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  1. rdinatal

    Hydraulic Relief Valve Shims

    This is on a Max26xl but may relate to other models. I need to increase the pressure off the main relief valve (currently low). The shim (items 27-30 on attachment) descriptions are very cryptic. Any internet search shows they're not available. 10052405130 Shim T=0.1 10052405140 Shim...
  2. rdinatal

    Max26xl HST Diff Lock Pedal

    I never used the diff lock till yesterday. It works, just press with left heel. But upon letting up it only rises 1" or so. Seems like the pedal lost a spring. I can pick it up by hand and lift it 2" but it drops right back. Can someone check if the pedal is under spring tension? (Held up till...
  3. rdinatal

    Sealant or No Sealant, that is the question...

    I'm about to put an in-line restrictor on one side of the backhoe boom function. It needs to be slowed down. The part is this: Apache 39004276 3/8" Male Pipe x 3/8" Female Pipe Swivel - 1/32 Restricted - Hydraulic Adapter (Style 1404): Pipes: Industrial & Scientific What to use for...
  4. rdinatal

    New Owner: Max 26xl TLB Questions

    I sold the eMax 25s a couple of month back. Waited patiently and found a great upgrade: 2017 Max 26xl TLB w/101hrs. Just got it home yesterday and still need to do a full fluid/filter change. There was no manual so my questions: I'm not sure how many grease fittings there are on the tractor...
  5. rdinatal

    eMax 26L Loader SS Quick Hitch Adapter

    Has anyone changed the eMax factory 26L 'pin on bucket' to a Skid Steer Quick Hitch? What brand did you go with? Happy, sad, should have done different??
  6. rdinatal

    Tiller CountyLine Tiller (4ft)

    Looking to get this, any one have it? Good/Bad? CountyLine Rotary Tiller, 4 ft. at Tractor Supply Co. It will be on a Mahindra eMax 25 HST and used for close in landscaping chores.
  7. rdinatal

    Seat Cover - eMax

    The summer isn't even here in the south but last time I was on the tractor the seat made my seat sweat. :thumbdown: Has anyone found, or made, an aftermarket seat cover that works? I'm looking for a breathable cover to keep my pants from sticking. For an eMax or same size seat... Thanks!
  8. rdinatal

    eMax 25 HST Unknown Valve

    I noticed a valve under the HST pedals. The owners manual has nothing about it. The nut rotates 90 degrees, stop to stop. What is it?
  9. rdinatal

    Loader Rams turned 180?

    While I was done some dirt work Saturday I was noticing... There is a lot of dirt, dust, crud spilling over the bucket and getting on the hydraulic rods. Why the rods down towards the bucket? Has anyone turned them around and swapped the hoses? This will keep the rods and seals away from...
  10. rdinatal

    Question: 4WD Front Axle Gear Oil Change

    This is on an eMax25 but may relate to others. I changed the gear oil in the front axle. There are 3 drains, no problem there. But there are two vents along with the fill/level cap. So, my question is... With the drain plugs in and the vent plugs out. Will oil put in the fill cap move to...
  11. rdinatal

    "Cozy Cab" Poly Sunshade

    Anyone have a Cozy Cab Gray Acrylic-Coated Nonfolding Poly Sunshade? I need something for the sun and rally don't want a rigid top due to the need to fold the ROPS when going into the garage. God, bad, ugly?? -R
  12. rdinatal

    Rubber Gasket on Fuel Cap

    This may not be Mahindra specific. When last refueling the strainer came out of the tank when the cap was undcrewed. Not a big deal. When taking the strainer off I noticed the rubber gasket had ripped. It was so soft that it was falling apart in my hands. Anyone else experience this? Sort...
  13. rdinatal

    eMax 22 / 25 Hints & Tricks

    This is for the eMax owners. What tips or tricks have you learned? -R
  14. rdinatal

    Which tooth bar for digging?

    I have a 25hp CUT with a straight edge bucket. When I need to dig the clay soil/grass here is a bear to get through. I'm looking at the advantage of a bolt on tooth bar as I still need the straight edge for loose material work. I do have a ripper tooth on the 3pt for the really hard stuff but...
  15. rdinatal

    Aerator, how much is this worth???

    I found a local aerator that seems interesting. It's not 100%, will need some TLC and a set of plug tines/spoons (Hardened Aerator Plugger Spoons orTines). I've not seen it as it's ~50 miles away. The top link mount (by tie wrap) seems weak but it might look different in person. Plus the...
  16. rdinatal

    Working tire pressure = Contact area ???

    I was wondering what the thoughts are on tire pressure. It doesn't matter if they are filled, or not, or tractor weight. I'm interested about contact area. I was thinking of 80% contact on a hard surface like cement. At any time in the work day the supported weight can be plus or minus 1K...
  17. rdinatal

    Best used attachment under $500.

    The title should say "Most Used Attachment" What if you had $500 and wanted to spend it on something. For arguments sake you had a (S)CUT, FEL and a rear blade (box or scrape). What would you get and why? -R
  18. rdinatal

    Mahindra Consumable Part Numbers

    I still have a few more hrs until the 50hr service on my eMax25. Looking through the manual it has nothing (zero) for part numbers on filters, bulbs, anything. I thought a lot of new Mahindra owners could benefit from the general knowledge of others here. If anyone has good part numbers that...
  19. rdinatal

    Is there a need for a coolant overflow tank?

    I was looking over my eMax25 after working it hard. I noticed there was a drip under the front axle, on the left. I traced it to the coolant overflow hose. Since there's plenty of room in the battery area... Is there an advantage to putting a coolant overflow can? Other than some drips on...
  20. rdinatal

    First eMax25 Job!!

    As a retirement job I started a company to do "Heavy Lifting" for homeowners in the Charlotte area. Bark mulch and topsoil spreading, light grading, garden walls and ornamental gardens. Since I bought the tractor I've put a couple of offers on the table. Well, I have my first grading job on a...
  21. rdinatal

    3-Point Hitch 3pt Adjustment (shackes)

    I'm sure the answer's here. I searched but came up with a zillion posts... I have the scrape blade level. In general, how should the 3pt be adjusted (smaller limit shackles)? Should the arms be somewhat loose or very loose? It seems there should be some side to side movement but how much is...
  22. rdinatal

    New from Huntersville, NC

    Thought I would officially join instead of lurking... Long time resident of NC. Been here since 2000 by way of TX (Houston) from NH (Merrimack). Guess they call me a '**** Yankee'. I'm retiring in a few more years and decided to start a small landscaping business. This would be single homes...