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  1. dirttoys

    Plumbers in specific, does anyone give a crap any more in general.....?

    My son did all new floors in his house about a month ago. I went up to help him take out the old to save money. I asked specifically if toilet pull/replace was in the deal and he said yes (that made me happy). So.... after the floors were done, he found re-setting the crappers were not in the...
  2. dirttoys

    Won the flip

    I won the coin flip this year to pick the Christmas picture!! Sadly my wife, dog, cats, and deer did not make it): Actually I was inspired by another thread on here to take a picture of the place. It is fun to see everyone's little slice of heaven. Best, ed
  3. dirttoys

    Our Zoo

    Leadership was able to film this from her office this morning. The filming started after it tried to catch a goose. I may get rid of all my other pets and just keep this one:) I am old, and haven't had this good a look in my life.