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  1. oosik


    Yes - that four letter word. Yesterday( 10/23/22) Brownie and I drove up north. Into the northern reaches of EA WA and over Sherman Pass. At the highest elevations ( 5500+ feet) there was two fresh inches and it was snowing lightly. Brownie remembered the snow and had a blast when we...
  2. oosik

    Bull thistles

    I know I'm not the only one with thistle problems. I've tried burning, chopping the stem off at the ground level, RoundUp or equal. The problem seems to be the seed head. If it's not destroyed - the seeds will still ripen and the wind will spread them. Anywhere I rough up the ground - I...
  3. oosik

    A sign of the times

    Everybody/everything is positioning to take advantage of increased prices. Examples in my case - I can no longer call my doctor and ask a simple question - I must make an appointment - cost.....$175. I can no longer simply order tick meds from Pet Smart. Must secure prescription...
  4. oosik

    Finding older posts

    I just scanned thru thirty pages on a thread to find an old post I made. We use to be able to place curser on the post count and get the date of our old post. Is there, now, some way of finding old posts - that I have made - on a thread.
  5. oosik

    THE latest and surely the greatest .......

    Today I had my 6 month dental checkup, cleaning, fluoride - etc. I even got convinced and am getting one of those "don't grind your teeth at night things". I also needed a new tooth brush. Got a new Braun Oral-B spin brush. Scanning the literature ...... you know - I can communicate...
  6. oosik

    Fire hazard

    I have several fields of bunch grass on my 80 acres. I have not mowed them as an effort to slow down wildfires. Reason being - whether mowed or standing, the field grass has not been removed. It's still there. I see where several say they mow to reduce fire danger. I question that wisdom...
  7. oosik

    Pacific North West - Excessive heat warning issued

    I just received a warning of excessive - record setting - heat for all of the PNW. Check your local forecast and be prepared. It is expected to begin this coming weekend and last thru the middle of the coming week.
  8. oosik

    Transferring photos - computer to iPhone

    I have an Apple computer - it has Bluetooth. The computer OS - Catalina 10.15.7. I have an Apple iPhone - it has Bluetooth. The cell phone OS - 14.5. I have two digital cameras. I load photos from the cameras to the computer. I fire up both the computer & cell phone and enable...
  9. oosik

    Radial tires vs rocks

    I'm considering radial tires for my Kubota M6040. I have sharp basaltic lava bedrock outcroppings and lava rocks on my property. I avoid the outcroppings like the plague. However - slowly but surely the single rocks DO take bites out of the tire chevrons. After twelve years my bias ply...
  10. oosik

    Home Made Drag

    I've used woven chain fencing, logs and railroad iron. All work to a limited degree. A LPGS is pretty expensive. I know, I have one. However - this "drag" costs very little and can be made just about any size needed. I tow mine behind my ATV. It's made of 4x4 material, a little plywood...
  11. oosik

    REAL Cowboys

    How many of us have ever met a real cowboy? I'm surrounded by ranchers. They raise cattle and do all those necessary things. Down south of me - very near the old town of Ewan - is a family with two daughters. Both are around 45. They can throw down a spring calf for branding like you and...
  12. oosik

    Avatar changes

    On the new TBN 6.0 - - how do I change my avatar?
  13. oosik


    This morning the sun is hitting the very tops of our Ponderosa pines around here. The 4" or so of snow, on the upper limbs, will cascade down and gather greater and greater amounts as it finally hits the ground. My fuzzy brown Cocker Spaniel was checking out the yard when a very close pine...
  14. oosik

    The Great Wind Storm - Spokane, WA - 09/07/2020

    Predictions were for winds up to 50 to 60 mph this last Monday - 09/07/2020. I saw winds here - 25 miles SW of Spokane - peaking at 18 mph. Hardly enough to blow the dust & ash out of the pine trees. However - around 1pm on Monday my power went out. It came back on at 11:40am today...
  15. oosik

    Property corner markers

    Let me make a suggestion. My 80 acres is a pure rectangle - 1320 x 2640. Three corners are on dry land - one is out in the middle of a 125 acre lake. Each of the three dry land corners have an above ground post or big 'ol pine tree. Each also has a buried marker. Since each of my corners...
  16. oosik

    My LPGS

    Five years ago I bought a brand new Land Pride, land plane grading scraper( GS2584 ). I have a mile long gravel driveway that turns to concrete in the summer. The LPGS would just bounce down the driveway - doing a whole lot of nothing. Well - today it was time to grade out a muddy, rutted...
  17. oosik

    Weird actions accessing TBN

    Attempts to log in get a message - "You have entered an incorrect UN or Password". "Please close down and wait 15 minuets" I got around this by changing my password. Just an FYI.
  18. oosik


    A silent note to the untimely passing of a great country music person. Kenny Rodgers
  19. oosik

    Super Bowl 2020

    How many live in the Spokane area and will not see the Super Bowl because Fox & Dish are having a tiff? Have you figured a work around? Let me know..........
  20. oosik


    I've wanted a "something" to hold my Apple XR cell phone in the Taco Wagon. I got a unit that clips on the fins of the heater vent. It kept falling off. I even super glued it to the fins. $35 wasted. So it looks like the WeatherTech Cupfone XL might do it. So I bit the bullet and ordered...
  21. oosik

    Cutters - flail

    Just wondering. I'm going to be purchasing some type of cutter. Rotary or flail. I know and have seen how rotary cutter work when backing into light ( 1" or less on the butt ) brush. The brush I'll be cutting is called Buck brush. It max height is 2 1/2 feet and can get as big as 1" in...
  22. oosik

    Rotary cutters - domed or flat back

    I'm considering purchasing a small( 60" ) medium to heavy duty pto driven rotary cutter. I don't have large fields to mow and will not be mowing up next to fence lines or buildings. As is usual in my area - there are no used cutters - I'll be buying new. However - I do have several small...
  23. oosik

    First trip

    Yesterday I took, what for me, is the first real trip with the Power Wagon. It was 265 miles - stopping every hour for the puppy's( Brownie ) relief. It was an enjoyable, albeit long, adventure. It took the better part of seven hours. It's obvious that even though we got little snow - we...
  24. oosik

    Cell phone ALERT

    Yesterday I was out driving the Taco Wagon on a dusty back road. I was about half way between my home and Coeur 'd Alene Lake. The new iPhone came alive with a loud ringing and a strange message. It said - " ALERT - Amber Alert message being transferred to my phone & my name". I pulled...
  25. oosik

    A quiet evening

    Well, at least, I got one upright. The ice is finally all gone today.
  26. oosik

    The "TACO WAGON" has arrived

    I got a call at 9:30pm from the dealership. My Power Wagon has arrived. I'll be going to get it in the morning ( 1/24/2019 ). Couldn't be under worse conditions. The snow that has melted all day is now a continuous sheet of ice over everything. Hopefully, by morning it will warm and...
  27. oosik

    Pickup bed tonneau cover

    I want a pickup bed tonneau cover for my new Ram Power Wagon. I have a roll up one on my Ford. I would like a slide up/fold up type hard tonneau cover. I see they range in price from $400 to $4000. The $4K model better have features that I dare not mention here on TBN. What have you guys...
  28. oosik

    New pickup

    So, in a true moment of weakness, I'm upgrading my "fleet". Yesterday I purchased a brand new 2018 Dodge Power Wagon. It took the better part of two and a half hours to navigate the paperwork. It's still "in transit" and scheduled to arrive at the dealership within a week. The Service...
  29. oosik

    Canopy support

    My plastic canopy will vibrate at certain speeds. Has anybody found or made forward support poles. They would go from the forward lip of the canopy to, maybe, a point on the vertical portion of the rear FEL pillar.
  30. oosik

    Your User ID

    Tell us - what is the story behind the User ID you have chosen. Mine - OOSIK(Baculum). It's an Eskimo term describing a structure on certain marine mammals. It's an aide during sexual activities. It's collected by certain tribes of Eskimos and, most usually, turned into some form of art...
  31. oosik

    Changing times

    I just reviewed an old thread - Magnetic Cup holders - June, 2004. It was brought back to life by one comment posted yesterday. There is not much in this world that I could care less about than magnetic cup holders. HOWEVER - there is one interesting item common to all twenty or so posts...
  32. oosik

    Les Schwab Tire Center - - Oil changes

    Those of us, like me, that have a Les Schwab tire center close by might want to check. Our local one just recently went to doing oil changes also. This is a TREMENDOUS benefit for me. Saves me going into Spokane or north to Airway Hts. I no longer find it such a thrill to do my own when...
  33. oosik

    Who has Snow?

    We got about half an inch on Friday. It turned cold so we still have that crunchy half inch. Anybody else?
  34. oosik

    Old cast iron soap kettle

    I have an old cast iron soap kettle like the attached picture. For some reason it has developed a large crack running from the lip about half way down the side. I've had a nylon strap with ratchet around the kettle and this crack can be closed up. Do you think that a local welding shop would...
  35. oosik

    PTO horsepower

    A question. Why is PTO horsepower alway rated less than engine horsepower? Any other system of gears or pulleys that goes thru an approximate 4 to 1 reduction will increase useable power by a factor of 4. Example: My Kubota M6040 is rated at 62 engine HP and 55 pto HP. My engine turns...
  36. oosik

    Rodents & Vehicles

    Most of you know I live out in the country and I certainly seem to have my share of rodents. Pocket gophers, chipmunks, mice and THIS year a new participant - pack rats. Where as the mice will occasionally build small nests in the engine compartment - pack rats will build a palace...
  37. oosik

    Wildfires - smoke

    Once again, its that time of the year. Seems a bit early this year. Its been fairly tolerable until the last two days. Now if I go outside for longer than fifteen minutes, or so, I DO cough when coming back into the house. Usually with the cooling around 8:30pm, the wind would change...
  38. oosik

    Third party home weather station software

    I'm getting a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station. It will download weather data to my Apple computer via their USB WeatherLink and its software. I've read that the software that comes with the Mac WeatherLink unit is a bit long in the tooth. There are many third party weather management...
  39. oosik

    Wallenstein BX62S shear pins

    Well - after having and using my BX62S for four years - I finally did it. Feeding old, hard dry apple wood and blew a shear pin. Kind of surprised me because it was only 4" diameter material. Anyhow - I looked and by golly - I don't have any shear pins. Called dealer - it will be a week...
  40. oosik

    Another slick scam

    My internet provider is Hughes Net. Got a email from Hughes Net this AM saying the data on my autopay program would not allow my monthly payment to be processed. They wanted me to click on their provided Hughes web page and enter and reconfirm all my info. This, of course, would be all my...
  41. oosik

    Brush clearing project

    By sheer coincidence, I found a marvelous way to clear brush from quite large patches - all at once. This story begins in Alaska - on one of our Top 'O the World 4WD outings. We were way out in the tundra and came upon a long stretch of water soaked ground(tundra). Of course, the brave...
  42. oosik

    Lifetime antifreeze

    Hi, wondering if anybody has found a brand of lifetime antifreeze that is rated for industrial/tractor use. I've checked out a couple and the lifetime stuff is rated for use in cars and light pickups. I currently use the extended life( five year ) stuff. I don't see how anything...
  43. oosik

    Do you drink your coffee black??

    Latest post in Readers Digest about a study done at U of Innsbruck/Austria says people who drink their coffee black tend to be anti-social and psychopathic. Perhaps an excellent reason for a touch of Jack in the morning brew. If You Drink Coffee Black, You're Probably a Psychopath |...
  44. oosik

    Pacific Northwest - Forrest Fires

    I live in NE WA state, about 25 miles SW of Spokane, WA. How many others are experiencing this constant pall of smoke, ash & corruption. Its to the point, here where I live, that being outside isn't all that pleasant. Last time I checked there were 80+ forrest fires up in this neck of the...
  45. oosik

    New use for wood chips

    I finally finished all my thinning/chipping for this year and my poor 'ol shoulders are almost back to normal. Sooo..... I've got big piles of pine chips all over the 80 acres and normally they just sit there and moulder down. Last night, in the middle a pretty good sleep, I had this great...
  46. oosik

    Rear Blade Rhino 950 rear blade

    A little over two months ago I decided to purchase a larger rear blade. I have a Land Pride 3596 @ 566#. The new Rhino 8' - 950 is 1000#. I got it today and used it carefully on various portions of my mile long gravel driveway. A lot of the driveway is still pretty wet and two area still...
  47. oosik

    Dealer service +++

    I had a unique situation happen to my 2009 Kubota M6040. The fuel return line from the fuel pump back to the fuel tank disconnected at the check valve. There is a small check valve in the middle of a rubber hose about a foot long. It was determined that the chintzy wire band clamps simply...
  48. oosik

    Rear Blade Rear blade weight

    I currently have a Land Pride RB3596 @ 566# on the 3-point of my M6040. It does great for plowing snow but will do little to nothing on my concrete hard driveway in the summer. Even with the hydraulic top link extended - i.e. max cutting angle for the rear blade - it just, more or less...
  49. oosik

    3-point hydraulic unit lifting force

    I have a question for wiser minds. I'm wondering how to figure what my 3-point unit will lift. My tractor is a Kubota M6040 and is rated at 4200 lbs lifting force at the lifting point(end of the 3-point arms) & 3300 lbs at a point 24" back of the lifting point. Very few implements, that I'm...
  50. oosik

    3-Point Hitch 3-point hitch damage

    I've read several posts where various components of the 3-point hitch have been damaged, twisted, broken etc. My owners manual is totally silent regarding operations that could or will cause problems/damage. Likewise, I've been unable to locate any post that outline those activities that can...