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  1. daman1

    G730 fill /vent plug?

    did a service on the transaxle today and while I had the vent plug off I found that I couldn't blow through it upon inspection it looks like there's a paper washer in there preventing it from venting has anybody seen this before why would they have of then but then plug it off with this paper disk?
  2. daman1

    GC1723EB Rpm's

    Not complaining but I noticed the RPMs on my new 23 is around 1850 to 2900 I thought the 23's are governor at 2600? I'm probably closer to 25 horsepower with this one then. What's everybody else seeing with their 1723??
  3. daman1

    New GC1723EB got 'er home

    Brought her home Saturday its a brand new 2019 leftover manufactured in December '19 .6hrs on the clock DL95 loader with quick hitch I did have the option to get the 1805, they even threw in the arm rests that come on the M models I just need to install them. This one never seen the light of day...
  4. daman1

    Troy built chipper/shredder manual?

    Just picked this unit up i think it's a tomahawk,it's a model 47024 it has a 10 HP Tecumseh engine would like to find a manual for it,i did a google search with out much luck anyone know of one or could help me out? thanks...