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    Briggs and Stratton files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today

    It is official Briggs has filed for bankruptcy in the Eastern district of Missouri court today. A lot of people say the writing on the wall months or even years ago. Briggs & Stratton files for bankruptcy protection
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    lawnmowerforum invalid certificate

    Is anybody else getting a invalid security certificate warning at Lawnworld/lawnmowerforum. I can't get to the site Tried different browsers also so it isn't just one browser issue.
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    Lawn mower forum

    Anybody know what is going on at lawnworld / lawnmowerforum. I keep getting a 502 bad gateway error when I go to that site. I would say this is directed more toward mahammed than anybody else, but other people could be having the same problem.
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    funky website

    Have to click through something that looks like wir_uvs2_dis_boardwalk150c_49_728x90_na_na_1 when I hit my browsers back button. How do I get rid of it.
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    Operating a one way cylinder with a two way only rear hydraulic coupler on the kioti

    Just wondering how you connect the one way cylinders for say a batwing mower to a Kioti tractor that has two way hydraulics only without a float position without deadheading the pump.
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    blowing fuses

    Had an interesting lawnmower problem come into the shop today. Kept blowing fuses. Owner claims he started it about two days ago and no problems, and this time he hit the key and it blew the 20A fuse to the whole mower. Put a new fuse in and unplugged everything to try to isolate the short...
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    Trailer brakes locking when brake pedal applied.

    I have a 2011 Ram 1500 with the integrated brake controller that locks the trailer brake when you apply the vehicle brakes. Brakes work properly when the manual switch is applied. The trailer brakes are properly adjusted and the Gain is set at 0.0. Trailer works with nephews 2008 F250 with...
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    Trailer lights

    I have a lot of problems with picking up rocks on gravel roads that break the side marker lights on my trailer. Had my new trailer three weeks, and already broke one. Only pulled it about 200 miles so far. My old trailer also had the same lights. Put all new lights on my old trailer last...
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    Oilly substance from clutch housing

    I have a 2005 DK45S that secreted a small amount 3-4 drops of an oilly substance from the clutch housing when you remove the drain plug at the normal service intervals. it doesn's smell like engine or hydraulic oil. Kind of resembles a reddish 90 weight gear lube and has somewhat of a stale...
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    4 row john deere cultivator

    Found a old 4 row cultivator that looks like it may be in good shape, but wondering about what it weights. That way I know if I can lift it with my kioti DK45S.
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    6 terminal connector

    I am looking for the ignition switch plug for the murray 92556ma or ayp 140301 switch. It is the connector with 1 terminal on top, 2 in the middle, and 3 on bottom. The only connector i am finding is for the delta plastic switch. I need the connector for the indak switch.
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    Looking for a parts breakdown or a part number for the tines on a Poulan XETRT5AR tiller. Any help would be appreciated.
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    rear coupler sticking in detent

    Has anyone else had there rear couplers stick in the detent position. when i first noticed the problem it wouldn't go into detent, then when it did I had to go through the back of the tractor and hit the linkage with a 2 by 4 to dislodge it from the detent position. Dealer is supposed to...