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  1. PHPaul

    S650G serial number lookup?

    Just acquired a S650G as part of a barter deal. Not running, wiring harness is a disaster, missing the distributor. Engine is loose and tractor is otherwise in decent condition, so I'm going to try to get it running. Couple of questions: 1. Is there a serial number list that I can cross to...
  2. PHPaul

    Maine Parting out 1956 JD 420C Crawler

    Good engine, sheet metal, gas tank, radiator which I think are also compatible with 420/430 wheel tractors. Many crawler-specific parts. Email me at pfoxyATyahooDOTcom for a list with prices and/or pictures. Offers considered on any purchase. Delivery possible within a 300 mile radius of...
  3. PHPaul

    I'm probably gonna regret this, but I bought a 420C

    Elderly friend of mine has a 420C that needs some transmission work and offered it to me at a VERY attractive price. I'm familiar with working on older tractors in general but never a crawler. According to him, it needs a bearing but other than that is ready to work. I have no reason to...
  4. PHPaul

    3 point hitch string trimmer, Mark II

    I posted a topic on the original version here. The right angle drive I used was VERY used when I got it and didn't like being run upside down, probably due to lube issues. In any event, it failed catastrophically. I decided to resurrect the project this Spring and got a 30 hp-rated brush hog...
  5. PHPaul

    REMAN Yanmar engine for JD 455

    Looking for a source for a 3/4 remanufactured Yanmar 3tna72uj3 engine for a JD 455. May also be known as a "long block". What I'd like to do is just drop the new engine in and swap manifolds/starter/water pump etc. off the old engine.
  6. PHPaul

    Does anybody make a 25 HP compact with cab and gear transmission?

    I'm rapidly getting fed up with problems related to HST transmissions and thinking about trading. A factory cab is a must, a gear shift transmission is a must, a non-DPF/Regen engine is highly desirable. Pretty brand flexible as long as there's dealer support and it isn't a Chinese orphan.
  7. PHPaul

    TIG Torch Question

    I'm gathering components to try my hand at TIG welding aluminum. I've been TIGing mild and stainless steel for a while so I'm not a complete newbie, but... So I ordered the appropriate 1/8 diameter 2% ceriated tungstens and collets, along with some Al TIG rod and new stainless steel wire...
  8. PHPaul

    Santa has spies in my shop!

  9. PHPaul

    Home built 2x72 belt grinder

    I realize this forum is intended primarily for tractor-related implements and attachments. However, many/most of the projects here are built from steel and steel fabrication requires grinding so there IS a connection. :D I had to buy a piece of 25mm shaft (McMaster-Carr), four 3x3.25 load...
  10. PHPaul

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Getting Ready

    I've been planning to do this for a couple of years now. Between a gravel drive and town/state salted roads, I was getting quite a bit of surface rust on my Pronovost Puma 64 blower. I was hoping to take the impeller off but not really counting on it as they're usually corroded in place to the...
  11. PHPaul

    Branson 6530 - Won't move

    Neighbor has a 6530. Ran it low enough on transmission/hydraulic fluid that it shut down. Topped off the fluid and waited a couple hours for the level to settle and the air to work out, fired it up and the loader, 3 point hitch and PTO all work, but it won't move. Acts like the clutch is...
  12. PHPaul

    Dump Trailer - Scissors Hoist - Plans?

    I have a dump trailer that I built using what I had laying around. It's okay, but it won't lift much because the cylinder is too small, it's direct lift and the geometry is less than optimal. I want to build my own scissors hoist and go with a shorter stroke but much larger diameter cylinder...
  13. PHPaul

    Tire size conversion

    I did a short search and didn't see an applicable thread, so sorry if this has been asked a million times before... It's time to shell out for a couple of new tires for my ancient Pasquali tractor. Old tires are marked as 6.50-16. They're R1/Ag tires. I can find 6x16 or 7x16 fairly...
  14. PHPaul

    Goldberg's the name...Rube Goldberg...

    I've been wanting a way to trim ditches and under trees. Sicklebar and disc mowers are just stupid expensive and it doesn't make any sense to spend four or five grand on something you'll use for 2 hours twice a year, if that. They sell a commercial version of a 3 point hitch mounted string...
  15. PHPaul

    If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was getting old...

    Seems like this picture was taken just a couple of months ago. The little guy on the tractor is my grandson and he just bought his first house and a new tractor to go with it. JD 3025E with a loader. Where the heck did the time go? Great-grandsons on Dad's new toy.
  16. PHPaul

    LIght Guard

    I've lost a couple of lenses on the upper flashers on my Kubota B2650HDSC. Mowing under trees and such they get rubbed on a lot. Blowing snow after the recent storm, a lot of the trees next to the drive had branches weighed down with snow and I finally broke one plumb off. Ordered a new one...
  17. PHPaul

    Quick and dirty mod to my Pronovost snowblower

    I have one driveway I keep cleared out that has that nasty crushed stone on it. I tried to keep the blower up high enough with the 3 point hitch to stay out of the stone but my success rate was...ummmmm...variable. The owners were a tad miffed with the amount of stone they had to rake out of...
  18. PHPaul

    Loaded Tires and Tire Pressure

    The dealer I bought my B2650 from loaded the rear tires as part of the deal. It's been sitting a while (mowing season over, blowing season hasn't begun yet...:laughing:) and when I used it today it felt like it was wallowing pretty badly. It improved some after the tires warmed up and "got...
  19. PHPaul

    Sawyer Rob - About that Fork/Grapple combination

    That looks like something that would be just the ticket for my needs. Is that a commercial unit, or did you build it? Do you have some detail pictures of how the grapple is mounted, hinged and powered? Thanks.
  20. PHPaul

    Diesel Injection guys, a moment of your time?

    I'm working a John Deere 455 with the Yanmar diesel. The poor thing has been abused and is worn very badly, but still runs if you can get it started (low compression I'm sure.) I've been nursing this thing along for a guy for years. Latest problem is that somehow or another, it got the fuel...
  21. PHPaul

    Price Check Landpride FDR2572 Finish Mower

    Did a search, didn't see any threads less than 4 years old. Anybody bought a Landpride FDR2572 or something close to it lately? I'm considering it, but need to know what to expect price-wise. Thanks.
  22. PHPaul

    Dealer Kudos

    Is there a sub-forum or other place appropriate to post Kudos for a particular dealer?
  23. PHPaul

    SSQA Manure Fork/Bucket

    Toying with the idea of getting a bucket with manure tines on it for handling/turning compost. It would be used on the LA534 loader on my B2650 Something like the Woods MF6000 (60") looks ideal but NOBODY posts prices on this stuff and I'm just ornery enough that I won't jump through the...
  24. PHPaul


    Just ordered a full set of new teef for my ancient Howard HR-6 rotavator. Still, it was considerable cheaper than SWMBO's new teef! :eek::laughing:
  25. PHPaul

    Welding Chrome Plated Metal?

    I want to cut a section out of a motorcycle fender and then weld it back together at about 2/3rds the original length. The underside is no problem, but the "top" is chrome plated. I don't especially care if the chrome gets discolored from the heat as it will be painted anyway. Questions: 1...
  26. PHPaul

    Kubota Treadle Hydro Pedal

    I love everything about my new Kubota except for one thing: The treadle-type pedal for the hydro. I MUCH prefer the two pedal approach: One for forward, one for reverse. Using the toe-lift method on the front half is very uncomfortable for anything other than brief spells. Using the heel is...
  27. PHPaul

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Oh my...

    Getting our first actual snow of the year today. 5-ish inches on the ground, posta snow until the wee hours. It's very fine snow as it's in the teens temperature-wise, took a long time to build up to anything. The Cabota is plugged into a wireless switched outlet. I hit the remote while...
  28. PHPaul

    Rear Work Lights on B2650/Cab

    When I ordered my 2650, I didn't think about blowing snow at oh-dark-thirty so didn't have them add the rear worklights. Based on how bright the front incandescents are (or rather, aren't...), that probably wasn't a bad thing. I did order the factory switch to put in the cutout on the dash...
  29. PHPaul

    Salvage Tractor Opinions

    1995 John Deere 455. Not running. Plastic all stove to pieces. Been used and abused and sits outside with no cover. Owner wants it fixed but I'm not getting tangled up in THAT briar patch. I know the guy, I'd never see the money for my labor and I wouldn't even consider buying the parts out...
  30. PHPaul

    Build it yourself? How about "Machine it yourself"?

    I posted in another forum about the Jari sicklebar mower I bought. The keyway on the main driveshaft is all hogged out and the drive pulley won't stay on. Not a huge technical challenge for a machinist to weld up the keyway and cut a new one. Problem is, I don't have a mill to do it myself...
  31. PHPaul

    Hydraulic Motor Questions

    I'm toying with the idea of building a lawn-tractor mounted string trimmer. One thing I'm considering is powering it hydraulically. The trimmer head I'd use came off a DR-type trimmer that had a 6hp gas engine on it. What size motor (in either cubic inches or GPM, whichever is more...
  32. PHPaul

    Mowing Ditch Banks

    I have a small drainage ditch that cuts right through my front lawn. It's a county/state drain and moving/modifying it is not an option. It's about 6-8 feet wide at the top and perhaps 3 feet deep. It looks like crap because it's full of weeds, cattails, multiflora rose and baby alders. At...
  33. PHPaul

    Tub type chicken plucker build

    I did a search and most of the posts on this topic are 4+ years old, so I thought I'd start a new one. Wife and I put about 60 chickens a year in our freezer, but we're not getting any younger and the thought of standing out in the August heat and hand-plucking 5 dozen birds is just more than...
  34. PHPaul

    OEM Filters

    Don't see a poll feature here, but curious: How many folks insist on using OEM filters (oil, fuel, air, hydraulic, trans) on their tractors? Not limited to a specific brand, but if you have a JD do you buy JD filters at the dealer, or if a Kubota at the Kubota dealer, etc. I'm gonna let...
  35. PHPaul

    Simple but handy

    The sway bars for the lower arms on the 3 point hitch on my B2650 use a pin with a hairpin clip on the bottom for the adjustment. The hairpin is tough to see and hard to handle with my arthritic old hands so I put a keychain ring on them to make them easier to get hold of. I was a little...
  36. PHPaul

    Concentric/Haldex Splitter Pump

    I do a fair bit of small engine/yard & garden equipment repair. Feller dropped off an MTD log splitter. It has a Haldex 718-04127 two stage pump direct-coupled to the bottom of a vertical shaft Briggs and Scrapiron engine. There's oil dripping off the engine side of the pump mount. It's...
  37. PHPaul

    Tool Box for B2650/cab

    The little tool tray behind the seat A) isn't big enough, and B) does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling storing tools and pins and such next to all that glass. So: I mounted a mini-ammo can to the loader mount. There were three drilled and tapped holes in the loader mount that aren't being...
  38. PHPaul

    Grille Guard

    The "grille guard" that came with the loader on my new B2650 is a joke. It might help if something fell straight down off the loader, but not much, and any sticks/twigs/brush would go through it at will. I learned my lesson on that with my old JD, and it's an expensive lesson to learn. So I...
  39. PHPaul


    :D Lost a ewe this winter and things are thawed enough to bury her. Seeing as the old Woods hoe won't fit on my new Cabota, I had to borrow a buddy's Cat 416. In exchange, I get to figger out why the Cat ain't charging...
  40. PHPaul

    First Impressions of new Kubota B2650 with Cab.

    Picked it up at the dealer yesterday after waiting nearly 4 weeks for them to get one in. They couldn't arrange delivery until mid-to-late next week, but I was all done waiting, thank you, so I drove up and picked it up. Got some seat time today and discovered a few things: 1. My Woods 650...
  41. PHPaul

    B2650 Winter starting aid?

    I've got an email in to the dealer so I'll find out eventually, but thought someone here might have one and could tell me: What does the Kubota B2650 have for a winter starting aid? Glow plugs or something similar? Factory block heater? If not, has anybody installed a block heater on a 2650?
  42. PHPaul


    Had reason to be in The Big City today on other business and decided to stop by the Kubota dealer. He quoted me $27,200 on a B2650 with a cab and a loader. Less $300 rebate on the loader and either $500 on the tractor or 0/60 financing. Got me doing some SERIOUS head scratching...
  43. PHPaul

    CUT's and Cabs

    What is the smallest Kubota model that you can get a factory cab on? I've been to the Kubota website and done the "build one" thing, but cabs don't seem to be an option until you get into the 50+ horsepower class, which is just about twice as much tractor as I'd be looking for. Just...
  44. PHPaul

    Nothing Lasts Like a Deere

    20-odd years ago, when my grandson was just a little shaver, I bought him a Tuff Trax tricycle in John Deere colors. He practically rode the wheels off that thing, and his little brother put many a mile on it after that. When they outgrew it, it wound up in one of my sheds, forgotten and...
  45. PHPaul

    It finally happened.

    Besides my own and my daughter's, I have one driveway I do for "pay". I'm not looking for others. We've gotten so darn much snow that the plow guys are running out of places to put it. The parking lot at the Post Office across the street gets a little smaller every storm and the postmistress...
  46. PHPaul

    Burying water pipe

    I need to replace the water line from the house to the barn. I did the original with a chain trencher and got it down 16" or so. I drain it in the fall and lug water with buckets all winter. Hooked it up this spring and I have a blockage of some sort, either collapsed pipe or ice, not sure...
  47. PHPaul

    Another approach to power chute rotation for snowblowers

    I started with an old 12V boat winch I scrounged out of a dumpster. The original design used a wire rope drive with several wraps around the winch drum and connected to the chute in the same manner as the original manual crank. In practice, it didn't work all that well as I couldn't figure a...
  48. PHPaul

    Snow Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    Little of both here. The rear blower IS a bit of a pain in the neck (arrrrrr, humor...) but the price/complexity of a front mount is way out of my reach, so I deal with it. Between drifting and the loving attention of the town plow, I have to knock back the banks at the head of my driveway 2-3...
  49. PHPaul

    Posthole Digger Weight position on PHD

    A better idea is hydraulic power down on the PHD. More controllable, less work, not terribly difficult to fabricate.
  50. PHPaul

    Snowblower 3pt snowblower

    +1 on the Pronovost. I have a Puma 64 that I bought used. It's a beast and the folks at Pronovost were very helpful when I was looking for an owner's manual and parts list. I don't use my plow much at all any more, unless we have a real booger of a winter and I need to push the banks back a...