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    Purchasing a 2021 toolcat 5600, is this a good deal?

    On earlier models (series A, B, C, etc), the no cab option meant no doors but the rest of the cab enclosure remained. There are a few out there, but dealers never ordered them because everybody wants a/c.
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    Toolcat Rims and Bolt Pattern

    I have been reading a lot of past posts regarding light truck tires for the Toolcat. In addition, I am also taking not of rim size for those tires. More specifically, bolt pattern. It seems to me that everyone had posted that a 6x5.5 bolt pattern is what they have used. I scored a set of...
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    Traction Control

    Was able to look at a Toolcat with traction control. The button is on the dash panel. In the attached picture it is the button with the amber light. Just posting to close the loop and so others wondering where it is can see.
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    Traction Control

    I'm seriously considering trading my Series A for a newer model (2015 or 2016). I am considering used to get a better deal. Traction control is a must have. When looking at a machine how do you visually see it has traction control? I know it can be disabled from inside the cab so that means...
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    Differential Lock on 5600A

    While plowing yesterday I had some slippery conditions where I tried to lock the differential for additional traction. I know from previous experience that the steering mode needs to be in 2-wheel steer and the wheels need to be straight before the differentials will lock. So, I set up the...
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    Adding A Turbo to Non-turbo Model

    OK - I'm bored today and was thinking............yea, my wife says that usually gets me into trouble. I have a 2003 5600A with the non-turbo engine. Is it possible to bolt up a turbo to the non-turbo engines? If so, what else would I need to do (software download, ect.)? Thanks for the input.
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    Changing Hydraulic Filters

    I am going to change the hydraulic filters on my 5600A. When replacing the filters do I need to fill the new filters with hydraulic fluid before installing them on the machine. Thanks for the help.
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    Testing Drive Motors on Toolcat 5600A

    Have a TC 5600A with 450 hours on the clock. I have been suspecting an issue with one or both drive motors. Today I decided to test the drive motors by slowly driving into a stone pile until I could not move forward. Next I slowly pressed the pedal until the wheels started to spin. I expected...
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    5600A Drive Moter Failure

    My father-in-law bought a 2003 5600A with around 950 hours on it. It appeared to drive ok, the hours were low and it ran. He used it for about 25 hours and then problems started. Long story short, it was diagnosed with drive motor failure. Brass confirmed in hydraulic oil. The estimated repair...
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    Toolcat Front Windshield

    What material is the tool cat front windscreen made of; standard windshield safety glass or high temper plastic or polymer? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Differential Lock on 5600A

    Is there a way to tell if the differential lock is engaged when the switch is engaged. The light on mine does not illunimate so I do not know if the differential is locked and the light burned out or if the whole system is not functioning. I am in two wheel steer with front and rear pointing...
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    Electrical connector cap for 7-pin controller

    I lost the cap that goes over the 7-pin attachment controller connector and Bobcat want $52 (plus tax) for a new one. Any suggestions for sourcing another. I asked for a size and the parts rep said the descripion did not have any information. He did say that the caps are unique for Bobcat and...
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    Price Check cv joint maintanence

    Is there any maintanence that needs to be done on the 4 cv joints? I checked the owners manual for grease points and did not see anything. In addition, any maintanence for the rear suspension? Thanks for the help.
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    5600A with Snow Blower

    I know this picture is a litle late, but here is a picture of my 2003 5600A (non-turbo) with an SB200 (66 inch) snow blower equipped with a 4.9 ci motor. Does not throw snow as far as the high flow turbo models, but it did not let me down with the back-to-back 30 inch snow fall in the Maryland...