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    JD 4300 PTO shift lever pin sheared

    Shifting lever for the PTO clutch sheared the roll (spring) pin when disengaging clutch, leaving the PTO running the brush hog. Left it running to return to the shed, because shutting off the engine means cannot re-start with PTO engaged. Removed right rear tire, fender, and cover over the...
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    JD 4300 no start

    Did a couple hours of brush hogging along the woods trails and stopped at the shed to blow off the 513 brush mower before parking it. Back on the 4300 and "no start". What the ?? Couldn't leave it there, as it blocked the shed door and snow predicted. Poked around for a safety switch...
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    Kawasaki FD620D plastic gear?

    Posting this for those who wonder if their FD620D has the plastic gear or the steel gear. I just tore down my Kawasaki FD620D engine with the intention to change out the assumed plastic gear to the steel. But when getting it apart, after getting the crankcase cover removed and a pic posted, a...
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    Tool for hyd. coupling

    Have modified a ViceGrip pliers (model 8R) to aid in sliding female coupler sleeve back for ease of engaging male component. With unsecured couplings on dual hoses running from rear 3rd SCV to grapple thumb on FEL forks, difficult to slide the sleeve back while pushing the male into the female...
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    Added thumb to FEL forks

    This past year, have been working on adding a thumb (The Thumb) to my Deere forks to hold brush, logs, and spruce trees while moving them around. Have the 3rd SCV rear remotes and ran two hyd lines to the front of the FEL, with disconnects at the FEL mount, and also at the bucket/fork quicktach...
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    STOP the Amazon ads header.

    Disgusting to have the large header advertising Amazon, whether personalized or not. DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT !!!!!!!!
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    Green Slime ? in 455

    Front tire problem in having to boost additional 3-4 psi every couple days in one tire, caused me to purchase a couple new tires. Mounted the one leaking air and decided the two should match so removed the non-leaker today.. This is what I found inside.. and assume someone put in Green Slime...
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    Briggs Vanguard Carb problem

    This 138400 series with nikki carb is not running without being on half choke. Carb kit is $45 but don't know if that is the fix that is needed. Any thoughts? Engine is 3 yr old and has around 100 hours as a log splitter engine. Did sit with non-ethanol gas for 5 months.. with no problems...
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    JD X485 fuel pump not running

    Thought I ran out of fuel, but added fuel and then could not hear the fuel pump run when the ignition key turned to on. Service tech manual pages give schematics of electrical and test points to check. Indication there is a fusible link (F6) and fuse (F7) in the wire (221 red) to the pump...
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    TurboSaw on JD 4300

    Received a new TurboSaw LT3200 and used it on my JD 4300 today to lower the height of 50 or more spruce stumps, cleaning up a red oak/ white spruce plantation after 18 years since planting. Need to remove the spruce to let the oak grow. The JD 4300 handled the TurboSaw very well, but all that...
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    Mounting small turf tires

    I have two new 16 x 7.5 - 8 turfs for the 425 AWS.. any good hints on getting these skins back on the rims? Ready to do battle tomorrow.. and was slyly looking at the $42 HF mini tire mounting tool.. but seems like over-kill. Appreciate any thoughts.. better than a few screw drivers. Mini-Tire...
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    Grapple for lawn tractor

    Any thoughts on the grapple designed to go on the front quick hitch in place of other attachments such as blade, snowblower, or broom? Saw this from Innovative Tractor Attachments and looks "innovative" to say the least.. QUICK HITCH GRAPPLE BY INNOVATIVE TRACTOR ATTACHMENTS, LLC - YouTube
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    4x2 Gator creep

    Am noticing some creep in forward when coming to a stop.. just enough to be annoying and getting more pronounced as time goes on. Am thinking an adjustment in the rod going to the shift lever on the tranny is the potential fix. Anyone with experience making that adjustment? And if so, what...
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    Oil & Fuel Gator 4x2 transmission

    Have been getting more and more squealing from braking than what I used to get. Made sure the tranny oil was full on the stick. Changed out the tranny fluid with new, and took awhile, but the squeal diminished to almost nothing. Takes the Deere low vis oil.
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    Win 10 issue reading CD service tech manuals

    Anyone know if there is a fix for Win 10 working with previous copies of Deere service tech manuals? With XP and with Win 8.1, the tech manuals came up quickly in .pdf format. Now Win 10 takes forever (minutes) to load the .pdf from the CD's. Thought someone may know of a fix. thanks
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    Double Postings

    The problem of double posting continues, seemingly unchecked. I can tell when my post is going to double up, when I click on "post reply" and the window pops up asking if I want to "leave this page" or not. Whichever selection, ends up a double post. The only way to avoid a double post is to...
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    Chains on 4300

    New member niemi00 asked about chains on JD 4300, and because the subject title was a bit ambiguous, I'm adding this thread. Pic of chains on my 4300.
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    445 float detent

    The JD 445 will not snap into the detent and stay in float. Pops right out when using the front blade. Any ideas what the problem would be? tks.
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    JD 54" deck mod

    Been having trouble keeping the right front deck wheel bracket straight, as it would want to flex back when the depth wheel contacts a small root, or bumps into an obstacle. The constant flexing was going to end up in a metal failure and require welding for a fix. I decided to make a bracket...
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    Gator Power Lift Fail Repair

    The 15 yr old 4x2 Gator power lift failed. It literally stripped four cap screws out of the aluminum lower housing. Replacement was $700-800 for a new lift (that is a bit on the steep side IMO). I looked at a possible fix by drilling out and re-tapping the holes in the aluminum, but then...
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    Home page change

    I've been having trouble getting in to TBN Forums my "usual" way, and that is clicking on the forum (such as John Deere) and going there. Lately have been having to put up with the Mahindra video overlapping and hiding the choices. Last night, the choices in the Forums drop down list would kick...
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    Tires New Titan tires

    Have been searching for replacement Titan tires for the worn fronts on my 4300. Just rec'd a pair purchased online at under $180 incl. shipping (edit: per tire) by UPS in 3 days. I think the 15 winters plowing snow wore the tread off and caused winding up the MFWD because the circumference was...
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    3-Point Hitch Replacing hitch pins with bolts

    From a recent post, I was reminded of replacing my seldom-used hitch pins with bolts and lock nuts. I had a couple incidents when brush ripped the hitch pins loose and left the 3 ph arms dangling. I was fortunate to catch the problem before any damage was done (some have broken castings as a...
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    Chipper Valby 3 pt PTO Chipper

    Anyone find problems with their Valby CH 140HF chipper? Will they handle green leaves of tree tops and spruce/pine/fir needles and branches? I've read from earlier posts that there were problems with these chippers plugging up, and needing to go to a chipper that was belted to get the rpm up...
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    Don't have the list price, but with cab, probably $11,000. That's ballpark.
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    Loader FEL mounts wrong?

    Thought this subject could use a thread of its own. Several Deere owners have learned that their dealers bolted the FEL mounts on the wrong sides, resulting in FEL's that come off or just raise a bit off the mounts when FEL is being used. Apparently Deere doesn't mark the mounts right and...
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    New app for ballast box

    Today I needed to drop down into the woods to get more pallets of dry wood. Normally unstack the pallets that are two high, using the FEL. But didn't want to drop the snow plow and dig out the frozen-in FEL and mount it, just to get 6 pallets of wood. Toyed with the idea of adding weight to...
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    Wing Plow

    Finished fabricating the new wing plow for my Deere 4300 and gave it a trial run last night. It works great. Better than I had hoped for, with pencil design and good friend who is handy with welder and fabbing. Is quick tach, only two pins to drop in and a chain to secure to the 3 ph lift arm...
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    Search date

    Apparently the search feature is only good for pre-4/18/06 posts. What is happening? a bit and perplexed.
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    Last update 4/18/06

    Re: Show All Users Posts Hope the time is coming around to update the 'users' posts. It's an important feature of the Forum to be able to check with threads responded to, so if additional questions or comments are posted by others, then they can be acknowledged. Seems it should be an...
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    So we all understand

    What's happening that the 'Childrens book" thread, pulled because it may have not belonged in the "Book Discussion" forum, and then pulled when it was reposted in the 'Related" forum? Content? insulting? brand war? copyrighted? Be great if there was a way to tag the deleted thread with a...
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    Search up to date

    Many thanks for the search update. Really missed that feature.
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    Deere banner for t-shirt

    Anyone get their free shirt yet? I'm planning to get an application sent in when the mail goes out today. Banner is flying at the top of the page (at least that is where I see it).
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    To Play in This Playground

    Seems there are some who don't like to play by the rules and thus become a 'deleted' subject. Seems if one wants to play in this playground, there are rules to follow or get tossed out of the playground. There are other playgrounds that may let you 'play'. I like this one, and am glad to see...
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    Rotary Cutter I have chains on rotary cutter

    Attached shows the use of chains in place of the steel strap bars to support the rear of the cutter. There are limitations to the steel strap bars that will cause them to bend, and the chains offer the flexibility but also the lifting ability for raising the deck for non-mowing travel. The...
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    Tiller Clutch adjustment JD 670 tiller

    Not sure where this went, but the site with the manuals was copyright protected, so likely deleted by admins. Good that they are on top of this. The clutch appears to be the bellville spring arrangement. The bolts (6) with lock nuts are to be set at gap of 4mm, and the bellville spring...
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    Ooops! Deere busted

    Had this pic cross my desk, and thought I'd share it with TBN members. Guess the trailer brakes were not set, when the tractor was being off-loaded onto the dock. An expensive mistake
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    2305 shows up

    Post and pic of 2305 at dealer shows up in Ohio. 2305 post in SHHHHHHHHHHH..
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    Dealer prices

    Why? No offense meant to anyone looking for the best deal, but I often wonder why people think dealers owe them a price break. They are in the business to sell and make a profit. Without a profit, they don't stay in business. We don't go to the gas pump and wait for a price reduction before we...
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    'symbol' under Subject

    \'symbol\' under Subject I'm curious, as what the repetetive symbol is for (looks like a letter page) that appears on each line ahead of the 'Subject'. I don't think I have ever seen it change to a different symbol, but am wondering if that 'space' could be used to identify a message as...
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    Rotary Cutter Rotary Cutter 'chains'

    Rotary Cutter \'chains\' Some have asked for a pic of the way I use chains on my JD 513 RC, that gives it the flexibility I want, and eliminates bending the steel support braces that the chains replace. This is an earlier photo of my setup that has been cleaned up recently.
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    Lawn Tractor members mis-posting

    Sure seem to be a rash of new members posting Lawn and Garden threads in the Compact Utility Tractor forums, rather than finding the "Lawn and Garden" forum to post in. Any concern here? Are the moderators intersted or concerned, and want to be notified, or just let it ride? Seems it makes...
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    Wasps under Decks

    TMcD's deck reminds me of a question. How do you folks keep the wasps from building nests under these decks? I find they like to do that, and they are a pain to crawl under, risking more 'pain', to spray the nests. Never know where the next one is, when trying to destroy them. Any ideas?
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    "Show all Users Posts"

    \"Show all Users Posts\" Hopefully the server system can soon catch up to the backlog of users posts, and bring them up to date. It's been lagging behind roughly 24 hours, and now is closer to 72 hours (which is better than not getting them at all ) Don't want to complain about such a great...
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    Duplicate postings

    I would be interested in learning how the moderators feel about the duplicate postings, where the same question (or information) is presented in more than one forum. Seems to be happening regularly, and causes two (or more) threads to be created with responses. If one has a response to help...
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    TnT Deere -pics?

    Anyone able to post some pics of the Deere TnT (top and tilt) package? I would like to be able to see how the package looks, as am considering such on a 3X20 series. Appreciate any pics, and suspect TnT on a 4X00 or 4X10 series would be similar. Anyone acknowledge that is true? Thanks
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    Forks Loader forks on 3pt iMatch

    Finished retrofitting the Deere loader forks to attach to the iMatch quick hitch so I could lift pallets of dried, split firewood and carry them to the house. Followed a pic posted here sometime back for the inspiration to do the fabrication. Pic shows the first pallet of wood yesterday (no...
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    SUV tire chains

    Looking for some help from anyone who has experienced the 'diamond' style tire chain diamond installation I am planning to be in the Rockies this winter and looking for tirechains to take along, and these looked like they would be good for road travel if needed, as well as fairly easy to put...
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    Equipment dealers

    If all the equipment dealers that post here place a "go look at my ad" post in all the different tractor brand forums, we'll have a lot of repetitive posts to clutter up the forum. Hopefully the recent splurge from FarWest is not going to open up the flood gates for a surge from all the others...
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    Asian beetle defense?

    Getting to be that time when the onslaught of the dreaded Asian beetles will descend on the house. Hopefully not as bad as last year, but don't know yet. What are your defenses? Spray? Traps? Acceptance? The sites that discuss 'accepting' them as a good insect to have, discuss just sealing...