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    Would it be possible to convert a lawn mower into a lawn "tractor"

    I don’t believe you will find a cub cadet 1042 has a frame. Nor is the drive train designed to engage in dirt work. I believe your time and effort could be put to much better use. Find an older true garden tractor to do the chores that you are wanting to do. An older cub cadet, John Deere...
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    Charging for Bush Hogging/Clearing Around Retention Ponds

    The first thing that I would question is how close to the water are you required to mow? This will help define the time involved in the mowing. Are you expected to weedwhacker down to the water or just mow as much as you can. I have 100 feet of lake front that looks very good because I can mow...
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    Self powered rotary cutters.

    You can use the offset with a mid mounted mower and widen your cut. or you can pull it directly behind you if you were in very heavy grass and save a re-mowing. You can also use it offset so that you cut grass that has not been run over by the tractor tires. It is not difficult to quickly learn...
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    Chains or caps?

    Have you tried to call the salvage yards for tractors? Might be able to find a decent set of used tires.
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    Pls Recommend Mowing Solution for 10 Acre Rural Residential

    I keep reading these replies and they state that a zero turn can run 10 to 14 mph. And they probably can. But most yards are not golf course greens smooth either. Even if it is that smooth that you could run at that speed would you want to? The concentration that is required to travel at that...
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    Pls Recommend Mowing Solution for 10 Acre Rural Residential

    if your present tractor is in good shape keep it. And buy one of the 5 foot tag behind mowers such as a Swisher. You’ll have less than $4000 invested in it. And will cut your mowing time in half. if you set it upright you could trim pretty well with the tag behind. And for what you can’t get...
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    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    I don’t know if this is true. On the radio today they said that to make enough power with solar panels for California 100% of the state would need to be covered with the panels. So it would be impossible to power the state with green energy alone. California has already shut down all but one...
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    Best Way to Get Hydraulic Fluid into Tractor?

    Careful now, you are showing your age. If you did that today you could not afford the fines from the EPA popo.
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    Best Way to Get Hydraulic Fluid into Tractor?

    I have one of these and it works well...
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    Corn farming question

    once the corn turns brown and starts to die off you leave the ears to dry. If you harvest it while it’s still moist then you have to dry it which is quite expensive. So if the weather is good and the corn is drying you leave it and let the sun take care of it. And then it can be harvested.
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    Load Max Gooseneck Trailers - VIN Plate

    Ask for a copy of the title from the auction. Then contact Load Trail. "Recently, Load Trail combined with sister company (located on the same property), Load Max to offer all trailer lines under one company name. Load Trail started out with few resources, but has grown into a thriving business...
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    New Kubota l2501 tires leaking water

    More then likely there is a marking on the side of the tire for the maximum air pressure. Place the valve steam to the 12 o'clock position and air the tires up to the maximum air pressure as shown. Drive the tractor over some bumpy ground and check for leaks. If you find that it is now sealed...
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    Have trailer prices started to drop in your area?

    I have an Appalachian trailer. It’s a 2005 dump trailer. Crudely built but tough as nails. Good luck with your new trailer.
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    Another Grain Bin Incident

    The need to enter the bin is often the grain will bridge. As the auger empties the bin the operator looks in from the top and will step onto the unknown bridge which then collapses. There is safety gear designed for some one to wear in a bin but often the person is tired, hot, and in a hurry and...
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    1938 Oliver change to 8 volt

    I learn something new everyday.
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    1938 Oliver change to 8 volt

    to the best of my knowledge there’s no such thing as an 8 V battery. As others have suggested the best you could do is just convert it to 12 volt.
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    Shipping container axles adding?

    This happened 6 or 7 miles from my home just last week. There are several mobile home builders that ship on I75. I run a hotshot truck out of Tampa and the MHs on the side of the road is very common.
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    Shipping container axles adding?

    I do not know if this still holds true but at one time the mobile home rims were an odd size that you could not buy a standard tire to fit. And the ones on the MH are poorly made. Stop and think about how many times you see a MH sitting along the highway changing a flat.
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    Shipping container axles adding?

    Do you all buy tags for the farm equipment that is pulled down the road? This is just a covered trailer. Pull it with the tractor and hang a SMV on the back. There is no need for all the drama. An empty 40 foot container weights something like 8500 pounds. So a 20 footer is 5000 pounds or less...
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    Haying with a Mahindra 4110. Enough horsepower?

    I assume you are on limited funds since you said a new tractor is out of bounds. You do not say what part of the country you are located in so I will address this as if you are in the middle of the country. This buying guide will help you. A...
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    Haying with a Mahindra 4110. Enough horsepower?

    What kind of baler do you want? What kind of terrain is the field? What kind of transmission is in your tractor? The tractor that you have can be used as a hay cutter, operate a tedder and a rake. It is not big enough to run a round baler. It could be used to do square bales with an older New...
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    Any pictures/plans of a firewood wagon built on hay wagon running gear?

    if you Google IBC totes for storing firewood you will find many different interesting ideas. with the totes you would be able to make your wagon as a simple flatbed and then stack the totes onto the wagon to haul them. The totes would provide some ventilation for the wood to dry and at the same...
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    Self powered rotary cutters.

    I had a Swisher 60 inch tow behind. I used it behind a Wheelhorse with a 42 inch deck offset to the left side...
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    Right size disk

    if all you’re doing is 3 acres for a food plot I would look for a used 60 inch disk. most people on this website will tell you to find a three point disk but I have always preferred a drag disk. Buy the heaviest of either type that you can find. You can always lay a piece of railroad tie or a...
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    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    when they say a storm is going to hit the southern part of Florida the people in Miami Naples etc. start heading north. It can be three or 400 miles to get away from the storm. The problem is the sheer volume of traffic on the highways. There have been times that they’ve shut the southbound...
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    Dry hay rain

    there’s not much you can do about it now that it’s bailed. Leave it set in the field for a few days and check the moisture again. If it’s dried out you can go ahead and store it. You could also get a thermometer to check the temperature deeper in the bale. And this would give you an idea of what...
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    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    I was listening to the radio today. An interesting topic came up. How would the people in Florida evacuate for hurricane in electric vehicles. it wouldn’t take much for the charging stations to be overwhelmed leaving thousands of motorists stranded as the storm approached. The second part of...
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    Reducing pollution is contributing to global warming?

    This is what the Green side wants in every car because fossil are bad for the environment.
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    Hole in the Wall Buffet's and Restaurants

    This place is in the middle of no where but it is worth the drive. Duck's Dam Diner ; 9685 SE Highway 464C. Ocklawaha, FL 32179 Other good ones. Steph's Southern Soul Restaurant at 14519 5th St in Dade City, FL A strange name but good food, Kafe Kokopelli, 37940 Live Oak Ave, Dade City...
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    land pride 1272 rotary mower need help thanks

    Without any history of your tractor or the machine this is pure guess but I would look underneath the mower and make sure that the blades are turning free. Might even make sure that the blades are sitting sticking out. Look for twine or something like that wrapped around the bolt that holds the...
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    Massey Ferguson 1528 4 wheel drive won't engage

    The 1528 has a very weak design to attach the front axle to the frame. It is only 2 small bolts. If they have become damaged by dropping a front tire into a hole or bumping a tree, the axle will shift enough to break the drive shaft that runs to the front axle. On mine the front plate the axle...
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    Reducing pollution is contributing to global warming?

    Do you have any idea of how devastating the clean air has been to thousands of families that were able to make a living when Pittsburg meant steel? The pollution did not magickly go away it was relocated to China and India. Wheeling Steel had around 14,000 people working and puff the jobs were...
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    Small towable graders?

    The wheeled box blade would be worth looking into. I have seen some with tilt and with enough weight to do some work. 3 point attachments tend to follow the pot holes and bumps and get transferred to the tool attached to the tractor.
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    Valve Stems on my New Tractor

    It all depends on the make and model of the tractor.
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    The Ultimate Way to Moldboard Plow

    This is out of the box thinking put to work.
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    Ironcraft Implements (formerly Titan Imp.)

    Is this the better of the 2 Titans? One was often commented on as poor/average quality while the other one was a better quality.
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    New Tractor, first post. County Line post hole digger with half of trilobe PTO

    Post hole diggers are often not used very much. If the rest of the digger is in good condition you can buy a whole new PTO shaft for less then buying the parts for the old one. Check out You tubes for cutting the new one to the correct length. Then drill away.
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    Newbie to haying

    I put up thousands of square bales with a MF1528 hst with a NH 273 baler. The MF was outstanding at baling as it is very easy to adjust the ground speed to match the density of the windrow. I have a NH TL80A cab and the MF 1528 was the go to tractor for baling. So the OP's tractor would work...
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    New Tree Shear slow closing.

    Did you check the level of the hydraulic fluid level? What diameter of hose did you buy? Double check for a kink or a pinch in the lines. Check with the loader up all the way and all the way down. Do not forget to rock the shear up and down with it up in the air.
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    Newbie to haying

    I was looking at this thread it got me to thinking. If you have a quonset hut, is it large enough to store the hay without baling it? This would allow you to do your own hay with a much smaller investment. The hay sweep would be a good tool to do such a thing. The addition of a hay trolley to...
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    Newbie to haying

    Do you have a barn to store the equipment? Hay equipment stored out side will not last long. Have you checked on the price of the equipment? Do you have the time if you are still working vs retired? Understand that 8 acres is not enough land to justify the cost of the equipment. If you want to...
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    Valve Stems on my New Tractor

    Really! A brand new tractor and those SOB engineers could not figure out they needed to put a valve stem on both sides of the wheel. How dare they make such a grievous error in judgement. Fire them all. Call the dealer up and demand that the prep man come out and give you the proper amount of...
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    Dock Rebuild Specs

    I have been looking for a better way to build a dock. I think this has some promise but it isn't cheap.
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    Back dragging: how aggressive?

    This might help explain the problem better.
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    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

    My credit card shows immediately when there is a charge put on it. So you know longer have to have that fear of somebody using your card without your knowledge. In most cases it’s instantly sent to my phone but sometimes in poor reception areas it’ll come a few minutes later.
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    Dock Rebuild Specs

    I haul for a company called decks and docks lumber company. They sell marine grade pressure treated lumber, pilings and anything else you would need to build a dock. They’re based in Florida but I know they have some stores in Georgia. They also sell a product calling an e-piling. it is a...
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    What implement for creating furrows?

    This would not require to much to make your tiller into the bedder.
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    Leinbach ?'s and opinions

    Purchase a quick hitch Cat 1 Quick Hitch-3-Point Quick Hitch | Agri Supply and weld 2 pieces of angle iron below where the top link would attach. Ignore the quick hitch parts or remove them if they do not work for you. Check to see if the quick hitch will give you the reach that you need. Check...
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    Vermeer 505 Super I

    Not to sound like a smart a$$. Once you started the tying process do you move ahead into the windrow so the grass coming out of the pickup can catch the twine and start the wrapping? Just a few feet.
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    Bush Hogging 8 acres - pricing?

    I thought I wrote this post as I was reading it. I just quoted 8 acres 20 miles from the house. It is located in the city and there would be trash to pick up from the vagrants. I included 2 million liability insurance for $1000 per cut every 6 weeks.