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  1. GerardC

    Finally an OFFICAL Kioti FEL notice.

    Kind of crude in my opinion but at least it's an effort to rectify the issue/problem . I haven't done anything yet myself (haven't even checked if mine has cracked), but thought I would pass along the info I received.
  2. GerardC


    All I can say is WOW!!!! This thing is unreal. Still getting use to it but am loving the upgrade from ME to XP. I'd recommend this unit to anybody looking for an AWESOME computer package.
  3. GerardC

    Computer buying help please

    Hi all. I've attached a photo of some of the things this computer tower offers > HP m7330n <. I'm NOT into gaming but do surf alot and download alot of different stuff plus play with digital photo stuff. PLEASE give me your opinion on what this system has to offer as far as the processor...
  4. GerardC

    OH MAN, not again....

    Today at football practice my son fractured two of his right hand fingers (middle and ring) . My son said that his fingers just "Went left" when he was trying to receive a pass. The middle finger stayed pointing left and the coach asked my son if he could reset it. My son agreed and said he then...
  5. GerardC

    ATV FANs

    I came across this site that may be of interest to some of you. Here's the web page link to it.
  6. GerardC

    Chinese motors in ATV's. Any good?

    Chinese motors in ATV\'s. Any good? Wondering if any of you have any first hand experience with them. E-TON looks pretty good. Thanks
  7. GerardC

    My wife got hurt

    Closing the sliding side door on her mini van today, my wife cut the end (from below the finger nail by the knuckle) off her right hand ring finger. She closes the door sort of like (a right handed) back hand in tennis. Her hand slipped off the handle and smacked against the door jam and the...
  8. GerardC

    Pond expansion ?

    We're going to be adding on to our rather small existing pond. We have to build an L shape that would be sized about 150'x 190'x (50' wide or so), and the wife has mentioned that she would like to get some fish. I was once told that depth has a lot to do with having fish survive due to our...
  9. GerardC

    Another satisfied.....

    Markham customer! I called on Friday (4-15-05) and spoke to Leslie to order my toothbar. Missed the truck by 1/2 an hour so she said that they'll make one up and ship it on Monday and I'd get it by Wednesday. Well, this morning I get a call from Leslie saying it will be at the terminal for...
  10. GerardC

    Rake Yard Rakes?

    I'd like to get a yard rake. The two I've looked at so far are a York rake at a dealer and KK at TSC. Both are 5'. The York rake comes with gage wheels installed for $575.00. The KK is $415.00. Is it worth the extra $160.00 for the York? Are there others I should look at/consider? Thanks.
  11. GerardC

    Why do you hate MTD?

    Am I missing something? MTD products are not all that bad in my opinion. I have several different pieces of their machinery that have served me very well. General maintenance is all I've done. I just don't get it . Gerard
  12. GerardC

    HELP! 3PT WON'T......

    HELP! 3PT WON\'T...... Was using my blade to remove snow today and about an hour into it I pulled my 3pt. lever and it didn't raise . FEL still worked. I stopped to see if I could if see anything was loose. Saw nothing. I got it off the ground by adjusting my top link by hand and continued the...
  13. GerardC


    Well, looks like a <font color="green"> Green </font> Christmas for us . Just doesn't seem like Christmas without any snow . Oh well, we're all together and that's what really matters! Cheers. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL HERE AT TBN! Gerard
  14. GerardC

    Spybot S&D Question

    I downloaded Spybot Search & Destroy and did the check. It found a problem (as they call it) called "DSO Exploit". When I click on the "+" sign to open the (folder?) it says Registry Change. To the right of Registry Change is a Rubic Cube looking icon. When I click on the "Cube", the Registry...
  15. GerardC

    All-In-One Printers....

    My printer needs to be replaced and I was thinking about getting one of these. I already have a scanner and a fax machine, but for what a "4 in 1" costs, all new would be nice. I'm not brand specific and I'd like to stay under $200.00. It would be for general use only. Any thoughts/knowledge...
  16. GerardC

    Mirrors on my CK20....

    I finally put them on . Gerard
  17. GerardC

    Smoke "outside"

    Smoke \"outside\" After the last time the smoke lingered around in the garage, I figured why not try this. Works great. Gerard
  18. GerardC

    Plumbing help please... UPDATE

    Here are the photos of the project. ALL PHOTOS ARE BEFORE AND AFTER from as close to the original angle as I could get. Hope you enjoy. Gerard
  19. GerardC

    Check out this Bird!

    How Cool Is This??? Check out what some of our boys overseas did to their helicopter. Some Afghans are probably freaking out right about now. The story is: This very special Mi-24 helicopter is presently flying in Afghanistan, where it is no doubt causing quite a stir. God Bless the U.S.A.
  20. GerardC

    Can this pine be saved??

    The high winds that we had over the weekend uprooted this tree . Doesn't look to me as if the roots were very deep to begin with and the trunk did not grow straight. The 2 trees are growing next to the road behind a bank. Would like to save it but never had this kind of problem before. What...
  21. GerardC

    A Superman no more

    Gone at 52 . Lets hope what Christopher Reeve started in research publicity doesn't fall to the way side. He really was a Super Man. Gerard
  22. GerardC

    Plumbing help please...

    I need to move my toilet that is connected INLINE (right above) with the main drain. When I replace the "WYE" fitting into the main drain, do I need to set it at a 45 to get proper draining? It's going to be moved UP stream about 2 feet and about 5 feet back from the MAIN.I can post a photo if...
  23. GerardC

    ?? Motorized grass catcher ??

    I've seen them posted here before but can't seem to find them now. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks. G
  24. GerardC

    Overhead power lines and pond...

    Does anybody know if a pond can be expanded to where it would run under the power line? I am thinking of doing this but haven't called the power co. yet and would like to get some input from some of you. Thanks. G
  25. GerardC

    CK20 cup holders

    Here's what I did to keep the drinks handy. I utilized existing bolts. Works great with my 32 ounce insulated Big Gulp. G
  26. GerardC

    5W-10W30/40 or 15W40?

    Most vehicles call for 5-10W 30 or 40. Can you substitute with a 15W-40 safely? Would clearance be a problem; i.e. bearings etc. Thanks. G
  27. GerardC

    More than I bargained for.

    I wanted to dig up an old cable but had to remove this rock first. The cable is on the right. G
  28. GerardC

    Backhoe ? Backhoe use, counterweight ?

    How much weight is good for counterbalancing my CK20 when using the BH? 112#'s is maximum weight as per the owners manual (bumper mount). I've noticed the front end can, and does, get very light at times. I don't want to fill the front tires and also don't want to fill the FEL as I usually use...
  29. GerardC

    Fence project.....your opinion?

    I'm about half done. See attachments. G
  30. GerardC

    Boom Pole ?

    I just bought a Boom Pole and would like to know if there are any do's and don'ts of use and also the different ways some of you have used them. Thanks, G
  31. GerardC

    What's the easiest way to.....

    What\'s the easiest way to..... What's the easiest way to remove 4x4 posts? I have 31 that I'd like to replace so I can increase the height of my stockade fence from 6' to 9'. The posts that are in now are 36-42" deep. Thanks. G
  32. GerardC

    Bar & Chain Oil?

    Is it a straight 30 weight oil? Does it have other uses?
  33. GerardC

    Summer Blues....

    Photo one.
  34. GerardC

    Deere Has Recalled Compact Utility Tractor ROPS

    How do I attach the URL? <font color="red"> Never mind. I figured it out. </font>
  35. GerardC

    "SEARS" Oil and Fluids...???

    \"SEARS\" Oil and Fluids...??? Has anyone ever used Oil or Trans/Hydro fluids for their tractor (or other machinery) that is the "Sears" brand? Do you know who produces it? Just found out I can get it for free (family businesses pay for it ) but I am hesitant to try/use it if there are...
  36. GerardC

    I call this "Down Time"

    I call this \"Down Time\" This is "down time" to me.
  37. GerardC

    "ON SALE"....

    \"ON SALE\".... "ON SALE"?! That is a tactic used by many retailers. AN EYE CATCHER and it works! I was once told that "on sale" doesn't always mean the price of the item. It could have been sold out, back ordered, a new item etc; and now they are in stock and are ready <font...
  38. GerardC

    HELP! PHD shaft is short

    I received my PHD from Northern Tool today. I've got the boom on the top of the third point and the U-frame in the middle hole. The problem is the shaft does not reach the PTO (about 14" away). The auger is about 4" of the ground. Do I need to buy an extension? I've attached a photo for...
  39. GerardC

    CK20 Rear working lights...

    I bought these fog lights at Wal-Mart for $14.88. They are very small and put out 55 watts. The wiring is fool proof. I mounted them on a piece of angle iron (had some holes in it already) that I had laying around and then on an existing bracket behind the fuel tank. Piece of cake. I could not...
  40. GerardC

    BAAADDDD Northern Tool

    BEWARE! Just want to let the forum know that I placed an order with Northern Tool and was DOUBLE CHARGED! It was a call in order. They charged me when I placed the order AND THEN WHEN THEY SHIPPED IT! After playing phone tag for 2 DAYS (11 phone calls + endless on-hold time) they finally took...
  41. GerardC

    Give me links... where I can buy a good toothbar for a 54" FEL. Thanks.
  42. GerardC

    Safety 1st? Right?

    I'm saying this after reading the threads about people being killed or maimed after falling or getting bounced off their tractor. I think the problem with safety is that we (in general) don't understand what the words "common sense" really mean. In short, sound judgment. We don't think of the...
  43. GerardC

    New to diesel & 4x4

    Is there anything I should be aware of when dealing with diesel and the use of a 4x4? Any info or links to prior discussions would be great. Getting my Kioti next week! Thanks.
  44. GerardC

    Details to follow.......

    Well, guess I'm joining the "PACK"!! Ordering my CK20 tomorrow! Going to go over the details with the dealer tomorrow.
  45. GerardC


    Tomorrow may be a big day for me .The paper work is going to be submitted to Agricredit for my CK20!My dealer says that insurance is needed and that it can be incorporated into the loan.Is Agricredit insurance cost reasonable?Would I be better off looking elsewhere?
  46. GerardC

    ? Tire preference ?

    Two things.First off,I would like to know about weighted tires(how it's done,any maintenance etc.)and second, the "IN THE FIELD" difference between "Turf" and "Ag" tires.I have areas that have soft spots but overall my ground is pretty solid.Which is the better tire?
  47. GerardC

    CK20 Backhoe Prices??

    What should the average cost be for a KIOTI BH?Does $4,500 sound about right?
  48. GerardC

    Manual OR HST???

    Is it true that you lose some (PTO) power with an HST vs. a manual tranny?
  49. GerardC

    Kioti vs. Kubota

    Hi all.I'm new to this sight and am thinking of buying a KIOTI.Are these good tractors?How do they compare to Kubota?Please help.