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  1. frogracer

    northstar power washer 1578812G

    Hope someone maybe able to help - I have had the subject power washer for several years but the last few times I have used it I have noticed water continuously squirting out of a small 90 degree nozzle/hose barb that I do not recall happening when new. Attached are a few pics of the PW - In...
  2. frogracer

    NH T4.120 Grease/Zerk Fitting Sizes?

    I would like to purchase some spare zerk fittings for my New Holland T4.120. I can not locate online what sizes I should purchase. I did find reference to one size on the loader = M6 x 1 x 12mm L. What are the other sizes that the tractor uses? If you have a link to where they are listed...
  3. frogracer

    Cutting down Juniper, Cedar, brush along fence lines

    Looking for a little insight into how one might go about removing Juniper/Cedar/Brush along fence lines. Or in fact how to go about chopping it off at a hight just above the fence posts. We would like to keep most of it there for the quail but remove any and all of it above the height of the...
  4. frogracer

    Box Blade or Land Plane - for this dirt road type? Other?

    Looking for your thoughts on which tool would be best for maintaining the driveway/road type in the photos below - It's about 800' long. The red dirt / rock mix is made up of both fines and some larger rocks some up to about 2-3" diameter. Appreciate your feedback as I am in the market for...
  5. frogracer

    Buying Advice Looking to purchase new or used/demo utility tractor 100HP range

    Hi All - new to the land owning and farming world. I have purchased 100+ acres for the purpose of restoring the land to native prairie grass. The property is located in the Texas Coastal Plains. I am working with several wildlife management groups in the area to develop a detailed land...