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    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    I was listening to the radio today. An interesting topic came up. How would the people in Florida evacuate for hurricane in electric vehicles. it wouldn’t take much for the charging stations to be overwhelmed leaving thousands of motorists stranded as the storm approached. The second part of...
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    The Ultimate Way to Moldboard Plow

    This is out of the box thinking put to work.
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    Gen Y or Shocker Goose neck hitches.

    I have a 14GN Big Tex Trailer. It has not been my favorite trailer. But it does what a trailer does. I have worn out the coupler with more then 300K miles on the trailer and I was wondering if anyone has installed a Gen-Y or Shocker hitch on their goose neck. They are kind of pricey at the...
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    WTB 23x8.5-12 R1 Ag Tires

    I will buy the ag tires or trade the turf tires for the ag tires. I am on the north side of Tampa, FL.
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    Hay Rides

    Looking to buy an additional hayride wagon in or near Florida. Also looking for anyone doing this for money that could share where they get their insurance. I have a school fall festival that wants a hay ride and thought that I might pick up a few bucks doing Christmas light rides for a...
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    I need an engine rebuilt on a International Cub, Tampa,FL

    I have my fathers Cub. In a storm the cover got blown off and I was unaware that water was getting into the engine. The engine is locked. Away I was hoping someone might know of a good repair man or shop near Tampa, FL. I am no longer able to do the repair myself. I can haul it anywhere in FL.
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    Florida Want to Buy: Woods mower for a Farmall Cub

    I would like to find a 59 inch Woods mower along with the pulley and the bar that holds the 2 pulleys to run the belt up to the mower. I am located near Tampa Fl. I can travel to pick it up. I will look at a 42 inch one if it is in good condition.
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    Buying Advice Made in the USA tractors

    I was hoping to build this list up from what I know. I know that these are specialty tractors but I like the fact they are more American than others. Tuff-Built Tuff-bilt Oggun Tilmor Tilmor - A Marketplace for Small Growers en-us products...
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    Buying Advice Replace a Wheel Horse 314-8

    I am looking to replace the 314-8 Wheel Horse. It has done me well for a lot of years but age is catching up to it. 2 wheel drive, smaller mower 42", gear or hydro, a frame. I am 6'6" at 300 pounds. I need something that can hold the weight. I do not want one of these POS box store mowers that...