have a concrete slab patio level with the yard. When it rains, worms by the scads crawl onto the concrete and die leaving a mess. It is a never ending battle trying to keep it cleaned off. Is there any way to deter them from journeying into my space? My only thought is to spray the...
  22. TNhobbyfarmer

    PTO driven log splitter

    There is a PTO driven log splitter on CL for $250. I burn some wood in a wood stove at my hunting cabin, none at my primary residence. At that price I'm thinking about picking it up. I have never used a tractor driven log splitter. I'm guessing that it won't cycle as fast as a small engine...
  23. TNhobbyfarmer

    Lawnmower battery

    I am going to need a new battery for my lawn tractor. Wally World has 3 quality levels based on the number of cold cranking amps. Does the higher number of CCA have a relation to how long a batter should last. In other words, should I expect a longer life from the one with the higher CCA or...
  24. TNhobbyfarmer

    Walk the plank mouse trap

    I have a pole barn at a property I own about 90 miles from my main residence. Mice have always been a problem in the building. I recently made a walk the plank mouse trap and placed it in the building. I have made a couple trips to the property in the last 3 months or so. The trap caught 9...
  25. TNhobbyfarmer

    Bush hog gear box lubrication

    The gear box on my bush hog was leaking last summer. I partially filled it with gear oil but ran out of the oil and finished the refill with grease as a stop gap for the last use of the season. I intend to use corn head grease this season. What is your recommendation for emptying the gear box...
  26. TNhobbyfarmer

    Arrowhead hunting

    I own property in an area of Tennessee that has a reputation for having a lot of Indian activity in times gone by. I have never made an effort to look for artifacts/arrowheads, but I think I'm going to give it a try. Anyone have experience at this? I have done some research online and watched...
  27. TNhobbyfarmer

    Creosote reducing logs in a wood stove

    Do they work? I noticed a Dura Flame type log at Wally World that supposedly helps eliminate creosote in stove pipes. Just wondering what your thoughts are regarding them. I burn wood at my hunting cabin. I don't regularly clean the pipes. Are these things helpful?
  28. TNhobbyfarmer

    Lithium grease vs Fluid Film

    Both are available in spray cans. I think they both perform similar tasks. Lithium is half the price. Anybody have opinions regarding comparisons of the two?
  29. TNhobbyfarmer

    IBC metal totes for storing/transporting firewood

    Anyone use them? How about capacity? Will they hold a rick randomly tossed in?
  30. TNhobbyfarmer

    Flushing/draining/refilling tractor radiators

    Is there a rule of thumb regarding how often this should be done? I'm probably delinquent on this task. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.
  31. TNhobbyfarmer

    Covering a rotary cutter

    At the end of each cutting season I cover my rotary cutter with a tarp. I don't have enough room for inside storage. I'm sure I get a lot of condensation/moisture under the tarp. Would it potentially be better just to leave it out in the weather? Give me your thoughts to consider.
  32. TNhobbyfarmer

    Got my first set of pallet forks

    42" forks. I cannot see the tips when it is level and in position to pick up a pallet. Thinking maybe I should have gotten 48 inchers. I haven't used them much yet. Maybe I'll figure things out better once I've used them some more. Got any suggestions or hints that might help me with the...
  33. TNhobbyfarmer

    TBN looks different

    Has a totally different look than before. Have I done something mistakenly to change the way it looks? So far I can't figure this out.
  34. TNhobbyfarmer

    Questions for the grapple guys

    I am considering getting a grapple and have started doing a little investigation. It appears there are a couple of basic styles of grapples, root rake brush grapples and open bottom style (so named on WR Long's website). The open bottom style appears to have a longer bottom jaw and looks like...
  35. TNhobbyfarmer

    Wood splitter powered by tractor hydraulics vs small engine powered

    Pros and cons of each? I have never used a tractor driven one. How does the power compare? There is a one year old TSC County Line tractor powered one for sale on local Craigslist $500. Looking for opinions.
  36. TNhobbyfarmer

    Anyone drilled a hole in the end of a pallet fork

    To accept a trailer ball for moving trailers around? Sounds like a reasonable idea unless I'm missing something.
  37. TNhobbyfarmer

    New quick attach

    I recently had a quick attach added to my Kubota. When I went to the dealer to pick up the tractor, I tried to operate the levers that lock the implements onto the FEL. One would not move at all. When I showed the service mgr, he said "I will get a technician to adjust it." When I got it...
  38. TNhobbyfarmer

    Titan ballast box

    Anybody have one? What's your opinion?
  39. TNhobbyfarmer

    OK all you TBN medical advisers

    I just don't seem to have enough energy these days. Probably just a matter of getting older. I'm 69. Any vitamins/supplements you use that seem to help? Maybe something your doctor prescribed that's working? I need a little boost to get me out of the easy chair and into the chores.
  40. TNhobbyfarmer

    Pallet fork hitch receiver

    There is a hitch receiver made to attach to the end of a pallet fork. It tightens utilizing a threaded pin. Anyone use one? Thoughts?
  41. TNhobbyfarmer

    What did you hear....

    Laurel or Yannie?
  42. TNhobbyfarmer

    Soup Beans

    Back in the day my mama would make a big pot of white beans and she called them soup beans. Anyone else ever hear white beans called soup beans? They sure were good.
  43. TNhobbyfarmer

    Polaris Ranger 500

    I have an almost new Polaris Ranger 500. Someone stole the battery, cut the cables grrr. I put new terminals on the cables and put in a new battery. Hooked up the hot wire and as soon as I touched the ground to the battery the starter engaged. The switch was in the off position. Removed the...
  44. TNhobbyfarmer

    Frost and fruit trees

    I have a couple of plum trees loaded with blooms. It's supposed to get to 31 Wednesday night and 28 Thursday night. What is the prognosis for survival of the blooms? Do you think they will make it?
  45. TNhobbyfarmer

    A little legal advice

    I know an online forum is probably not the best place to get legal advice, but I do think that a lot of people on here have good knowledge of many subjects, so here goes. We are going to have to put my mother in law into either a long term care or assisted living facility. We have been told by...
  46. TNhobbyfarmer

    Gonna sell my JD 71 two row planter

    Don't need it anymore. It will plant corn, soybeans, sunflowers, peas, etc. Anyone have any idea how much they are worth these days? It's in good condition by the way.
  47. TNhobbyfarmer

    Haven't started my Kubota in over a month

    My tractor is located at my remote property so it doesn't get started much this time of year. Do I need to take any special precautions when starting it after long layovers in cold weather?
  48. TNhobbyfarmer

    Lithium Ion drill/driver. Help me here

    I have an older drill kit that has both a drill and impact driver with Ni Cad batteries. I am seeing lithium ion products that have one tool that is called drill/driver. Does that mean it is both a drill and impact driver in the same tool? I want to upgrade to lithium ion but want a...
  49. TNhobbyfarmer

    Finding dealer invoice cost online

    I'm considering a new truck. It used to be very easy to find dealer cost vs MSRP online. Now it seems the websites don't provide that information. They just want to get your email and phone number to pass along to the dealers so they can start bugging you. Anyone know if that information is...
  50. TNhobbyfarmer

    Review of chainsaw sharpener I just bought

    I recently read a thread on TBN about chainsaw sharpeners. It was specifically about the Timberline sharpener. Within the thread a few people mentioned the Granberg 1012XT sharpener. There were positive reviews of each one. I have never been satisfied with my ability to hand file a chain. I...