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    Issues? Yanmar built John Deere 755

    It was suggested that I repost this here as I was told my tractor was built by Yanmar for John Deere and I might get a more informed response. It’s a 755 hydrostatic that we have had for a long time. The rest of this will be copied from the original post...
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    JOhn Deere won’t move

    As some might already know I am stuck doing all the chores while my husband is away taking care of a sick family member. I don’t want to bother him with problems and issues that arise here on the home front. So I have started posting on some of the sites he frequents to try and attain some help...
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    Gravely Pro turn ?

    Posting on here under my husbands log on to get an Idea of what reaction to expect when he returns home. Basically he is out of the country due to a very sick family member that needs assistance, this leaves me home with more chores than one can imagine. So I started to try and minimize them and...
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    Pricing on 5220 or 5220c ?

    Eyeballing some tractors and might get serious about buying. So I was wondering about what the average going price might be for a 5220 or 5220 c these days?
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    New light duty truk needs running boards or nerf bar. Suggestions?

    We recently purchased a used 2012 Ram2500 6.7 Standard cab for some of our light duty towing work. Problem is the wife likes the truck a lot and wants to drive it more but has a problem getting in and out. So I was thinking about installing a set of nerf bars or side steps on it to make things a...
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    Yanmar YT347/359 ?

    One of my friends and I have both been considering getting a cab tractor recently. We have looked at Some LS, Kioti and Kubota tractors so far and swung by a Yanmar dealer today but were a little late as they were just closing the doors as we got out of the truck. We took a quick look at the...
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    Hieght of LS XR4100 series cab?

    Sitting here talking about new cab tractors with a friend. When I was last shopping we found some variance between what was listed for cab and rops height online and in the literature compared to the actual measured height of the tractors we looked at. He and I both are interested in looking at...
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    ATI preseeder

    Does anyone have any experience with the ATI preseeder I have been offered what seems like a good deal on a model 725 but don't know much about the company or how good their products are. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Thinking about a new power rake. Wondering what brand folks would recommend ?
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    Whats it worth?

    I am planning on purchasing a new snow blower for my DK40 and since I will be selling my old tracktor and snow blower I was wondering what a 60" Buhler 4 blade 2 stage in very good condition would be worth. This snow blower never saw any salt and was used only in my driveway. The only real...
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    Aftermarket Cabs help,

    Hi everyone My name is Janet. My husband has been on here for a little while searching for a new tractor. I have read some of his posts and the replies to them and wanted to thank everyone for helping with their experience and advise. As you know we have purchased a Kioti DK40 and are very...
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    How much bigger

    I am currently looking at anew snow blower for my new Kioti DK40 tractor. Not sure about going with a 72" or a 84" so I was hopeing to hear other owners opinions that may have used those size blowers in the rear mount push set up.
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    My first problem with the new machine! OH well!

    As I sit here looking over the New DK40 on day two I realized just how small and dinky my current snow blower is and am now faced with the problem of selling it and buying a new and wider one with a hydraulic activated chute. Any one know of any good offers on where to get a decent price on a 7...
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    Today She Smiled!

    After an exhausting time over the last few weeks doing research and driving both short and near looking and testing all the different tractors on the market. Then doing the agonizing task of funding the cost of a new machine and looking/testing some more before finally choosing the DK40 as the...
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    Interested in a TYM

    I recently looked at the TYM in the 403 and 503 size. I am very interested in the machines but am concerned about the lack of solid information as well as the lack of dealerships around me. I am however not afraid of doing any maintenance or repair work myself but cant seem to find any good...
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    Still looking,

    Ok still looking for a new machine here. Had some time to take a drive and look at some TYM and Kioti machines today. SO now I have at least two to compare with some of the Kabota machines I looked at. Problem is we are all over the place in price and performance parameters and since I don't...
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    Foton tractor ??

    Talking with a co-worker today about my plans to buy a new tractor and someone interjected that their neighbor got a Foton tractor and they commented on how inexpensive it was for its size. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about them and if they would be worth looking at or not.
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    What to buy??

    I currently own a JD 755 Hydro and use it to maintain my property and remove snow with a snow blower it has been a decent tractor but lately its showing its age and I feel its time for a replacement. Yesterday I happened by a Mahindra dealer and decided to stop and look. I was impressed with...