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  1. pwright

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Finally picked up a couple of their trunk organizers a little while back and they are great! Just the right size for the back of the Jeep. Harbor Freight Trunk Organizer
  2. pwright

    Danuser box scraper

    Is this what it looks like? Hopefully less abused.
  3. pwright

    Got my EA Severe EXtreme Landscape Rake in.

    My new rake showed up at the freight depot in Albuquerque on Saturday and yesterday we made the 5 hour round trip drive to pick it up. Here it is on the trailer. I guess it started out well wrapped with black plastic but by the time it made ABQ there were just a couple tatters hanging on to...
  4. pwright

    Solar Power in the Sticks

    Because I find myself posting bits of this info in other threads somewhat frequently I thought I would post it all together in a hopefully more coherent manner and will just reference this post/thread in the future. Background A few years ago we bought some property out in the sticks here in...
  5. pwright

    POLL: Have you used the pivot offset function of your rake or back blade?

    This is not the ability to slide rear blades left/right where they mount but is similar. Some landscape rakes and back/rear/scrape blades have an offset function that makes use of a pivot at the front of the main beam(?) at the 3pt end. This allows the user to really get the rake or blade way...
  6. pwright

    Want/need a bigger/better landscape rake. Help me pick.

    So I have a Land Pride LR1572 that I have been using but there are times when it doesn't do what I want it to do. This could be just in the way I am using it however. I use it for two things. Raking up the loose rock that magically appears in the driveway (~0.45 miles) as well as other areas of...
  7. pwright

    Can hydraulic tools be run from a tractors remotes?

    Was wondering if hydraulic tools like breakers or chainsaws can be run off the remotes of CUTs like my Bobcat CT225? Was looking at hydraulic tools the other day just out of curiosity which made me wonder about powering them from a tractor. Things like: Chainsaws Breakers Post drivers
  8. pwright

    My Ice storm/ generator lessons

    A Kohler 7.5c61 propane generator. Picked up an old utility company service trailer that had the generator, air compressor and blower setup. It sits behind our power shed which you can see is beneath the panels.
  9. pwright

    Off-Grid Solar Setups

    FWIW, we finished our retirement home early this year and have been living in it full time since April. Only solar for electric as the nearest power lines are many miles away. We have 27 255W panels on three poles connected to dual Midnite Solar Magnum inverters and Classic charge controllers...
  10. pwright

    Bobcat CT225 Need a manual for it.

    I went ahead and ordered the hard copy Bobcat service manual. The print job is decent and it does come with a binder. Decided to do the right thing and buy it from Bobcat instead of some pirate on ebay. BTW they also sell it in electronic form on CD-ROM. I presume in PDF format but...
  11. pwright

    What are the ears on my bucket for?

    So my FEL bucket has two sets of ears on it. What are these for?
  12. pwright

    Cutting side hill trails

    You'll want to get an actual slope measurement so that you can properly plan how much of your "bench" needs to be cut into the hill. The forest service (and pretty much everyone else) uses these guidelines for cutting side hill trails.
  13. pwright

    Need help clearing rocks

    My 2 cents... My property is pretty much rocks with a little bit of dirt mixed in. My "driveway" was carved out of the native soil with a dozer and has no gravel or other materials added to it. Just last week I cleaned up where recent rains had brought the rocks up. I used a landscape rake...
  14. pwright

    Oil filter doesn't fit!! Weird

    I have an oil filter for my CT225 waiting for the next service. Here it is: The ID of the threads is shown on the caliper. 18.56 mm give or take.
  15. pwright

    Loader Rock bucket on a CT225

    Anyone with a CT225 use a rock bucket with it? The 7TL loaders don't have the greatest lift capacity and the various rock buckets I've found are heavy enough to use up a good portion of that capacity which has me concerned about how useful it would end up being. I've got a lot of rocks of...
  16. pwright

    Grinder or Welder

    Saw this and thought it was funny enough to share.
  17. pwright

    What grease to use on a Cat 311C excavator?

    Excavator is out at the property along with the manuals which might tell me what I need to know. Cat site is returning errors when I try to get the information there. So any recommendations on what grease to pickup to lube the various pivot points in the bucket/dipper/stick?
  18. pwright

    Looking for suggestions - supplying house from water storage tank.

    Our house at the mountain property is under way and it won't be long before we'll need to finalize the plumbing details. As it is right now the water comes from a well and is pumped up hill a little ways to a storage tank (550 gal). This tank sits approximately 25' above the base of the house...
  19. pwright

    Scored a couple new attachments.

    Guy was selling off equipment at his place and I picked up a LR1572 Landscape Rake and a RB1560 Rear Blade for $500. The tractor he was selling only had 140 hours and these implements show almost no wear on them. Was wanting to get a rake anyway and would have paid at least $100 more just for...
  20. pwright

    Successful Farming Ultimate UTV Evaluation

    Interesting the way the ratings compare side-by-side (get it? UTV... Side-by-side...). Thanks for finding this hunterridgefarm.
  21. pwright

    ATV/UTV Pictures!

    Here's my first Ranger. A 2006 500 EFI sitting on the turnout at the entrance to our property. My 2013 800 LE CREW at the dealer. The 800 up on top one of the hills.
  22. pwright

    Hummingbirds!!! Seeing any yet??

    We've been getting quite a few for a while now. Got a couple feeders hanging by the barn and we'll sit in chairs not 10' from them and watch the little guys.
  23. pwright

    Newbie how does it work question

    Long story short... Brother wants to pour some concrete. Bro's friend has a 3-pt PTO driven cement mixer with hydraulic dump. From the description it sounds like this Northern Tool unit: NorTrac 3-Pt. PTO Cement Mixer — 5 Cubic Ft., Model# 1104S107 | Cement Mixers| Northern Tool + Equipment...
  24. pwright

    Need input on a welder for a newbie

    That's the one. I think a friend has a 90 amp inverter unit. I may have to borrow it and see. Ah. I can see that. I think that one may be a bit more than I need or should spend. The Ranger 225 is a possibility though. As I see it, I have three options. Buy a small enough welder that can...
  25. pwright

    Need input on a welder for a newbie

    It has been many years since I last welded anything and that was with an old stick welder. IIRC, the profile of the top was like an octagon and it had a dial that my father had marked with what range to use with what rods. Can't say that I knew what I was doing then and my only training was...
  26. pwright

    What ATV, side by side or UTV do you have.

    My stable of UTVs: From left, 2006 Ranger 500EFI, 1999 Ranger 500 6x6, 2012 Ranager 800LE Crew.
  27. pwright

    Snow Plow

    Anybody using a snow plow on their Bobcat? Any suggestions on make? Is a 3rd function kit going to be required?
  28. pwright

    Oil & Fuel bobcats spendy hyd fluid

    So here is the back label where it indicates what it is recommended for with the equivalent manufacturer part numbers. Sorry about the wonky focus.
  29. pwright

    New Member, New Tractor CT225

    My tractor:
  30. pwright

    3-pt control operation on CT225 is coarse

    It seems like the control for the 3-pt is very coarse. Before the box blade will go up or down it seems like I have to move the lever 1/4 of the way through its arc and then the box blade doesn't smoothly go up and down but jerks instead. Is this normal?
  31. pwright

    Auxiliary hydraulics for FEL on a CT225

    I picked up my tractor with the Bobtach so that I could make use of skid steer type attachments. Many of those need hydraulics up front. Does Bobcat offer a front auxiliary kit? I've got one on the back and space for a second so I figure an additional one is possible. Tried to find anything...
  32. pwright

    New Member, New Tractor CT225

    Hi all! Recently picked up a Bobcat CT225 to use on some property we purchased out in some mountains here in NM. The roads leading to it are dirt as are our own private roads so a tractor seemed like a handy thing to have. Bought the tractor with Bobtach for the front loader, bucket, pallet...