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  1. Birdman

    Torx socket sizes

    Does anyone know how many sizes there are of the Torx sockets? Seems every time I encounter one of these it is a new size that I don't have and I have to run all over town to track it down. Came across E-Torx bolts for the first time the other day. I would just like to get a good complete set of...
  2. Birdman

    Stuck clutch Ford Jubilee

    Anyone have any tips or techniques for getting the clutch free on my Ford Jubilee? I sort of just abandoned this tractor when I got the new JD. I left it outside one summer and then moved it into the barn. That was 3 years ago. I started thinking recently how useful it would be to have it...
  3. Birdman

    Hot PTO shaft

    Is it normal for the PTO shaft to be hot on a round baler after use? I used my new to me Claas 45 round baler the other day and when I went to disconnect the shaft it was too hot to hold on to for more than a few seconds. I had to go to the house and get some gloves. I went over the baler before...
  4. Birdman

    How old is this mower conditioner

    Anyone know how or where to look to find the age of a NH model 488 ser. #893939? thanks
  5. Birdman

    Time for a round baler... need opinions

    I have an 8 acre hay field and can get another 3 acre field if I want it. I went to the local NH dealer (5 miles) to look at used balers but then found out NH has some great deals going on until the end of August. I can get a new NH BR740 for $13,000. Then I came across a used Claas, 2001 model...
  6. Birdman

    Lawn Mower won't stay running

    I have a Craftsman 6.25 HP rear bagging pushmower, Tecumseh engine, bought it new in 1999 or 2000, have not used it for the last 2 or 3 years, gas tank was full and Stabil was added when I stopped using it. Three weeks ago I decided to start using it again. About a dozen pushes on the fuel bulb...
  7. Birdman

    Which direction for garden?

    My garden rows go north/south now but could easily be changed to east/west next year. Anyone have any thoughts on what direction is best for the crops? Any pros or cons for which direction, or does it even matter?
  8. Birdman

    Do limbs get higher

    from the ground as the tree grows? I stopped at my brother's the other day and he was cutting grass. Kept struggling to mow under some Pin Oaks he planted a few years ago and the limbs are about 5' above the ground. I asked why he did not cut the low limbs off to make mowing easier. He said they...
  9. Birdman

    using other people's equipment, mixing hyd. oil

    using other people\'s equipment, mixing hyd. oil Hello, A little over a year ago I bought a JD 5420. I have a great neighbor and we use each others stuff sometimes, usually no problem, bush hog, post hole digger, trailer, etc... The other day he asked me if I would/could mow some hay. I...