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  1. ponytug

    Deutz glow plugs / helical heaters 2011 engines 14XX, 24XX, 18XX PTs

    I want to thank SpringHollow for the inspiration on Deutz modification. I mostly followed his lead, but I made a few changes. My BF3L2011 Deutz always starts in cold weather, but when it is close to freezing it cranks for five or ten seconds. Having already replaced one starter motor, I thought...
  2. ponytug

    Fruit tree blown flat

    Hey folks, We had a major windstorm recently that blew one of our 15' fruit trees over. The trunk is still ok, but the tree is basically on the ground. Anyone have advice on how to pull the tree to vertical and how best to stake it once it is there? I was thinking of running a pull rope over...
  3. ponytug

    Ventrac 4500 and California Wildfire YouTube

    Nice Ventrac owner YouTube video on the recent California fires and how owning a Ventrac 4500 helped. All the best, Peter
  4. ponytug

    Generac 48kw generator: DOA, Generac unable to repair/not helpful

    My neighbor bought a new Generac 48kw generator in December, 2019, and it was installed in January 2020. (RG04845) Unfortunately, it has never worked. It has had new boards put in four times, but it won't function. Currently, it is throwing an error of E2670 "CANBUS error". Based on reading the...
  5. ponytug

    Adapter plate to adjust attachment L/R level

    I need to do a better job of crowning my dirt/gravel roads. What I need to be able to do is back drag with a 4N1 bucket or a box blade / land plane, where I could have one side lower than the other. Anyone have any pointers to existing box blades or planes with the ability to change level on...
  6. ponytug

    WoodMaxx TM-86H adaption

    A WoodMaxx TM-86H for a Power-Trac 1445 Once you have seen a grass fire go up 1000' of hill side in 20 seconds, you realize that you are either ready for the fire at all times, or not. There is no such thing as "fighting a fire" if it is a wildland fire coming at your property. The fire crews...
  7. ponytug

    Attachment repair: Bent 4N1 bucket

    Anyone have any great ideas on how to bend the moveable half of the 4N1 clamshell bucket back to flat? A buddy tried to pick up a tree trunk and it bent the bucket floor. (as opposed to the back, where the attachment plate is) Suggestions most welcome. All the best, Peter
  8. ponytug

    Mowing Brush mower maintenance

    Dear Folks, I have a couple of maintenance related questions: Are you using the PT blades or something heavier? How long do your mower blades last? And how do you decide when to replace them? Wear? Weight difference? How often do you sharpen them? (mowing hours? per month?) How often do you...
  9. ponytug

    Hydraulic cooler fell off...

    As I was looking under the hood today, I realized that the hydraulic oil cooler had fallen off the engine cover on my 1445. After some exploration, the cause was that the bolts for the rubber mounts had loosened. Finally, the retaining strap broke on one side, dropping the cooler on to the...
  10. ponytug

    Trouble starting a deutz: dead starter

    I went out to start my 1445 the other day, and it barely turned over. I used it, then put it on a trickle charger and then my wife was able to use once. I then tried to use it again, and it barely turned over. Battery voltage was fine. The voltage at the PT solenoid was fine, and...
  11. ponytug

    Locked up and nowhere to go

    I'm looking for ideas... A couple of times last winter, and then again yesterday, I have had the following problem. I go to start the tractor, and it starts normally, although the idle sounds a little labored. You go to release the brake, and then raise the arms, only to discover that none of...
  12. ponytug

    PT won't start

    This is a little amusing. I've been doing a lot of work on a corral for our horses. I laid out the grade (but that's another thread) and I've been trenching to get some subsurface drainage in. Trench a little, use the bucket to remove the spoils, repeat. After some manual surveying, hop...
  13. ponytug

    Rototiller: 1st use

    Dear Folks, As you may remember, I visited Tazewell about a year ago and tried out the tiller on their wet bottomland grass and wasn't super impressed with its performance at the time. However being in California, since freight was going to be a big part of any order for me, I ordered one...
  14. ponytug

    Dual wheels

    Anyone ever seen these in action, either on an ATV or a tractor? Since not everyone wants duallies all the time, a Swiss company has come out with "Clic" dual wheels... It appears that they are the manufacturer of the dual wheels for the Swiss counterpart to the PT, the Aebi TC. They have a...
  15. ponytug

    Black/Green/Red Favorite paint?

    Dear Folks, Terry said he can't send out touch up paint. After more than a few calls to Sherwin Williams, trying to run down some touchup paint for the 1445, it appears that the standard colors are now illegal in 20+ states and soon to be banned in most of the rest. The closest that they...
  16. ponytug

    Hydraulic maintaince questions

    Dear Experts, In trying to figure out how my 1445 dumped 2+ quarts in under a minute without visible leaks, I am going through and looking for loose fittings. (Any suggestions would be most welcome.) I have a couple of neophyte hydraulic questions; 1) What are your favorite wrenches for...
  17. ponytug

    Tazewell trip report

    Tazewell Summary First of all, let me thank all of the contributors here who wrote with advice, and suggestions. Reading the Power-trac forum here has been very useful. I't also like to thank the folks at Power-trac for making it a very useful visit. It was a treat to visit Power Trac. It is...
  18. ponytug

    Tazewell Visit Suggestions

    Hi Folks, Since we have lots of experts here... I'm planning on visiting the Power-Trac factory next week. What questions should I ask? What are useful tips to try/have the service folks show me? (Oh, that's the LEFT hand threaded hydraulic hose!) Cool material handling techniques to...
  19. ponytug

    Post Driver

    I have been thinking about buying one. Would those PT masters with experience with the post driver care to share their thoughts? 1) Speed? 2) Advantages compared to augering holes and filling/cementing? 3) Limitations: speed in rocky ground, post diameter, tendency to destroy posts on rocks...