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    Kioti CK2610 vs Mahindra 1626 vs Kubota L2501

    Hi all, I am currently cross shopping all of these with a loader and backhoe, and I am somewhat at a loss of which direction to go. Kioti - 23K for tractor Loader plus roughly 9K for backhoe - 32K total. Currently in Stock locally. Seems to be the most capable front end loader. Mahindra - 29K...
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    L40 vs l60 Grand L

    How do the L40 series compare to the newer L60 series? I am considering an put of state purchase on a L40, but I have never interacted with one in real life. Locally I have seen/looked at the newer L60s, but I'm having trouble finding what changed. I looked up the lift and weight numbers, and...
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    Looking for options/opinions - 25+ HP and 2K+ lb loader capacity and BH

    Hi all, I had an LS XJ2025H for about 3 years, and I really liked it, but sold it to get something with more loader capacity and a backhoe. I believe the features I am searching for are: Run a 5'+ rotary cutter/tiller Large loader lift capacity. Unloading pallets, full scoops of gravel, etc...
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    Buying Advice Advice for first time tractor buyer

    Hello all, I hope you are doing well. I have come to the conclusion that I need a tractor to do some tasks around my new house, but I am having trouble deciding which direction to go. My main uses will be moving/grading/spreading both dirt and Gravel. I would like to use it to dig a foundation...