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    California Targets Private Property With Latest Water Well Fees, Charges: Report

    we are doomed with the idiots running this nation there will be nothing in a few years!!
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    Tractor has another fuel problem

    My Massey does that the switch has a short due to corrosion and i have to wiggle it to stay on. spray little starting fluid to intake if it starts and dies then it be in your fuel delivery still , if it didn't start then it be your soark
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    pulling a wheel off a tiller?

    I had to use a ball joint remover on mine and beat the crap, forgets the proper name oh hell that's an old thread LOL!!
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    Craftsman tiller - what would you sell it for?

    If you give iy away they will not appreciate it or take care of it, easy come easy go. Manyh years ago, i had an ole Toyota 91 model, ran good looked like hell warmed was a good work car. I put it for sale 300$ neighbor walked over and over and asked if it ran i said man here go drive it, he...
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    Craftsman tiller parts

    I have two of the rear tine self-propelled tillers love the way they till also have two front tine i call them wrist breakers !!]
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    Road Rage, revisited.

    Here in Texas if you ask to be let in to traffic i will let you in,but if you try to force you way in then it's game on!! my wife hates that about me and i do too. Turn the other cheek
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    Road Rage, revisited.

    Mostly it was a moral issue for me.
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    Road Rage, revisited.

    That there takes the cake how do you forget the lights/siren going to an emergency, HELLO?? Thats one of the reasons i loved emergency response, blow the horn lights and siren, duh!!
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    tank sprayer suggestions?

    Yes from tractor supply
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    tank sprayer suggestions?

    Bet you go hunting without a gun and just ugly your pry to death:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Road Rage, revisited.

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    1066 Battery Dying While Sitting?

    Wire all accessories thru the ignition
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    Road Rage, revisited.

    It is a crazy world, i too ran emergency traffic for many years and yes some folks do not like lights and sirens and anyone associated with them..
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    Who rides motorcycles?

    1982 FLHT Shovel and a Yamaha ttR225 recently spun the crank on my shovel so til i get it fixed my Yamaha will do for trips to the store and just to let the neighborhood dogs have something to chase
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    Well chlorinators

    I would set me up an aerator like what is used in the aerobic septic systems and that should get rid of the smell, for bacteria i would use the chlorine but in a very small concentration not to exceed .50 residual.
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    GC 2300 wont start

    Great Thanks for the post and pic i fixed mine the same way and periodically will spray WD40 in the key slot
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    GC 2300 hydraulic issues

    The system had somehow gotten some moisture and rust build up in the lift cylinder caused the piston to get stuck at the top .... We thought we had a broken connecting rod because you could lift the 3 pt without resistance but we were wrong..
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    GC 2300 hydraulic issues

    This are pictures of the old pump identical to the pump in the massey I looked at the gear in the transmission with my camera and it is fine Did not get pics of the gear in it now but looked good
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    Changing out pump on my gc2300

    I need to change out the hydraulic pump on my GC2300 I can not get under the tractor is it possible to turn tractor in its side to remove the pump??
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    GC 2300 hydraulic issues

    Ok so about year or so ago I replaced the auxillary oil pump and last week the front end loader and the 3 point hitch quit working.:dance1: So I remember the last time the power steering also failed but it is still working so does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem.:confused:
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    Thank you American Veterans !!

    Monday is Veterans day!! I would like to thank every American Veteran home that made the ultimate sacrifice .. Thank you for serving this great country in defending it !! I am so proud of all our vets on this board !! Again thank you for your service to this great country!!!
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    Won't start again

    Good easy way to check the spark is to purchase oneself a couple of spark testers , i own three as i usually will misplace one that will quickly eliminate the spark, ether (starting fluid ) will eleiminate the fuel problem... Have a great day and keep your plow clean!!:cool2:
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    Brush clearing down steep hill, need advice!

    I PURCHASED ONE OF THIS FELLERS AT HOME DEPOT AND IT DOES THE WORK OF A SMALL BRUSH HOG!:laughing::thumbsup:! WHEN DOING STEEP CREEK BANKS I WILL TIE A ROPE TO MINE AND EASY IT DOWN REMEMBER WE'RE not 10' tall and bulletproof anymore :pullinghair::shocked: I use .105 diameter line on my weed...
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    Help identifying this feller

    Friend of mine send me this pic someone had given him this feller and he dont know what to do with it. I told him hold on i'll be there to get it!! Anyone know what it is? Appears to be a mechanical mule:anyone: . Thanks in advance .
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    GC 2300 wont start

    Ray66vv ironically my switch failed today , the plastic cover under the switch actually appears to have been holding moisture ,not positive but appears to be the ground wire that broke on my gc2300 and am goin to try and resolder . and will post a pic what happened i was removing the bushings...
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    my GC2300 masssey ferguson is not getting fuel

    My gC2300 has been shutting down , but after a few minutes it would start up and run for another 10- 15 minutes and today it finally quit for good . it is not getting fuel to the filter bowl . tank is full so what is my problem?
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    question about GC2310 serial numbers

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    Chains Sway chains for my GC 2300

    Folks need some help with locating some sway chains for the little beast ,:dance1: the sway chains stabilize the brush hog and any other attachments ran on the PTO. Every time I loan It out it comes back missing something :confused: I am also in need of a fuel diagram and electrical wiring...
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    How does your garden grow?

    We recently bought this place so I was a little late on starting my garden , 1 row purple hull, mustard greens spinach and cilantro