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  1. coobie

    Politics section

    Where did the crazy politics section go?
  2. coobie

    The new rig Kubota 1100c..

    Picked up our new snow fighting machine today.2021 Kubota RTV 1100c.
  3. coobie

    2006 Kubota RTV 900 enclosed cab 984 hours.

    We are selling our 1 owner adult owned 2006 Kubota RTV 900 enclosed cab with 984 hours on the clock.It has heated cab,windshield wiper,Snow plow with hydro lift and angle, hydro rear box,Led work lights from/rear,spray in bed liner in great condition.Unit has been pole barn kept since new have...
  4. coobie

    Reclining Chairs ?? Any manufacture make a good one?

    Any manufacture make a good heavy duty recliner chair anymore?My last 2 recliners flexsteel and lazyboy were junk lasted about 3-5 years at most.
  5. coobie

    2020 GMC Denali purchase?

    Found a (demo 9,000 miles)2020 GMC Denali SUV 4X4 with the 6.2 motor locally.I have not owned a GM product since 2002.Any thoughts good bad or ugly?Thanks for your input..
  6. coobie

    Is everything a 3-6 month wait time

    Purchased a Yoder ys480 smoker last fall before the covid BS.I liked it so well went to my yoder dealer today to order a 24x48 flat top charcoal grill with competition cart he stated cannot get any until feb.2020.Crazy times..
  7. coobie

    Covid 19/riots/protesters..Realestate ??

    Speaking with a few Realtors in our area(country) they have stated houses being sold in our area are only on the market for 1-3 weeks.Is this due to all the folks fleeing the city life due to covid 19.riots and protesters?Anyone else seeing this pattern ?
  8. coobie

    Kubota grand L6060 verses Kioti NX6010 ??

    My good friend wants to purchase a 60 hp range tractor.He has narrowed it down to Kioti NX6010 or Kubota grand L6060.Any thoughts on comparisons good, bad or ugly?Great dealers for both in our area so no problem their.I own both products so PLEASE keep it civil NO PISSING matches.Thanks for your...
  9. coobie

    AZEK decking verses TREX decking

    I am going to replace my 10x20 wood deck next spring.I am currently looking at Trex & Azek decking as my options.Any & all opinions are welcome.Thank you.
  10. coobie

    Hand held police, fire scanners ??

    With all that is going on in the USA at this time I have considered to purchase a hand held police/fire scanner for our travels threw out our state.The reason to avoid protest areas, do not want any part of that at our age.Looking at the Uniden BCD436HP you type in the zip code you are in and it...
  11. coobie

    Wood pellet smokers ??

    Purchased a vertical wood pellet smoker from Costco last year turned out to be junk we returned it.I guess you get what you pay for.We are currently looking at this wood pellet smoker model yoder ys480 competition model.There website is The World's Most Versatile Smoker - Yoder Smokers - Made in...
  12. coobie

    Anyone ever purchase something like this??

    Looking for rear end protection for my Pickup truck.This product has a shock absorber system installed. STOP Rear end Collision Damage & Reduce Whiplash Injury! SUPERBUMPER
  13. coobie

    Are there any refrigerator companies that make a reliable fridge anymore ??

    We purchased a GE Refrigerator (French door model) in July 2018 yesterday it took a crap.No cooling to the fridge area but ok to the freezer area.Called local repair shops told they do not work on GE app.anymore since the parts are hard to get.Dealer stated GE sold out to china about 3 years...
  14. coobie

    Ruger GP 100 match champion revolver ??

    Anyone own/shoot the Ruger GP 100 match champion revolver? I would like to purchase the 10mm model.
  15. coobie

    New Ruger 57 pistol ..

    I see Ruger just released the model 57 auto 5.7X 28.Looks like a fun pistol to shoot.Ammo is a little salty price wise. Ruger® Firearms Ordered one from my dealer yesterday about a 4 week wait.
  16. coobie

    How about this tool??

    I think this might be handy to have.. Wrench iD+ measuring tool for bolt heads and nuts.
  17. coobie

    Odyssey Truck battery ??

    I change batteries every 4-5 years in our vehicles.Been using Deka/East Penn most of the time.Replacing the battery in my Ram truck this year,looking at the Odyssey brand performance 94r-850 model.Anyone have any experience with the Odyssey brand batteries?I have read some reviews...
  18. coobie

    10 MM hand guns ??

    Been looking at 10 mm handguns as of late.Own mostly 22 rimfire, 9mm,s and 45 cal,s.Always wanted a 10 mm interested in the glock 20fs model.Any thoughts good bad ugly?
  19. coobie

    Let,s talk carpet??

    We are replacing our carpet in our living room/dining area.Which will hold up better nylon or polyester carpet ?? What are the pros & cons of each? We want to go with nothing cheap but higher end carpet and pad.
  20. coobie

    Getting ready for old man winter added 500 gal.propane tank.

    Bought a used 500 propane gal.propane tank piggybacked it to my other 500 gal. tank.A little repaint and it looks pretty decent.Got tired high $$ refills in the winter.Paid 92 cents a gal. this week to have both tanks filled.Hopefully the 2 tanks together can take us threw the heating season.
  21. coobie

    Finally got around to build a lean to for over head fuel tanks.

    Tanks been outside in the weather for the last 15 years.Finally built a lean to and repainted the tanks.Waiting on old man winter now.
  22. coobie

    Undercarriage Sprayers??

    Looking to purchase a wheeled undercarriage sprayer for my truck,car and trailers.What types are folks using? Not looking to purchase high $$ commercial type..
  23. coobie

    Got bit by overhead diesel tank contamination.

    After having my gravity fed diesel tank in one spot for the last 15 years decided to move it to a new location bad move on my part.Must have agitated the water in the bottom of my tank,filled up my kioti tractor and kubota rtv 900 both were dead with water in the fuel.PIA getting both up and...
  24. coobie

    2018 Ford Taurus limited ???

    Going to replace the wifes 2008 ford taurus limited with a used 2018 ford taurus limited with 11,000 miles with all wheel drive.Any thoughts on the new model.Her 2008 taurus has been bullet proof at 110,000 miles just like something a little newer.
  25. coobie

    Box blade

    Picked up my new box blade today from my good friends at Michigan Iron & equipment..Pretty stout blade IMHO made by woods equipment company.
  26. coobie

    A couple of visitors at our food plot today

    2 fawns and there mommy.Old date on my camera.
  27. coobie

    Vertical Wood Pellets Smokers ??

    Looking at new Vertical wood pellet smokers.What brands do you have and how do you like them good or bad ?Looking into the Camp Chef model XXL at this point.
  28. coobie

    Rolling tool chest/boxes on wheels harbor freight verses the others?

    Not being a garage mechanic that needs a top notch tool box/chest on wheels what are your thoughts on a harbor freight/general double bank rolling tool chest SKU#64446 ? Are snap-on,matco,cobalt,craftsman that much nicer for $$ spent? Being a simply homeowner looking to purchase one( lower...
  29. coobie

    Ecofans stove top fans??

    Looking into ecofans that set on your wood burner,pellet,gas stoves.They run with no electricity just the heat from they stove.Any suggestions? The Ecofan brand made in Canada seems like a quality product.
  30. coobie

    ROXOR ???

    Anyone looking at the Roxor/jeep to purchase? They look interesting.
  31. coobie

    Kubota RTV 900 with Kubota snow plow V4290 ??

    I am going to upgrade my curtis snow blade to the Kubota straight blade V4290.Anyone else running this setup?If so how do you like it for snow plowing?
  32. coobie

    Cell phone holders in Vehicles ??

    Tired of trying to find a place to lay my cell phone in my truck/cars.I looked at cell phone holders that set in your cup holder then expand out.The model I ordered was a Mediabridge smart phone cup holder model from amazon.Anyone try one of these cell phone cup holder models? If so how do you...
  33. coobie

    Peppermint oil & Mice ??

    Anyone try to use peppermint oil to keep mice out tractor/car engines?
  34. coobie

    Out with the old ford in with the new/used ford

    2006 f-150 gone. In with the used 2009 ford explorer.Hope it"s more dependable than the f-150 was.
  35. coobie

    Got rid of the money sucking 2006 ford f-150 now the 2009 ford explorer.

    Bought a used 2006 ford f-150 one owner with the 5.4 triton motor back in 2012 with 40,000 miles on the OD.I have to say WORST pickup truck I ever owned in my lifetime BAR NONE.I know every car/truck maker has a turd every now and then BUT this truck was a total POS.Had all maintenance done that...
  36. coobie

    One more off the bucket list

    The wife and I finally went to see our beloved green bay packers last weekend.Went threw the UP of michigan what a nice trip.Great game they beat the Bills..
  37. coobie

    Kubota RTV X1100c battery going dead

    My good friend bought a brand new 2018 Kubota RTV X1100c model.If he lets it set more tan 7 days without starting it the battery goes dead.Anyone else have this issue?Dealer states might be the clock in the radio making the battery drain.Any thoughts?Thanks..
  38. coobie

    (TIA) mini strokes??

    From what the doctor told me I had a mini stroke(Cat scan).Blood pressure is fine no high cholesterol no long lasting effects but some numbness.Any input??We walk every day,good diet.Getting older is a Bitc-
  39. coobie

    Arlo pro 2 camera system ??

    Anyone using the arlo pro 2 camera security system?If so how do you like it,good bad ugly?
  40. coobie

    2018 SRT challenger arrives

    Our 2018 SRT challenger arrived this morning.Pics of my lovely bride and the challenger..
  41. coobie

    Ordered this puppy saturday.

    I know it"s not a truck or trailer but it is transportation lol...2018 Dodge challenger SRT 392 hemi.Pics are similar to the one we ordered 4-6 weeks wait time..
  42. coobie

    Front snow blade ??

    Where did the classified section go?Cannot input anything in that section.If this is in the wrong spot(mods PLEASE delete) I bought a quick attach loader mounted 84 inch 7ga. steel with hydro angle made by Michigan Iron equipment (hound dog attachments)in there shop about 3 years ago.Very stout...
  43. coobie

    Free standing gas stoves.

    We have been burning wood pellets for the last 13 years that has been our main heat source with a propane furnace as back up.We are getting a little older now and getting tired of lugging the wood pellets indoors.We both love a good fire so we are considering a propane free standing gas stove to...
  44. coobie

    2017-2018 Dodge challenger,Chevy camaro,Ford mustang ???

    Wife and I have been kicking around the idea of buying one of the cars listed above.The car would NOT be our every day driver more like old farts weekend cruiser and parked for our michigan winters.Test drove all three but leaning towards the dodge challenger 392 hemi scat pack auto trans...
  45. coobie

    Had a visitor today on my deer camera..

    Needless to say he is a shooter.Still in velvet..
  46. coobie

    The older I get washing & waxing ..

    Why does it seem the older I get washing and waxing my 3/4 ton ram pickup feels like its big as a whale.LOL.
  47. coobie

    Why antennas on truck fenders but installed in windshields cars?

    Goofy thought I guess but why are truck antennas still installed on the front fenders of trucks but in the windshields of cars?Just curious?
  48. coobie

    2010 Kubota 2920 HST 4X4 FEL/backhoe pricing ??

    I posted this question in the Kubota forum also.Friend of mine has a one owner (264 hours)2010 Kubota model 2920 with FEL model LA364 and frame mounted Kubota backhoe(BH63) with 16 inch bucket for sale in excellent condition.It has 2 sets of tires/rims(rears loaded)R4,s and turf tires. What...
  49. coobie

    Price check 2010 Kubota 2920 with del/backhoe ??

    Friend of mine wants to sell his 2010 Kubota 2920 with 274 hours with LA364 FEL and Kubota frame mounted backhoe(BH63) with 16 inch bucket.What would be a good starting point on price?Checked not much info on the 2920 pricing wise.Thanks..
  50. coobie

    Stake pocket tie-down anchors ?

    Anyone using the stake pocket tie down(2X4 inch) anchors with D-rings on your trailers.The ones you can move around to each stake pocket.If so how do you like them?Thinking about ordering 4 of them for my PJ trailer.