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    Do you just need the part number?
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    430 'chattering' when going up slope

    Assume the fluid level shows "full". Did you verify that? Which JD tranny fluid? low vis or regular vis ?
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    Front end loader stutters badly while raising.

    Not clear if the problem was noticed after the diverter addition. Can you clue us in ??
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    Possible way to stop sliding-slipping down in Kubota "B" seat.

    Hmmm?? All the suggestions for seat covers, and not a single pic... Until this thread, never heard of or thought of sliding off a seat. Just doesn't happen.
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    4110 chain boxes on quick hitch

    Pics would be helpful.. tks
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    Front tire rod bent or misaligned?

    Follow ruffdog's lead...
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    What does this mower deck fit?

    You don't have a cheap deck. Doesn't look from the pic to be well taken care of, so one could get the feeling that it is not worth much and needs a cheap tractor for it. What is the story behind your deck? just curious...
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    What does this mower deck fit?

    Look at this jd parts link.. will give you models of tractors for the 48C
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    855 Hydraulic Hose Help

    Agree that the hoses need to be wrapped and positioned (tied) up along the upright. Similar to this pic.. as that upright post to left of pic doesn't move.
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    Tiller Compatability with GX335

    Browse this link to jd parts as there are different rods for different tractors. But depending, may require some fabrication on your part. Looks doable...
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    Loose hay

    Wire tied bales before twine. Two guys riding behind, one passing wire through the boards between the bales, the other passing the wire back through to the first to make the "twist", while the board was moved forward by the second guy for the divide between the next bale. Dirty, dusty job ...
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    Happy new X350 owner, couple questions

    The boat on a trailer with easy going, level ground, should be no problem. Less than a 500 lb pull. Utility cart.. prolly could break it at some point, but not likely unless tossing with a hard throw. The front shovel.. likely tranny not build for that front shovel attachment... but with no...
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    855 Hydraulic Hose Help

    A pic or two of the problem you describe would help a lot. Welcome to TBN.
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    John Deere 4700 won't go into gear

    Maybe this will help.
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    4R Cab Rear Wiper Upgrade No...
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    4R Cab Rear Wiper Upgrade

    Thinking that a search on the net will yield a DIY circuit that can be built easily (friend put one in his car in the middle 70's from Radio Shack parts). But have not looked for a video to do that.
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    John Deere JS63D mower

    Engine runs good, and for $100 you have a good lawn mower.. maybe compare that to buying a used one for $100 that involves a risk. Weigh that with how badly you need a lawn mower at the moment. I'd be happy, I think, if just that the parts are available to purchase in this "throw away" today...
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    John deere loader

    Do you have the loader? or do you have the tractor?
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    Moving Cordwood

    Get the forks and then add "The Thumb" for an effective and low cost solution.
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    John Deere D105 Broken Bypass Rod on transaxle

    Sorry, no thoughts without more detail and a pic. Can't promise any even then, but maybe someone else can help you.
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    need help with deere 1600 wide area mower

    Sounds like an issue with your hydraulics, and oil filter may be the answer, or the hydraulic oil cooler is plugged up and needs a cleaning. Any info as to what condition they are at the moment? Welcome to TBN
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    John Deere D105 Broken Bypass Rod on transaxle

    From two years ago, did you replace the broken part? Only suggested a pic to try to get you more help or advice. Assume you are making do either with a new part or bypass around the broken part.
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    “Disappearing” Lynch Pins

    Easy for brush to pop open the lynch pins. Is the reason that I use bolts with lock nuts on the 3ph as well as the iMatch. The combination is much safer from losing pins and getting the resulting casting failures that can easily happen.
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    4200 Will not start

    Welcome to TBN Seems consensus of TBN has been that ether should not be used. Sounds fuel related. Can you give us some history of the 4200? Status of fuel filter? Run out of fuel? Age of fuel in tank? water in fuel bowl? .. etc., etc., etc. So many things...
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    Bucket holes

    Does not look like the heavy duty bucket, so I wouldn't place hooks there without some reinforcement added on the underside. No idea why.
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    D-140 Pulley/Sheave can't budge to replace belt.. Help!i

    Metal cutting cut-off blade for angle grinder and order a new sheave pulley if BravoXray's suggestion doesn't work.
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    Had checkbook in hand but No sale

    Be honest up front with them, and not sneak into asking another salesman to give you a number.. each likely have their own quota's to meet and their commission comes only from sales. Put yourself in their shoes.. and think how it might feel to have a customer trying to trick you...
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    Just another UDT oil question.

    TSC may state their oil meets specs, but there is no governing or 3rd party that tests the oils against that spec. Easy to make the claim, but taking your chances that the oil is up to the task. Prolly a gamble that would never fail the customer, or your friend. Compared to the total...
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    4R Cab Rear Wiper Upgrade

    BCD Pic of that mod would be great....
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    420 Replacement mower deck?

    What is that part number you found?
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    This stuff gets heavier as I get older

    Wait until you are 82... you young'ns are having it good, so enjoy it now. :) It just goes slower, but enjoyable to get it done just the same. A tractor for lawn, one for leaf and grass pickup, one for plowing snow. A bigger one with bucket and forks and 3ph equipment, and a Gator to haul.
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    JD 445 Fuel Odor

    If a JD 445, it is gas fuel injection. The JD 455 is diesel.
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    JD 445 Fuel Odor

    Could possibly be the pressure release screw on the throttle body.. that wasn't snugged back up after releasing the pressure (done when running out of fuel) and leaks a small bit of fuel.
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    2018 low hour X738 54" deck extremely loud

    Simply not true.. of all hydraulic tractors/mowers. Hope you find the problem.
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    John Deere 425 hood bracket

    Get one at your Deere dealer.. or online
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    2018 low hour X738 54" deck extremely loud

    Something not right, should not have a loud noise. But can't tell from here. (or hear).
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    455 fuel hose routing

    Does this work for you? From the service tech manual.
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    455 fuel hose routing

    Does this help? Additional info from you as to where the routing is causing a problem will help. Welcome to TBN. Hope we can...
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    Bucket level indicator rod---useful?

    I wouldn't be without mine. Can return bucket or forks to level while approaching whatever job is at hand. If a pallet, a log, dirt pile, whatever.. the rod lets me know before I make contact. Maybe you have no use for the rod, but I sure do and use it often. Also have bent it a couple...
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    PTO will not start on 2025R

    Deere has them. If it saves one or two trips to the dealer, pays for itself.
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    1979 John Deere 950 Engine Problems

    Agree with "dodge man", that your first sign of a problem that apparently was ignored, caused more problems. Didn't read if you had dropped out the old oil and replaced with new and filter, changed the fuel filter and replaced old fuel, prior to starting and running the engine.. but hope all...
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    John Deere 5310 adjusting sway bar/ stabilizer chains help

    Two changes you can make.. to take up some of the slack.. Add a bushing or washers to bring the arms closer in , and put the sway links in the top pin hole.. both suggestions circled on the attached pic. All brush hogs are not made the same.. so yours just fits different on this tractor.
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    John Deere 4520 Compact Tractor Error code 59

    And the dealer should have made that setting when you purchased the cluster. Or at least explained what was needed.
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    John Deere 5310 adjusting sway bar/ stabilizer chains help

    Will wait to see pics of your brush hog hooked up.
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    Fueling tractor

    Wow!! Interesting methods. A 5 gal diesel can once or three times a month works for me. Only 15 miles to the diesel pumping station. At 82, can still lift it to the tractor hood fill point, but when that time comes that I cannot, simply will just put fewer gallons than 5 in the diesel can...
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    KingKutter bush hog hitting tires of JD790

    Sam has not hooked back up yet with this thread that he started. I too am wondering what hit the tires.. don't see how the brush hog hit, but can see how the lower lift arms could hit.. and Zebrafive has a good solution for that. The brush hog just seems to have been modified and does not fit...
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    JD345 pro won’t disengage

    JD parts shows just the clutch.. no part numbers for additional clutch parts. You can take a look, may be different clutch for different s/n's What is the story behind the clutch just being 3 yrs...
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    KingKutter bush hog hitting tires of JD790

    Show us a pic of when it is hitting your tires.. may help diagnose the problem better for you.
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    John Deere 152 lawn vacuum

    Right, did you find the part(s) you were looking for? Probably the blower fan will be hard to find, but the impeller for the 152 is part #AET10770 .
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    John Deere 152 lawn vacuum

    miles.. Go to jd parts at this link to see parts, and numbers.