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  1. kormidoit

    MT225S rear ballast ??

    So we are coming into snow season and I will be loading snow and moving it to an empty lot across the street....I have taken off my backhoe for the winter, my MT225s has loaded tires from dealer, so do I need to add real ballast ?
  2. kormidoit

    New Chains for my MT225S

    Purchased 12x16.5 ladder chains (4 link). Do I need to purchase spacers also ??
  3. kormidoit

    Backhoe NEW MT225S owner....mechanical thumb issue

    The mechanical thumb appears not to be adjustable the way it was installed....take the adjustment pin out and it only drops down 2 inches from folded up position. There are three holes for further adjustment but two tabs at the bottom are prohibiting the thumb to fold out any farther. Any...