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    Any of you guys had to replace a hood hinge on a DK?

    My DK4710se is in the shop getting a new set of bushings for the hinge where it attaches at the back of the dash. This is the third for my tractor. This seems like a low stress part to keep having trouble with. Anyone else had any trouble.

    Need a new seat

    The suspension section broke while I was doing some bushogging. I need to get a replacement. What is considered the best for the money. The factory seat was almost $1500. I am sure I can do better.

    Filter supplier

    This looks interesting. Has anybody tried them. It looks like quite a deal.

    Supply is getting better

    I drove by my local JD dealer and he has a lot full of new tractors. I drove my Kioti to the dealer for some service and his lot was full as well. He had a stack of tractors out back that were ready to assemble and zero turns are far as the eye could see.

    Chasing down a vibration in Woods brush mower

    My 3 year old Brushbull has picked up a good bit of vibration as the RPMs go up. I have checked the PTO shaft and blades and they seem OK. I found that one of the bolts holding down the gearbox was not tight, but I took care of that. I suspected that Maybe I bent an output shaft. I have run...

    Vibration in Woods rotary mower

    I am noticing some vibration that I can feel in the steering wheel. It seems to come and go or at least is more intense at different RPMs. I have checked the blades, but seem to look OK. The stump jumper has a couple small dents, but nothing major. I am beginning to think that maybe I have a...

    Gas cap????

    Lost my gas cap the other day. I guess it twisted off while dealing with some brush. The local dealer did not have one so I grabbed a universal one at the auto parts store. It had to go to the dealer for another issue the next day. They claimed it is slow to start now and is showing a code...

    All the luck

    The hood on my 4710 failed to shut after a radiator cleaning. Looks like two broken bushing mounts and a bent hydraulic support cylinder. The good news is my warranty ended the middle of June.

    Looking for a welder

    Have been using a 220 volt 170 amp cheap Mig welder without much success. I am looking to upgrade. I can't really justify the price of a Miller even though I know they are very well respected. Is there anything in the sub $700 range that will work for farm equipment.

    Top Link ?

    Thinking about hydraulic top link. I am getting mixed answers. Do I need a check valve? I see them sold both ways. What is the quick coupler I need on the hoses. I think it is a 1/2 inch pioneer male. It is going on a Kioti 4710SE.

    E-bay Hydraulic top link

    Anybody tried the top link sold on E-bay? Seems to be only one guy selling almost all of them . Looks like I can get it shipped with 2 hoses but no quick attach couplers for $210. It seems like a good price.

    Need a new generator

    I keep a generator in the truck to power tools and to run an air compressor. Time for a new one. I need one that will handle a 12 amp compressor and i would like for it to be manageable if possible. My old one was too big so it took up a ton of room and was a bear to move or unload. What do you...

    Rotary Cutter Brushbull or Bushog Squealer

    I have found two almost new bushogs for sale.One is a Woods Brushbull that is about one year old,the other is a Bushog Squealer that is maybe 3 years old but looks new. I like both and the cost and location are about even. Which one do I want and why?

    Cutting edge

    I bent my loader a bit and am going to have to work on it a little. I have a few questions. How best to straighten the bottom of my loader. It is bent in a bit of a frown. I suspect it is not quit 1.5 inches. I have a tooth bar that protects against this but I need to take it off from time to...

    Water in fuel indicator light

    Came on yesterday. I drained the filter. Is that all I need to do? The filter only has about 40 hours on it.

    first time putting tiller on new tractor

    I bought a Kioti 4710 last year and did not use the tiller behind it until the other day. I got it on but it was by no means quick and I suspect removing it will be difficult also. I am using a HF quick hitch and have managed to make it work with everything else. The tiller is a 5 foot King...

    Deck belt problem

    Not a tractor but here it goes. Replacing the belt on my zero turn. The pulleys are all free spinning and the belt is the correct length but it does not seem to fit properly. The belt seems an inch or two too short. The idler pulley does not return to the same position as it did with the old...

    Releasing pressure when hooking up loader.

    Sometimes I have zero problems, other times it is almost impossible to hook up. I know how to release the female side but the only way I know for the male end is to unscrew the cylinder coupler and let out a bit of fluid. There has to be an easier way.

    Filter cross reference

    I just had my first service on my DK4710SE and it was over $500. The hydro filter alone was $136. I guess I will do the next one myself. Anyone have cross reference #s??.

    Using air tank to blow out radiator

    I am having all kinds of problems keeping my radiator clear. Been using a leaf blower but it is not getting it all out. It would be nice to have compressed air. I could load up my generator and compressor but that is a pain. Will a full 11 gallon tank hold enough air to be useful?

    12 volt outlet

    Anyone put an outlet on their tractor. I have a DK4710 and am unsure the best location.

    Anyone have idea for front bumper when running a brush cutter.

    I used to always mow with my FEL on. It took the punishment and did it without issue. My new tractor is larger so it is harder to haul and mow with the loader on. I have a grill guard but it is not enough. I am thinking of a drop down bumper that protects the battery box,steering rods and the...

    Trailer capacity

    I thought I understood this but I recently have gotten some different views. My truck has plenty of romm but my trailer is close when loaded. Do you subtract tongue weight from the total load as it is being carried by the to vehicle. EXample- 7000lb GVWR 2000 lb trailer +5500lb load =7500...

    Looking at DK4210

    Drove it today. Very nice. Salesman is pushing me toward the 4710 because of cheap HP(less than $1000). I just need to be able to pull a 6 but bushog without bogging. It has over 29 pto HP. Anyone have one? What do I need. I would like to know the weight of one with R$ tires if you know.

    Looking at upgrading

    My Bobcat tractor has been giving me some tough love so I am considering a replacement. Here is what I have looked at LS XG3135 $17900 LS xg3140 $18,900 TYM t394hst $19,500 TYM354hst $20,999 Kubota3301hst $20,490 NH...

    Bobcat back in the shop

    I have my 225 back in the shop for a front end rebuild. I just got it out after having a new seal in the front hub replaced. this will run about $3500. My other repairs have been 2 new front hubs $1300 each repair 3 hydraulic leaks $2300. rebuild motor $3000 trace down broken wire that kept it...

    Hydro fluid markings

    I have a leak in my hydro system on my CT225. I need to top it off from time to time. Does anyone know the amount needed when it reaches the low mark? It is more than a quart.

    Looking for a winch for my tractor

    Not sure what I need or how to mount. I guess It would need to be portable so I can pull in both directions. I am looking to avoid that once a year wrecker call that usually takes a couple hours and cost about $150.

    Inner fenders coming loose.

    My 20 car hauler needs a bit of work. The inner fenders have come loose. They are just spot welded to the side of the trailer and the inside of the fender. I tried to weld it back,but had to use caution to not burn through the thin sheet metal.It did not hold. I am a poor welder and I know it...

    May have got water in my fuel

    I left the cap off the end of my can when I filled it up. It has rained over 2 inches this past weekend. Do you think enough got down a 5/8 tube into 5 gallons of fuel to worry about?


    What is the size of the grease zerks on the bottom of a Bobcat CT ?

    LS Tractors(kinda quiet)

    I saw something post about every week for quite a long time but I don't remember the last time i saw anything on the brand. I thought they were going on a push to add new dealers. KY has the same ones and no more. Have Yanmar and TYM sucked up all the oxygen or is something else going on?

    Hydro Hose replacement

    I seem to pop a hose every year or two and have always gotten a new one from the local tractor dealer. They were out of fittings the other day so I went up the road to NAPA and gave them a try. $57 dollars later I had a new hose for exactly twice what I had paid at the dealer last time. Where do...

    CK27 power

    I was looking at the Kioti site and the CK27 shows 28 HP and 20.5 pto. I thought we had the same engine. I actually thought it was the same tractor. Whats up?

    Rotary mower repair

    The gearbox became a bit loose and it cracked the plate slightly around one of the holes on the mounting plate. I need to repair. 1-Take off gearbox and cut out the plate and replace. 2-take off gearbox and mount a 1/4" plate on top 3-weld a plate over the cracked area What would you guys do?

    Alternative to Bobcat orange

    Need a rattle can for some touch ups. Dealer wants $12+ a can. Are there any alternatives.

    repainting wheels

    My wheels are starting to look faded. What is the best, economical way to repaint?

    Sub tier 4 tractor pto power

    Will any of these tractors run a 5 foot rotary mower. I know they are detuned engines for the most part. I suspect the hp figures might not be totally accurate.

    Why is Massy Ferguson not a bigger deal?

    I see less and less in my country. Years ago, they were #2 behind ford in my area. I never hear any complaints from owners. They look to be well built. Am I missing something?

    How long will this forum topic remain?

    All of us Bobcat tractor owners realize that our tractors are orphans. I very much like the forum and check the Bobcat threads every day or so. I always see several others viewing as well. I also see that we are one of the few that have their own category, but are no longer supported by the...

    Good deal on tires

    I just had to replace two tires on my trailer. They were 205-75-r15 and all my usual local dealers were wanting about $85-90 each. I did a little looking and Wal-Mart came out the cheapest by far. They are China tires but they were only $44 each +tax. This was shipped to me and if I took the...

    Examining used hydro fluid

    When you change your oil, you can tell a difference between the used oil and new oil. I don,t really see the difference when changing hydo fluid. It is the same viscosity,color and looks nearly the same. Is it the same for you guys?

    Will Yanmar make it work this time?

    Yanmar has a good name and the work they have done for John Deere should help. They have been around as a supplier but have never made much of an impact. I thought they might succeed when they partnered with Cub Cadet but it failed. Bad timing I suspect. Do you think they can make a go of it...

    Round UP Fears

    I am hearing more and more about the dangers of the chemical agent in Round-Up. I use it quite a bit both at work and home. Any thoughts?

    Grease Zerks

    I have several that won't take grease. Planning to replace. Anyone know the size?

    Square back Bushog?????

    Got a lead on a used mower. It is a Bushog brand 5 foot mower. It looks a bit like the Rebel series but is built a bit heavier. It has been stored indoors and not used much even though it is at least 25 years old. I have never used a square back. What is the general opinion on them

    installing the loader

    I leave my loader on. I took it off for a repair and struggled to get it back on. I have no problem with the lower bracket but the way that the top bracket must capture the top pin requires it to come in at a set level. when I used the dump function like I have done with other loaders, it tended...

    engine rebuild complete

    My 225 is back up and running. It seems slightly stronger than before. The total price with labor and parts came in at $3100 with 6 month warranty. Tough lick but could have been worse. We will see how it goes when I put it to work.

    Hydo leak in 225

    As many of you know I am in the middle of an engine rebuild and have the tractor in half. I thought I would see if I could dry up a hydo leak I have had for 2-3 years.It only showed up when the motor was warm and was barely visible after it cooled off. It seems to be close the to output shat...

    turning up the fuel on a ck27

    Anyone done it? How did it turn out?