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  1. The Fred

    L3560 First Service

    Not mine, I agreed to do the first service on this L3560 with 135 hours. Obviously never touched, it doesn't look like the loader has even been greased. Loose bolts everywhere actually some falling out. Makes me angry to see poor dealer prep on a machine like this. Alternator belt loose...
  2. The Fred

    Kioti CK2610 Gear Pre Review

    Have here this new CK2610 gear tractor with turf tires. Took delivery late last week fresh off the truck from North Carolina. I promise not to bad mouth it or review it properly until I have 50 hours on the clock. Bought the machine to primarily mow my lawn with a rear mount Landpride 72 inch...
  3. The Fred

    To Buy Or Not To Buy Kioti CK2610

    Been looking to replace an old Cub Cadet 7260 4WD 26hp gear tractor that I love dearly. Mostly mowing and rolling my driveway, 6 foot tiller, 6 foot rear mount mower and a 6 foot box blade, some wood chipping with a Woodmaxx 8 inch chipper. I like the light weight 2600 lbs. without FEL and I...
  4. The Fred

    Straw Blower From 7734

    Follow along as I try to revamp this old 80s Reinco TM7-30X straw blower. She's been beat pretty badly over the years. She'll go or blow when we're done with her. Might take some time it took me a year to finish my stupid wood cart. Fred Dis-assembly reveals she's pretty far gone...
  5. The Fred

    Another Trailer Build?

    Or should I just scrap it? Got to drinking early yesterday so I figured I could rebuild this old jalopy that has served us well over the years. It's in tough shape, really tough after the grim reaper plasma hacker appeared. Might be quicker to start fresh. Fred This is the rig last Winter...
  6. The Fred

    I Still Hate My Tractor II

    So I have 50 hours blowing snow with it and now running an 8 inch Woodmax chipper. Before the turbo install the tractor engine would die out on anything over 5 inches of wood diameter. Now with the turbo you can't kill the engine, in fact Saturday I got a large piece of Maple stuck in the...
  7. The Fred

    Tips On Loading Deckover Tilt Trailer

    Thanks for looking all. I bought a new deckover tilt trailer to replace a 7 ton tilt I had. The old one, an Econoline 7 ton deckover tilt had a cushioning cylinder that would allow the deck to tilt when driving on. The new one, a Sure-Trac Sure Trac | deckover tilt has 2 powered cylinders. It's...
  8. The Fred

    L3940 Drawbar Hitch Hole Size

    I know it's me again with another question, I bought a new 5 ton dump wagon to pull with my L3940. The dump wagon has a hitch hole size of 1.2 inches and the pin needs to be about 6 inches long. My tractor drawbar hole size makes little sense to me as it is not a uniform size. It measures .987...
  9. The Fred

    I Still Hate My Tractor Had it 5 months now. Some good things to note: Cab heater and A/C works excellent. Bad things: Little to no power. If going up an incline and the Revs are at 2600 and I use ANY of the...
  10. The Fred

    Turbocharging new L3940 Gutless Pig Tractor

    Instead of bashing my new powerless L3940 HST Cab tractor I would like to turbo the thing. I see the same engine is used in the Bobcat S-160 skid steer with a turbo. Rather than tell me why I don't want to do this can you throw me some ideas? Very serious here. Thanks, Fred
  11. The Fred

    Price Check 3rd Valve Remote Kit L8348

    Hi folks, 1) Is there a way to get a price check for a Kubota 3rd rear remote kit L8348? 2) Would most dealers charge Kubota list price or higher for such kit? Thanks, Fred:confused2:
  12. The Fred

    Glad To Be Here!

    Hello and thanks for having me, Have some land and love to play outdoors. Every time I google a Kubota or Kioti, Deere question this forum comes up more than any others. That's why I joined! Fred