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  1. gstrom99

    Sharpening "down" angle?

    I've always angled my file "down" the 10 degrees called for in the specs. I got a new 4.5mm Oregon file for my Dewalt battery saw. I actually read the directions :eek: yesterday and noticed it stated to run the file LEVEL @ 0 degrees. Which is correct, and what difference does it make?
  2. gstrom99

    TICKS: bad this year?

    I'm a hunter (turkey and deer - for over 20 years) so I'm used to coming home from the woods and checking for and finding a tick or two... This year (I moved to rural Iowa a year ago this week) , I'm picking them off me without having been anywhere except around the yard - mowing, cleanup...
  3. gstrom99

    Carbon Pipeline?

    There is a project being planned, and major push back against, an effort to get a liquid carbon dioxide pipeline put in, with lines running all across Iowa. It's supposed to transport carbon dioxide from producers (like ethanol plants) and transport it to some underground "storage" facility, in...
  4. gstrom99

    Driveway gravel

    With the snow piles melting, I'm now seeing the gravel that got picked up and left on the grass. Here and there, with a few "piles". Anyone have any tricks/tips to share on how they put it all back on the driveway, where it belongs? Picking up individual stones (put into a bucket or tossed...
  5. gstrom99

    First fly of the year, already?

    Yesterday, the first fly of the year buzzed by. Two more today. 47 degrees. Kinda early, I think...
  6. gstrom99

    Farm Auction Info?

    Is there a web site that lists farm auctions? Searchable by state would be great, I'd like to attend more of these, but I only luck out if the local paper has an ad, or I see a filer posted at the auto parts place or grocery.
  7. gstrom99

    LP prices?

    I'm on a "keep full" contract. It's been pretty cold here, and I'm enjoying using my wood stove. I don't run the stove all day, and usually start it about 4pm. It keeps the funace from running, until sometime in the early morning hours. They came out yesterday and pumped in 150 gallons...
  8. gstrom99

    Plowed (snow) farm field

    I'm rural, on 3 acres. Farm land all around. We got a few inches of new snow last night. Maybe 8" total on the ground, with bigger drifts. Sometime this morning, they/someone plowed a big path from one end to the other in the snow, in the 80 acres next to me. I didn't hear the tractor or...
  9. gstrom99

    Mid mount mower needs to come off.

    I have a mid mount mower, under my JD855. I thought the extra weight would help, come plowing time. We got 5 - 6" of snow Friday, with some 2 foot drifts, thanks to the Iowa winds. I'm using a rear blade, turned backwards, unless the front bucket is needed. Not using my chains yet. The...
  10. gstrom99

    What is this?

    This saw chain was hanging from a nail in my pole barn, when I bought this place. It's not real long, probably for a 20 - 24" bar, but the chisel teeth are massive and they are spaced at 3". Rusty and I see no numbers on the thing. What could this be for/from?
  11. gstrom99

    Chain sharpening woes.

    I have been getting my saw chains sharpened (for me for the last 20 years), since it has been been cheap, well done and easy(er). I have the proper round file, with guide, that I've used for touch ups. Since moving to rural Iowa, I had to find/choose a new hardware store for this (normally...
  12. gstrom99

    First snow for tractor use

    I retired in Oct 2020 and moved to Iowa permanently in June of this year. We finally got our first real snow today (~3"), so I was able to use a tractor to clear snow for the first time. Used a back blade (angled and reversed) and it was fun and worked just fine. Granted, it was 28 degrees...
  13. gstrom99

    No tornados here, thankfully

    Got some ice then a few inches of snow. Big winds too. Power went out like 5 times but came back on real quick. I'll take this over the tornadoes... I'm sorry for the devestation and loss of life last night.
  14. gstrom99

    Heat a basement?

    I grew up in a house with a basement, near Chicago. Fast forward 50 years, after living in houses with NO basement (crawl space - then on a slab for 30 years) I have now moved to a 100 year old farm house in rural Iowa. Winter is cold in both locales. This house has a basement, used only for...
  15. gstrom99

    Cedar Valley Engine Club in Iowa

    This event is going on this Labor Day weekend. Near Charles City, Iowa. The site has last years poster, but it IS going on this year...
  16. gstrom99

    Smoothing a bumpy yard?

    I live on an acreage, and need to smooth out a real bumpy yard (about 2 acres total), in preparation of upgrading to a zero turn mower. Tools I have: compact tractor w/loader, box blade, landscape rake, chain link fence drag, hand tools, large pile of dirt (to fill in the low spots). My...
  17. gstrom99

    Shop ceiling options

    I'm doing all the normal research for my upcoming shop build. I'd been planning on using steel panels for the interior ceiling, but I just saw these PVC panels available through Menard's...
  18. gstrom99

    Always carry your phone!!

    The other day, while I was up on the (first story) roof, the (always blowing) Iowa wind blew my ladder down/off the gutter. This is at my (very rural) Iowa place. Where is my phone? In the house, on the kitchen table... No one else home, and the dog can't help... Neighbors are too far away...
  19. gstrom99

    Tires New 855 Rear Tires

    I just bought a 1997 Model 855, with a 420 loader, with 2000 hours on Black Friday. It runs fine, and everything works (except a couple lights). It needs a new/recover seat. It will also need rear tires soon. They are (loaded) turf tires and the sizes don't match all the specs I've seen...