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    425 filter and fluid change…again

    My first time changing filter and fluid on our 425. Damn that filter is a beast to get to and loosen! I parked it where it was slightly leaning down towards the drain plug. Emptied it, removed filter, and put all new back. (I didn’t try and fill the filter seeing how it was such a pain to get in...
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    425 intermittent loss of power

    Our little older 425 sometimes loses pulling power—noticed it happens sometimes when I get a bucket of rock and bring it back up our fairly steep driveway. I’ll get about halfway and it slows down quite a bit, as I’m about to mash the pedal through the floor. I believe once it did come to a near...
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    No float available for B&S Vanguard 6.5

    I have a Briggs &Stratton Vanguard 6.5HP engine that the plastic carb float lost a sliver of material容nough that the needle valve falls through it. I致e talked with Briggs as well as countless others (even used) and always the same answer 登ut of stock and no idea when it would come available...