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  1. Chilly807

    M7040 Problem

    If moving the high/low selector into neutral during warm-up stops the rocking then I'd call that a win. It's supposed to be cold enough here in NS tomorrow to give it a try. I've got 2 friends with hydraulic shuttle shift tractors, one is a MF 3645, the other is a 60 series Deere. Neither do...
  2. Chilly807

    Backblade upgrade!

    I may have missed it, but has anyone mentioned a crossover relief valve to prevent over-pressure if you hook the end of the blade? If the pressure in either line exceeds the relief setting it momentarily dumps to the other line, preventing a dangerous situation. Once the pressure goes back to...
  3. Chilly807

    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    We set 2 8ft long 4x4 pressure treated posts 3 feet in the ground. Attach two pieces of 1x4 to the top of each post so it forms a cradle. Cut a piece of 2x4 or 3x4 long enough to straddle the 2 vertical posts. Back the tractor up to the posts so the arch of the boom is directly over the 2...
  4. Chilly807

    L3400 3-point hitch adjustment

    Well, Al, I suspect your results will be similar to what happened with mine after the "fix". Smooth operation but side effects that may or may not be worse than the original problem. I haven't tried to re-adjust mine since this thread, have just lived with the problem. In retrospect, Jeff's...
  5. Chilly807

    Tires L2900 Replacing 7.2-16 R1s???

    Holy smoke, she's ready to pop! For an update on my Carlisle Farm Specialist R1 tires, I'd never recommend buying them outside of a warranty situation. Both of the new front tires now have layers of rubber peeling off them, 9 years and 500 running hours later . They're not holding up well in...
  6. Chilly807

    Fueling tractor

    I use a siphon with hand primer from an outboard fuel hose. Set the 5 gallon jug on the hood, run siphon hose from jug to tank, pump it a couple times and it's running. Takes about 3 mins to drain the jug.
  7. Chilly807

    Drawbar question

    I checked mine this morning. At it's longest setting (with inner end properly supported in the draw bar "pocket"), it's just over 14" from the end of pto shaft to the center of the outermost hole in the drawbar. So, mine would work from an L3400. Odd that a larger tractor wouldn't have at least...
  8. Chilly807

    Trying to find L3400 serial number, it's like it doesn't exist.

    Ok I finally found it on mine, it's on the right side of the transmission case under the front edge of the seat. Stamped into a vertical flat machined surface, next to a horizontal control shaft that goes into the right side of the case. Sorry about the picture quality, it's an awful spot to get...
  9. Chilly807

    Yet another blizzard on the East coast

    Enough with the snow already, it's supposed to be spring! We've had gale force winds, over 60 mph tonight, and heavy snow all day. Looks like another cleanup day tomorrow. Sean
  10. Chilly807

    Kubota L3901

    I dropped in to my Kubota dealer today (they were closed, which makes it a perfect day to walk around and look). I noticed a new model tractor, the L3901. From what I found on Kubota Canada website, it's the replacement for the L3800. Roughly the same horsepower, the frame looks identical. The...
  11. Chilly807

    Adding a foot stand to an angle blade.

    Ok, finally got some pics of the stand. I didn't have the exact right size square tube to use for the outer sleeve, so I welded a cap where it needed to be between the two side supports. Sean
  12. Chilly807

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Bucket load ready to go inside. Load of poplar from a few years ago. Not my favourite wood but it was available. Sean
  13. Chilly807

    Building an L3400 hydraulic filter shield

    I've often thought the hydraulic filter was in a bad place for accidental damage under the right floorboard. I recently switched to the larger filter from the Grand L series and it's even more of a target for rocks and sticks. A bit of leftover steel and some welder and grinding time and it has...
  14. Chilly807

    Northeast blizzard.. visit #2

    Yep, -10 C here and windy. Lots of snow and more coming. Tomorrow morning should be interesting. Sean
  15. Chilly807

    Northeast blizzard.. visit #2

    Looks like we're in for another one, over a foot of snow and high winds forecast for tonight through Wednesday. For those of us lucky enough to have machinery to move it, what does this mean? Seat time! :thumbsup: Sean
  16. Chilly807

    L3800 and FX90 winch

    It's probably more winch than the tractor was designed for, what's the horsepower requirements for the winch? It'll probably work fine as far as the pulling part is concerned, just don't expect to pull the full 9000 pounds the winch is rated for if you need more than 30 odd HP at the PTO. I...
  17. Chilly807

    What does your tractor start like in cold weather?

    And the sticker from mine, non-turbo, non-egr 3 cylinder '09 model year.. interesting that the timing is the same as member's 4240. Sean
  18. Chilly807

    What does your tractor start like in cold weather?

    First of all, I know the term "cold" is relative. There's cool, cold and downright chilly!! There's been some discussion in other threads about the starting characteristics of some of the Kubota indirect injection engines, so I decided I'd start this thread so we can all see what people are...
  19. Chilly807

    Snow L3400 HST starts but won't run in cold weather

    There might be some miscommunication here.. if it's running out of fuel at any speed over an idle, it should miss and sputter a bit before it dies, not just abruptly quit. When northeastern said he "revved the engine", did he mean he depressed the HST pedal, or moved the throttle lever to a...
  20. Chilly807

    Back blade with angle hydraulics

    I think what he's saying is that he has no need for the tilt option and doesn't want to pay extra for it.. I'd like to have the offset capability, for my use. I'd agree with ovrszd, my Land Pride blade got bent up pretty easily. I've reinforced it, and it's held up well ever since. The problem...
  21. Chilly807

    New Aquiline Talon tire chains!

    I'm with Gordon on this one.. I also have the Tellefsdal (pronounced tell- effs- doll or dahl since you asked :)) chains, they were marketed under the name Super Tractor and sold by Norse, but made by Tellefsdal . I have the cast steel couplers with the drive pin to link the ends of the center...
  22. Chilly807

    Anyone priced a Model 94 Winchester lately?

    What's with the prices on these?? I have an old one, was curious what they were selling for today, and found them listed at over $1100! Seems like a hellish price to me, I remember thinking they were expensive at $399.. then again, I AM older than dirt! Sean
  23. Chilly807

    Tikka T3 Lite in .308

    I'm considering this gun in .308 Win, curious as to your thoughts, experiences with the Tikka. Sean
  24. Chilly807

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating how many are ready for snow in the northeast..........

    Nice day to be inside! Might be tomorrow morning before I start clearing, quality seat time :) Sean
  25. Chilly807

    Disc harrow advice

    If it's any help, this is what I have. There's no rigid frame as far as the disc gangs are concerned, except for the center "spine". Originally it was an articulated two piece drag disc, as shown in the first pic. The second disc simply towed behind the first one. It was an old Massey Harris...
  26. Chilly807

    ATV Log Arch/Skidder

    Here's mine... the fenders/deflectors got added after one too many times coming to an abrupt stop going around a corner and hooking a standing tree. Mine's hauled quite a bit of wood, everything from fence posts to larger trees. You can unhook from the ATV, back the arch over the tree lying on...
  27. Chilly807

    Dirt Moving Setting up a moldboard plow on B7510HSD, can't plow

    Sometimes the mouldboard is fairly short, and the sod doesn't get pushed far enough to fall the right way. Once the ground has been broken up and there's no thickness to the sod, it'll work much better. My 2-bottom MF plow has "tails" bolted to the ends of the mouldboards to help flip the sod...
  28. Chilly807

    Best tire chain style for snow?

    I've got studded ice chains, pretty much the same as the Aquiline Talons. Great working chain, but as the guys mentioned not good for hard surfaces. Not that the chain won't work on them, but they chew it up. Mine are Norse Super Tractor, made in Norway I think.. by a company named Tellefsdal...
  29. Chilly807

    L3200/3800 ROPS light switch location

    The connections under the fenders run to the fuse block, on the L3400 I have there is a 10A fuse that's labelled "work light". I broke into the wire that runs to that fuse and put a weatherproof switch to the left of the steering column for my work light. Easy to do since the wire runs past that...
  30. Chilly807

    Disc harrow conversion

    Today was harrow-the-garden day! It's been so wet that it was my first chance to get in the garden and do some final prep for planting. It's a late start, but there's no help for it. First impressions are really good, much better results than last year with a single row of discs. The added...
  31. Chilly807

    Building an FEL quick attach for an L3400 Kubota

    A little more progress in the past week. I have other irons in the fire at the moment, so this is turning into a long term project. I used a 1/16" shim between the loader side plates and the bucket part of the adapter, to give me enough clearance for everything to move freely. One of the...
  32. Chilly807

    How Do You Fill Your Diesel Tank

    I use a home-made siphon setup with an outboard primer bulb to get it started. Sit the can on the hood on a blanket, squeeze the bulb a few times, open a valve and wait for it to empty the can. Takes about 3 minutes for 5 gallons. Sean
  33. Chilly807

    Building an FEL quick attach for an L3400 Kubota

    I have longer pins, they will extend all the way through so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to try to put grease fittings in the lower pins, the rear set will be the stock Kubota pins so it's no problem to grease them. The material I used to make the pins seems to be pretty tough, it'll be...
  34. Chilly807

    Building an FEL quick attach for an L3400 Kubota

    It's starting to take shape now, I got the front half of the right side welded together with minimal distortion. Well, it still fits anyway.. actually the pins slip in with very little effort, so I must have got something right. I found a mistake, but I think I can work around it. The front...
  35. Chilly807

    Building an FEL quick attach for an L3400 Kubota

    Another morning of iron work :) I finished welding one set of rear side plates, there is some distortion, but so far it's manageable with a bit of pipe wrench and vise correction.. keeping all 4 plates tacked together seems to help quite a bit The front set of plates is going together now, I...
  36. Chilly807

    Building an FEL quick attach for an L3400 Kubota

    The sun came out, and so did the hole saw and welder. I cut two relief areas out of the front halves of the adapter plates, one for the cross-bar to pass through, and the second larger one for the raised boss on the sides of the loader arms to have clearance. I had forgotten it was there at all...
  37. Chilly807

    Building an FEL quick attach for an L3400 Kubota

    I got a bit more work done on the bits and pieces over the past couple of days. It's taking me longer than expected, but I'm taking my time and trying to think it through before I leap into cutting and welding. I got really lucky today, one of the dimensions I hadn't given much thought to turned...
  38. Chilly807

    Building an FEL quick attach for an L3400 Kubota

    After about 4 years of owning the L3400, I've finally decided I need to be able to easily swap implements on the loader. A little bit of background before I get into the actual build details.. This spring I approached my dealer to see about getting the SSQA adapter for my loader (LA463). It...
  39. Chilly807

    Homemade quick attach

    I see what you're saying, that way you keep the amount of curl and dump pretty much the same, as well as the bucket height in relation to the holes in the end of the loader arms. So, it would look like this if everything were level and flat. Sean
  40. Chilly807

    Homemade quick attach

    I might have been a bit foggy when I asked that question, reading back over it really isn't clear what I'm asking. On the bucket side of the adapter, the holes for the pins look to be raised about an inch or a little more in relation to the holes in the loader side of the adapter, at least they...
  41. Chilly807

    Disc harrow conversion

    An afternoon event, one that pretty much ended the day's activities other than sitting in the emergency waiting room at the local hospital. A few stitches later and a week for things to heal up enough to get back to work.. let's just say zip-cut wheels on an angle grinder don't differentiate...
  42. Chilly807

    Disc harrow conversion

    Okay, after a month of re-design, cutting, and welding including a two-week diversion which I'll explain later, the harrows are finished.. again! The pics with yellow lines show where I cut the frames, axles and other parts (including myself!), the ones with green arrows show which parts were...
  43. Chilly807

    Pics of L4600 with rear hydraulics ?

    The first pic is of the junction block under the right side floorboard of my L3400. I don't know if your L4600 is the same or not. The upper left connection is the hose coming from the power beyond port (with adapter if required) of the new remote valve which now goes to the 3-point valve as...
  44. Chilly807

    Oil & Fuel Changed Transmissions oil problem

    Yeah, there's a vertical one on the left side of the driveshaft tube that faces down (or up depending on how you look at it), there's a horizontal one that faces the front of the tractor immediately under where the driveshaft tube comes out of the rear end. And there's two smaller ones on the...
  45. Chilly807

    Old Ferguson Plow ID

    It looks a lot like the MF-62 plow I have, which is a 12-2. I have a Ferguson plow manual that I found online which explains set-up pretty well. Aside from not having trip beams and spare parts being like hen's teeth, these are very good plows. The coulters do a better job if your sod is thick...
  46. Chilly807

    Disc harrow conversion

    Some good ideas there guys. My rotary cutter has the folding link, I never really thought about it much for a disc but it wouldn't be hard to make one. There'll be another addition to the thread when I start to narrow the gangs this spring. Should be interesting, I don't think the nuts have been...
  47. Chilly807

    Fuel can is hard to handle!!!

    I built this with some copper tube, an outboard priming bulb, and a ball valve. Close the valve, squeeze the bulb until fuel flows into the tank then open the valve and wait three minutes til the can is empty. Works like a charm. Sean
  48. Chilly807

    What size plow

    I pull a 2-12 MF plow with an L3400 in medium clay soil, so I don't see any problems with an MX5100 pulling a small 3 bottom or a large two bottom plow. If it were me, I'd be looking for a 3-14 or something like that. Coulters are a good idea for new ground, they cut the sod cleanly and allow...
  49. Chilly807

    Folding Rops - Opps

    Yeah.. I'm up to three times at last count. The last time I even ducked under the hanging sign before the ROPS wedged itself under the door frame. All I can say is auto-pilot.. luckily my door frame is low enough (7 feet) that the ROPS can't get to the actual roll-up door or it would get...
  50. Chilly807

    Seasoning a cast iron skillet....Tips please

    We have three cast iron fry pans, two are Wagner 1891 (one of the last pans Wagner made), and the third is a Lodge. We've had pretty much the same results everyone else has, the Lodge has been a very poor second to the Wagner's. The Wagner has almost a mirror finish compared to the pebble finish...