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    Ideas on how to chip deadfall aspen?

    If you had a PTO you could run a 9" Woodmaxx chipper. They're reasonably affordable. It takes some HP to chip the larger stuff. But with the equipment you have the only choice is to do all the pulling and stacking when you have time and then dedicate days at a time to chip the piles with a...
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    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Lumber costs are only a part of the cost of a building. If you're getting older the equation changes to where an extra $30k or whatever is worth it because you get to enjoy the results for a significantly larger fraction of the time you have left.
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    Show your man baskets ideas

    yes No 275 is plenty tall enough at ~46".
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    Insurance cancelled on century-old farmhouse. What are the alternatives now?

    It's cool that you kept the water tower. Those used to be common where I grew up in the very east east bay area (a ranching town). But they're nearly all gone now. There's two state insurance pools- one for fire insurance and one for earthquake insurance. I know the earthquake one just...
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    ASV RC100 Third function proportional control

    I'd put them on the grapple between the quick connect and the tee to the lids. When I add them I set them up to restrict flow out of the cylinder(s) on the theory that doing it the other way can induce cavitation. But I'm not sure it matters.
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    Considering a Branson 5520H

    I've got an 8" Woodmaxx chipper that I run on my 3725 (32 PTO hp). My stove does not like to burn Doug fir and we get plenty of hardwood so I chip all the fir I can fit into the chipper. I could really use more HP for that.
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    ASV RC100 Third function proportional control

    If it's moving the lids too fast you can add restrictors to slow them down. You'll still get full pressure for clamping objects.
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    3 cylinder engine vs 4 cylinder engine

    Neither a three or an in line four cylinder engine has perfect balance. Both have secondary imbalances. The three is worse, so triples are more likely to get a balancer driven off the crank to counteract the imbalance. Since all CUTS have solld mounted engines, balancer shaft(s) will have...
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    Mahindra 4110 lost power after topping fuel from can looked filter was black dirty

    Biocide might kill the algae or retard its growth. But it won't help an existing clog. If the filter is clean you need to check the flow from the tank to the filter. There is likely a glob of algae plugging the fuel pickup in the tank or the fuel line or filter housing. If you have algae in...
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    Will The Chip Shortage Affect Under 25HP Tractor Production??

    How the heck does the 3rd function have a chip? It's a simple solenoid valve. <25hp machines don't have EFI or ECUs, they're all mechanical FI. Any chips would be very simple ones in the dashboard. But there's been low inventory at dealers for nearly a year. Seems like as soon as covid...
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    CDC lifts mask restrictions for those fully vaccinated

    Based on differences in mortality rates it looks like more people died from covid than the official covid death numbers. The spread between mortality rate calculated covid deaths and reported covid deaths varies between jurisdictions and over time. There's been a lot of (real peer-reviewed)...
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    Chainsawing charred hardwood

    Semi chisel chain will stay sharp longer than full chisel when cutting dirty wood, though when sharp it does not cut quite as fast as a sharp full chisel.
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    Rear-remote for use of third function on grapple...

    I did the same when I ran lines from a rear remote up front to run the grapple. But connecting the grapple's hoses together when you take the grapple off does not prevent pressure build up. I thought it did, but then I removed the grapple when the ambient temp was in the 50s and tried to put...
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    Considering a Branson 5520H

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. That's without a turbo. The higher you go the lower the air pressure. So there's less pressure pushing air into the engine and fewer oxygen molecules available to combine with fuel to produce heat. It's about 3% less per 1000ft. It affects people the same amount which...
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    Hydraulic In Row Mower?

    The hydraulic retraction is pretty slick.
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    Car lift in garage

    Rollups seal poorly and the insulated ones don't have much insulation. If you plan to condition the space sectional doors will work better. The door rails can be as close as 6" from the ceiling. I recommend drawing the building in sketchup or similar, adding a lift and putting your vehicles...
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    Hydraulic In Row Mower?

    There's a relief valve you can plumb in to the mower so the motor is not damaged by slamming to a stop. I think it's a crossover relief. But your remote valves probably do not have a detent so you'd have to hold it open with one hand or bungie it down. It may be a better idea to buy a...
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    75 acres of timber with house - trails, small garden, invasive control

    You're going to need a way to clear brush on that until the trees you plant are large enough to shade it out. Then you're going to need to thin those trees. Otherwise it'll be a highly flammable mess. You may want to move the logs too. At least the logs are a one time thing that you can...
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    Considering a Branson 5520H

    I bought a used BH760 from my dealer a few years after I bought my 3725. They added the thumb at my request. It's a pretty simple item, so I imagine that you could probably get it later. There is a hydraulic thumb kit but it's super expensive. I think a hydraulic thumb would be a lot more...
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    75 acres of timber with house - trails, small garden, invasive control

    Dragging logs gets them dirty, and the dirt is hard on saw blades of all types. It's also hard on your roads (unless you do it when they're frozen, if that happens where you are). Sometimes it's unavoidable but I try to minimize it. If you're going to lift good size logs you want a heavy...
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    75 acres of timber with house - trails, small garden, invasive control

    You're probably going to want a larger tractor than that. Maybe not right away. But that one sounds pretty beat up. My land is really steep. Half is heavily wooded and the other half has 60 years of brush growing on it. I started with a 17hp Kubota. It was ok for a while but the brush was...
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    I have one opportunity to get it somewhat right -- Lawn tractor

    When we bought our 20 acres 25 years ago the down payment pretty much tapped us out. I knew we'd need a chainsaw and a generator right away, and a lawn mower in the spring. When spring came around we were still recovering from writing all those checks and didn't want to spend a lot. We ended...
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    I have one opportunity to get it somewhat right -- Lawn tractor

    A diesel lawn mower is going to cost you a lot more than a gas one. For example a Kubota GR2120 is $10k while a Husqvarna TS348XD is under $4k. The Kubota is probably higher quality but I doubt it's anywhere close to $6k worth. It's your money of course and if it really floats your boat maybe...
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    3pt or Stand Alone Splitter

    They make taller splitters. Mine's got 12" road wheels and it's at a good working height for me at 6' tall. Rounds that are too large to lift I "noodle" (cut along the grain) with the saw and finish with a splitting maul. Noodling is the fastest cutting direction. It's a lot faster than...
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    Trans hydraulic fluid

    Supposedly that's the same as Mobil 424, which was fine for my application.
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    Woodland Mills wood Chipper wait times !

    Shipping from China is backed up, in part due to a shortage of containers. Early on during Covid shippers abandoned a lot of containers in Africa and other places where it's uneconomical to fetch them. The container factories are trying to make up the shortage but they don't have enough extra...
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    Branson 3520h - Hydraulic level confusion

    Unlike engine oil, tractor fluid rating is approximate at best. The Branson manual lists tractor fluids that meet Branson's spec. In mine it's Chevron THF1000 and one other that I can't remember now. You can probably get THF1000 locally. NAPA carries it, and at a good price. My local NAPAs...
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    New Branson 2610h, rear lift only works with FEL joystick...

    That's a really awful factory assembly or dealer prep mistake. Please let your dealer know about it so they can fix their procedures or relay it to the factory so they can fix theirs.
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    Stijl 500 Just a concept saw?

    Check your local Stihl dealers. Mine has them, and they mostly cater to professional landscapers, not people who need big saws. There's also a MS400CM coming to the US soon. It's already out in Europe. It's basically a MS362 which is 67cc instead of 59cc, using a magnesium piston...
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    Anybody know of a 48" pallet fork with a bit of taper built into the SSQA plate?

    All my front attachments are straight. As I'm approaching the attachment with the tractor I lean over and sight along the tractor's SSQA plate to line it up. That makes it pretty easy.
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    3pt or Stand Alone Splitter

    Your tractor flows 4.1gpm. That will make for a very slow 3pt splitter. A full cycle of a 4"x24" cylinder with a 1.5" rod will take about 30 seconds. That is very slow. Tractor hydraulic systems usually max out at 2200 psi or so. Splitters go roughly 50% higher than that, which makes them...
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    Branson 3520h - Hydraulic level confusion

    The oil tank is the transmission housing... which is long and narrow. The sight glass is at the back. So the level on the glass can vary a lot with a small change in incline. If your oil is clear it's hard to tell the difference between no oil showing in the sight glass and oil covering it...
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    New Branson 2610h, rear lift only works with FEL joystick...

    First off there is no "too far" in the 3pt travel. Just the end of the travel. And nothing should leak when you reach it. The loader valves on Bransons often send all flow out the tank port when they are operated. It's acting like the power beyond and tank ports from the loader valve are...
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    John Deere 430 Diesel

    Yea use the clrclip pliers and open the clip just enough to get it on. Don't twist it. There's a right direction and a wrong direction to install the circlip. Since it's stamped out of sheet, one side has sharp edges and the other side has rounded edges. Install it so the sharp edges are on...
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    that's what 4wd and/or diff lock are for. Ballast box would be my vote. The backhoe is large and bulky. Mine limits the rear departure angle (or approach angle when in reverse) quite a bit. Most of my land is pretty steep. When I'm using my grapple I put the box blade on. I have a ballast...
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    5835 first regen

    There's also belt dressing made specifically for this. But tightening it to correct tension ought to do it. I had to do it on my 3725. It wasn't difficult.
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    Stiff controls on a T474

    My Branson's range transmission is like that though it's loosened up some with close to 300 hours on it. The Kubota L3301 and B2650 I demoed were even harder to shift. I think the clearances are tight. My Branson's 3pt position control and throttle lever both have adjustable friction dampers...
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    Redmax Riding Mower - what do you think?

    The Redmax looks like a Husky with no gauges, cheaper deck and an engine with a bit less power. And different paint and seat. But it's only a few hundred dollars less than the equivalent Husky.
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    My new baby and first tractor 3620H

    I was thinking about reversing those bolts to the subframe would not hang up on them and not full seat on the cross member. But no the trick is to move the linch pin bail up just enough to let the pin slide out of the hole.
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    My new baby and first tractor 3620H

    Here's how to remove our backhoes: He doesn't show removing the linch pins on the subframe latch which require a trick. It's as much work as putting the 3pt hitch back on. The whole process takes me about 20 minutes but I take my time and clean and lube the 3pt, and I have top and tilt...
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    New Tractor Company as if we didn't have enough

    I don't think that the goal is a 100% petroleum fuel free economy. Not for a long time anyhow, and it would depend on tech that we don't have yet like cheap battery storage. But if we can get to 50% reasonably soon that's a big cut in emissions. Even more when a lot of that energy is coming...
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    New Tractor Company as if we didn't have enough

    The feds do not require that. It's up to the states. And while there may be one or two states that still do that, in the rest the utility pays much less for power you put back into their system. In CA it's on the order of a cent or two per KWH while they're charging 25-35 cents per KWH for...
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    "Distance from pin" math

    I think that's not right for loader lift capacity but it's closer to right for curl. And the curl may be more limiting than lift. It is on my loader. What you really need is to measure the distance from the load to the pivot. I.e. lets say that it's 8' from the pins to the loader pivot and...
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    Are Harbor Freight discount coupons gone for good?

    Their web site shows a bunch of stuff is on sale. Maybe not quite as much as back in the coupon days but still a significant amount. I hated finding and clipping coupons. I'd rather the stuff just be on sale. I do miss having a catalog around to browse though.
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    Am I Wrong ?

    Things to look for: a real service dept with mechanics. A parts dept with commonly used parts in stock. A lot with a good selection of machines, though with the current COVID related shortages even the best dealers can be low on inventory. A sales person who is willing to listen to your...
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    Am I Wrong ?

    I don't take internet user ratings so seriously that 4.7 vs 3.7 would mean not even talking to the 3.7 dealer. Did you read the reviews? Sometimes reviewers who give low ratings are people who have completely unreasonable expectations or have a grudge against the company or someone there. Or...
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    Buying Advice A tractor for 35 wooded acres

    The tasks I do with my tractor include loader and grapple work, mowing, moving dirt with a box blade, running a backhoe, and powering a PTO chipper. The only task where I need more than 37hp is the chipper when I'm chipping larger material.
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    New Tractor Company as if we didn't have enough

    It's a lot easier to reduce emissions of a small number of large power plants than to do it on a large number of individual vehicles. While that does not help CO2 (until plants start doing carbon capture) it does reduce the other emissions. We're also getting a lot of solar power now. Solar...
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    New Tractor Company as if we didn't have enough

    Running an electric tractor (or car for that matter) will require some adapting to how the machine works. Just like running a fuel vehicle does. The difference is that we have already adapted to running fuel vehcles. Though the threads about what's the right warm up time, idling vs shutting...
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    Time to convert from small engine to battery tools?

    I have something like that only it's got three blades. I got it from my Stihl dealer years ago. When I went back for more blades they said the company had gone out of business. Something about some blades came loose and went flying. As Ultrarunner says, can't use it when the grass is dry as...