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  1. Beltzington

    Growing Old With Dignity

    I'm sure many will take offense to this post but it needs to be said. Current medications are keeping folks alive well beyond their expiration date. What is your game plan? Hopefully it is not to expect your children to change your diapers and bath you. Adult heath care is ridiculously expensive...
  2. Beltzington

    Crazy County Water Pressure

    A neighbor stopped by this morning to borrow my hose bib water pressure gauge and out of curiosity I hooked it up to the unregulated side of my place and it was 150PSI ! He lives down the hill from me so his pressure would be even higher. It is likely a lot of you would love a little more water...
  3. Beltzington

    Homemade Pepper Viinegar - Any Recepies or Experiance?

    I have several nice small bottles I was planning to use to make a colorful pepper vinegar table dispensers as a small thank you gift for party hosts, etc. First problem I ran into is I cannot find the super small peppers traditional used. So I have a few questions: - Is it worth the trouble...
  4. Beltzington

    Bolting Chain Hook to Tractor Frame

    I only trailer my tractor two or three times a year and it seems every time I do I spend an hour trying to secure the front chains. Last time I came up with a solution I have yet to try, do you see any safety or other issues? There are two factory 3/8" holes one on each side of the front frame...
  5. Beltzington

    Utility Trailer Weight

    Asking anyone with an all steel 6x10, 6x12 single axle utility trailer if they can be easily moved by hand? I have a 7x18 aluminum car hauler and am looking for a smaller trailer for my UTV but if they are too heavy to be easily moved by hand why spend the money. Thanks
  6. Beltzington

    Hardie Cement Backer Board Installation Question

    My bathroom project time line has stretched well past my planned completion date but finally have the drywall up and ready to setup for the tile. I'm consistently amazed on how many different opinions there are on how to install a product that has been in use for years. OEM instructions...
  7. Beltzington

    Yearly Oil Changes - Opinions

    Even if oil change hours/mileage are not met my service manuals recommend yearly oil changes as a minimum. If using modern high quality synthetic oils does anyone see a reason this is necessary? None of the vehicles are still under warranty. Not sure I'm comfortable not changing oil at least...
  8. Beltzington

    Stolen Tractors and Bigfoot

    Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion on how to secure your equipment, myself included, but I just did a search, and what I found was mostly second hand stories about stolen tractors. Has anyone on TBN actually had a tractor stolen? If so would you share some details and/or...
  9. Beltzington

    Small Engine Battery CCA Requirements

    I need a battery for my JD LX279 riding lawnmower, the factory battery is 500 CCA, really??? I have a 160HP Yamaha that uses a 300CCA battery, a Kawasaki 24HP Cub Zero Turn that uses a 230CCA "cheap" mower battery, and for some reason JD says I need a $150 full size battery for a 17HP Kawasaki...
  10. Beltzington

    Hydraulic Line Hauler - Block Pully Question

    This is off topic but couldn't find a better place to post my question - I was a fan of the Deadliest Catch until they made it a drama-queen competition but they are running a marathon over the holidays so ended up watching a few episodes. My question is: How does the crab pot "block" work? I...
  11. Beltzington

    Beaver has killed at least 8-Trees in a few weeks

    Went out to pick up the tractor for servicing yesterday and found we have a new resident in our small pond at the back of our property. Not sure how many beavers there are but most of the trees we wanted to keep have been killed. Never would have guessed there were beavers in the area as I have...
  12. Beltzington

    Drywall Thickness for the Ceiling

    Still trudging along with my master bath redo, I am about ready to hang drywall and was planning on using water resistant green-board on both the ceiling and walls. Unfortunately no one locally carries 5/8" thick green-board. This leaves me two options, go with 1/2" green board on the ceiling or...
  13. Beltzington

    Rotella T6 Rebate

    $7/gallon rebate limited to 4-gals per household. Thru 31 December.
  14. Beltzington

    Stupid New Owner Tricks or What Not to Do with Your New Tractor

    I was thinking back on mistakes I made as a new tractor owner and was curious if there are common mistakes maybe new owners could benefit from hearing. Do your best to list your first three mistakes in ascending order that could have resulted in serious injury or equipment damage. Here are mine...
  15. Beltzington

    Check Your Roof Vents for Leaks!

    I am remolding a bathroom and after tearing down the drywall I found some dry rot on the top framing plate where the sink vent goes through the ceiling. Got up onto the roof and found five of the six vent boots have dry rotted which allows water to run down the pipe. My roof is less than...
  16. Beltzington

    Dust Mask Recommendations

    Anyone find a lightweight dust mask they would recommend? I'm not talking toxic fumes, just grinding dust, attic dust, etc. I have never liked and therefore don't use the paper disposable ones, I would need to wear safety glasses at the same time.
  17. Beltzington

    What do you do with used mower blades

    I'm getting a large collection of worn-out mower blades. Every-time I decide to toss them into the recycle bin I remember they were about $15 each and think maybe I'll take up knife making. Anyone have a cool idea?
  18. Beltzington

    Portable Generator Electrical Question

    My generator is rated at 30-amps and has a 120/240 L14-20 4-prong locking connector, reading the Owners manual and looking at the wiring schematic it is not clear to me how much amperage each 120v leg will provide. Is each leg rated to 20-amps, 10-amps or is the total combined limited at...
  19. Beltzington

    Are gooseneck trailers really more maneuverable?

    I have read both sides on the web but since I have never pulled a gooseneck I don't know. It seems to me because the pivot point is so far forward you would need to swing much wider in turns or when backing up to keep the trailer in the lane. How is this more maneuverable?
  20. Beltzington

    Deisel Fuel Contamination

    Yesterday it started raining while I was RC our property and I noticed my eyes where starting to burn, long story short, I figured out my engine seemed to be blowing more black smoke than usual, not a lot, but I assume the heavy air was not letting it disperse like it usually would. Engine oil...
  21. Beltzington

    Black Ants Taking Over the Yard

    Not sure why but this year we are experiencing a huge population of black ants, not sure of the type but I would typically call them sugar-ants. They are very small and do not seem to bite or if they do you can't feel it. There are literally 1000's of this ants everywhere, the only good thing is...
  22. Beltzington

    Trailer Jack Stand Mounting Location

    I have been looking for a smaller utility trailer and have noticed some manufacturers mount the jack stand away from the coupler even if there is a mounting hole. One manufacturer even offers this as an "option." What am I missing, I cannot think of a reason why?
  23. Beltzington

    Mower Trailer Question - Anyone own or used a dove-tail utility trailer?

    I already have an 18' car hauler but it is to big to keep in my back yard and it is a 100-mile round trip to pick it up from where I keep it so I am looking at a 5.5x12 foot utility trailer to haul my mower or UTV. I have rented a 6x12 utility trailer from TSC and discovered my mower deck drags...
  24. Beltzington

    17HP Lawn Tractor Engine Started blowing Blue/Gray Smoke - Intermitantly??

    4-Cycle Kawasaki engine has 700+ hours on it, I have performed regular oil changes. About 50-hours ago I noticed on initial cold startup it blew blue smoke for a few seconds, no big concern likely a little valve wear was letting oil into the cylinders. However, during last two startups the blue...
  25. Beltzington

    Dealership Incompetency

    Has anyone filed and won a small claims suit against a dealership? My son vehicle started randomly dying and leaving him stranded, I did some research and decided I did not have the diagnostic tools to resolve the problem and told him to take it to a dealership as they were best equipped to...
  26. Beltzington

    Plywood or sheathing on interior wall question - Bathroom remodel

    I'm using Hardy backer board on both the walls and floor of a walk-in shower. My "custom built" house apparently meant they were very creative at cutting corners and I found I have 24" OC framing in my interior walls. My thought was I will just install plywood over the studs to add more rigidity...
  27. Beltzington

    Aeronautical Engineering and Tarps

    A more honest title would be simple minds are easily amazed :) I have for years fought with securing cheap tarps in place covering a load when hauling trash in the back of a pickup truck. Seems no matter what I did I would be stopping once or twice on the way to the landfill to secure the tarp...
  28. Beltzington

    Remodeling Question - Outside Window Removal (not)

    This isn't tractor related but I know many of you are experienced DIY and/or professional contractors. I am remodeling our master bathroom and installing a large walk-in shower where the previous owners had a large whirlpool tub. The problem is there is an outside window where the back wall of...
  29. Beltzington

    Viscosity Temp Chart

    Likely beating a dead-horse but I am not sure why manufacturers use these type of charts. What does the arrow mean, anything above the last temp, good to the next temp, or try and interpolate the temp the arrow point ends at. This is for an air cooled 17HP Kawasaki engine and 10w30 and 10w40 are...
  30. Beltzington

    Starter Failure

    I posted the general problem with my lawn tractor in the Lawn and Garden forum but have not gotten an answer to my final question, hopefully I will get a response. I believe I have isolated the problem as I have eliminated low voltage and/or amps, wiring, interlocks, or seized engine. When the...
  31. Beltzington

    Kawasaki v-twin won't start - Ideas

    It seems most of my repair work is either on trailer lighting or lawn equipment, I have a JD LX279 Lawn Tractor with a Kawasaki 17HP engine with about 600hrs on the Hobbs, I replaced the starter 2-years ago. Engine started and ran fine after being in the shed all winter, changed blades and...
  32. Beltzington

    Double Check Your Attacment Hook Up

    Scared the **** out of myself yesterday because I thought I was going to roll, it happened so fast it was over before I fully comprehended what was going on. Last weekend I had hooked my RC up after it had sat all winter for the first mow of the year, something I have done dozens of times. After...
  33. Beltzington

    Smith Oxy Acetylene Torch - OX Torch Pressure?

    I have a Smith W200 blow torch setup I have not used for years until recently I used it to heat some metal for bending. I adjusted the mixture until I got a nice even 1/4" blue flame from the tip and was able to quickly heat 3/4" metal to cherry red and bend it. Before I shut the gas off I hit...
  34. Beltzington

    Spray Paint Cans - Cleaning after use

    How do you get more than one use out of the new any-angle spray cans? Use to be you could turn them upside down and clear the nozzle and they would be good for months of storage. After finding several of nearly full cans of paint and primer unusable I actually read the instructions which...
  35. Beltzington

    Repairing Thin-Wall Square Tubing

    The wood chipper I am rebuilding has a badly bent feeder control arm made from thin wall 1" square tubing. Originally I was going to try and reheat and straighten but in addition to being bent and twisted the mounting bolt holes are badly wallowed. The simplest solution will be to remove the...
  36. Beltzington

    Cub Cadet Steering Wheel Zero-Turn

    We (my wife:) is mowing about 4-acres of grass at three separate locations, one property has drainage ditches alongside the road with a couple steep slopes that will get your attention. I am on my third deck and have a few hundred hours on my trusty JD Garden tractor but looking to replace it...
  37. Beltzington

    House Demolition Question

    Has anyone had a house removed from their property I am interested in lessons learned. Our family estate includes land and an abandoned house that is no longer insurable or inhabitable. None of the family members have any desire to live in the house and even if they did repairs would greatly...
  38. Beltzington

    Siphoning 101 Question

    I'm in the middle of repairing my well pump PVC plumbing which for the first time in 10-years froze and cracked. The well is rarely used so I am not in a hurry which has left me with time to over engineer the repair. I have been siphoning liquid from tanks and irrigation ditches since I was...
  39. Beltzington

    Muffler Replacement - 65HP John Deere Engine

    I have a large wood chipper with an old 4" round x 16" long straight muffler that is extremely loud when running at operating RPM's. The muffler is likely worn/rusted out and I was wondering if anyone would have a recommendation for a quieter replacement. I can buy basically the same muffler at...
  40. Beltzington

    Trailer Tire Replacement - LT Tire Recomendations

    My 16' tandem trailer tires are shot, I am done with ST trailer tires and looking for recommendations for economical LT tires. I can have them mounted and balance for $15/wheel so don't need to use a tire dealer. Size is 225/75 15" looking for radials. Appreciate advice on durable tires at a...
  41. Beltzington

    I'm at a loss - Online Scams

    What value is gained by these ridicules CL ads, I can't believe anyone responds to them. Are these POS being paid for every ad or just stupidity run amuck? GulfStream&^% business Jet like knew 550 model low hours #### won't last long at $3000.
  42. Beltzington

    Pressure, Flow and Vacuum

    This is concerns residential water supply but I believe it qualifies as a Hydraulic question. I want to T my main water supply line with one side going to the house and the other to irrigate the yard. The house side will be pressure regulated at 60psi, the yard side will not and line pressure...
  43. Beltzington

    Large Shipping Containers for Storage - Opinions Requested

    For some time I have been considering buying a 40-foot container to store and secure some expensive vehicles and parts I keep at our uninhabited property. We have only had one break-in in the last 8-years but I'm afraid a $9K UTV might be too tempting for some to leave be. Here are my...
  44. Beltzington

    How's My Construction? Call 800-555-1212 Rant!

    Today I damaged the passenger running board on my ML handicap van using a fast food drive thru. Some mental giant had decided to use an 8" concrete curb to protect a flower bed that for some strange reason kept getting run over by inconsiderate drivers using the drive through. It could have been...
  45. Beltzington

    Pick Your Battles - House Contractor Rant

    Over the last several weeks I have spent over $14K remodeling a house purchased for my elderly parents to live in. Because I am in a hurry did get it finished I hired contractors to do work I could do myself and also figured professionals would do a better job than I could. Other than the HVAC...
  46. Beltzington

    Cost of Moving (Relocating) a House

    Anyone paid to have a house moved? I found a small 1940 house that would work great as a "vacation" home on my property, it is approximately 21' Wide by 38" long and 14' tall at the peak. Distance is about 60 miles from point A to B and is a straight shot by interstate but since I have never...
  47. Beltzington

    Septic System Backup Questions

    Been having allot of plumbing problems lately and yesterday I am afraid I found a major one. I'm going to have the septic tank pumped tomorrow but I am wondering if it could be something more serious and what you would check. The 25 year old house is new to me so I do not know when the tank was...
  48. Beltzington

    Shared Water Well - Terminating Agreement

    Want to test the water :) to see what the TBN pool of knowledge advises. 10+ years ago when my FIL passed my wife and I where left with a 1 acre parcel of land in the North GA mountains, the property had an old single wide trailer and a well. The single wide was falling apart and I had it...
  49. Beltzington

    3-point Lynch Pin Length

    My RC cat 1 pins are about 4" long which leaves about 2" of slop on each side of the lift arm ball. Should the pins be shorter, could be a coincidence but it seems like I have been loosening up nuts and bolts lately, had one of the pins on the RC fall off and the right lift arm came loose where...
  50. Beltzington

    ADA Shower Faucet Brand Recomendations

    I seem to doing allot of plumbing lately - I just completed ripping out the master bath in a house I purchased for my parents, both need the walk-in sit down type shower. I am going to hire out the drywall and tile work but I need to install a new shower faucet and hope someone can recommend a...