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  1. oosik

    wood pallets under gravel driveway?

    There is a 150 foot section on my mile long gravel driveway that does not have adequate drainage. Sooo.... it's muddy every spring. I could construct adequate drainage but it would require re-contouring the edge of one of the neighbors fields. I'd rather not listen to his bellyaching. It...
  2. oosik

    Deer Corn vs. Feed Corn

    Couple things I've noticed around here. Not much talk about GMO products anymore. It finally soaked in - the human race is GMO. And now the big thing is "ORGANIC". Gotta have some clever advertising twist to keep those folks happy. I don't know of anybody that feeds corn around here...
  3. oosik

    Pouring hydr oil from a 5-gal pail

    Whether it's engine oil or hydraulic oil - it's much easier to use a funnel on my M6040. I have a metal funnel with two foot flex spout. I wire it up to the FEL or top link so I don't have to hold it. It takes 16+ gallons of hydraulic oil. Soooo..... pour until tired - rest a spell -...
  4. oosik

    Soft snow plow edges for asphalt

    If you have a rear blade, winterdeer, reverse the blade 180 degrees and plow that way. This DEFINITELY will not damage the asphalt. I do it this way if the driveway is still soft and I really need to clear snow.
  5. oosik

    Hog Damage Drag attachments

    "Are those bolts or rebar". They are large spikes( nails ). I pre-drilled small diameter holes - clear thru the timbers - and used Gorilla glue to hold the spikes in place. I'm really surprised. The entire thing has lasted over six years and no repairs needed. Flop it on one side - its...
  6. oosik

    New Antonio Carraro 7600 TTR

    Sure is a nice looking tractor. An interesting piece of equipment.
  7. oosik

    Plowing County Road??

    I live in SW Spokane county. Hard to understand why they will not plow your county road. Must be that your property taxes aren't high enough. Based upon the property taxes on my 80 - the county road should be gold plated. I plow a short bit of our county road - access for the mailman...
  8. oosik

    Hog Damage Drag attachments

    No hogs here - just lots of pocket gophers. I made a 4' x 4' wooden drag for behind my ATV. I also reverse my rear blade behind my tractor. This is my drag......
  9. oosik

    Happy Thanksgiving from Texas

    Thank you. And to all - Happy Thanksgiving from EA WA state.
  10. oosik

    high gear paved road

    My Kubota M6040 has a Hydraulic Shuttle transmission and eight forward speeds. It's a geared tractor. If I can not find one gear that will allow me to climb a hill - I best not be there. To the OP - you have the gears.....use them.
  11. oosik

    Burn piles

    No permits nor approvals needed here. Just common sense..... I wait until I have a foot of snow on the ground before setting off my burn pile. Wildfires are just all too common in this neck of the woods.
  12. oosik

    Just bought a Kubota BX2230 and have some question

    I know exactly how you feel - FallingGirl. For twenty years we lived in a neighborhood with one acre lots. Nothing I could ever do on my lot was not under observation from one or more of my neighbors. We moved down from Alaska in 1982. The property is 80 acres and is set in one mile off...
  13. oosik

    How to level front end loader arms

    That begs the question. Are the FEL arms tweaked or has the FEL been attached to the tractor incorrectly.
  14. oosik

    How many of your friends do NOT have tractors?

    There was a young family that tried to make a go of it - just across the county road from my driveway. For whatever reason - they are selling their property. They did not have a tractor. Most everybody that I know and talk to - within a five mile radius - has some form of tractor. Our...
  15. oosik

    Thought you folks might like this...

    Somebody has a friend. Guess who gave the baby his snacks..........
  16. oosik

    If it's cold where you live, what are you heating with and what is it costing?

    I heat with electricity. Three months - Dec, Jan & Feb will be $90 to $100 over base rate. BELIEVE ME - somebody understands the high price of diesel and HHO!!!
  17. oosik

    How's The Weather?

    With these cold nights my lake is starting to freeze over. Many mornings.... 12F to 15F.
  18. oosik

    Soft snow plow edges for asphalt

    I wonder if part of the problem is the OP's asphalt driveway. I've used my 1100# Land Pride rear blade on an asphalt driveway with no damage what-so-ever. AND - believe me - the driveway owner was watching VERY closely. It did leave scratch marks where the blade would encounter gravel -...
  19. oosik

    modifying the M comfort seat?

    The OEM seat on my Kubota M6040 moves forward/backward. It can be adjusted to fit me fine. My problem - an ice cold/hard as a rock seat when it's truly cold outside. I was given a foam "hot pad" for the seat. Works pretty well. Throw it down on the seat, sit on it for ten minutes or so...
  20. oosik

    Rear blade chatter when moving snow/slush?

    As ruffdog says. With a soft, not yet frozen hard, driveway - reverse the rear blade 180* - then plow.
  21. oosik

    Good morning!!!!

    Good Morning All. It's 12F here and expected to hit 10F - at or near sunrise. No snow or wind - so we are doing fine.
  22. oosik

    Soft snow plow edges for asphalt

    I plow my mile long gravel driveway with a VERY heavy rear blade. Just drag it along behind the tractor. Never causes much problem because, like now, my driveway is frozen - hard a concrete. Many have found, out this way, a blade on the FEL has too much down pressure - even in float. The...
  23. oosik

    Rear blade chatter when moving snow/slush?

    Adjusting the top link should not be a big thing. I have several 3-point implements and make multiple adjustment on each one. There is no such thing as one set point on my top link. Your rear blade chatters because it's light. A heavier blade would eliminate most of the chatter...
  24. oosik

    Cryptocurreny Anyone?

    When I feel I have extra $$$ - I give it to the local Salvation Army. At least, there my money will do some good.
  25. oosik

    Looking to add a garage heater. 43' x 30'

    I put a Modine in the garage I built in Alaska. We had natural gas fired circulating hot water. I just plumbed a hot water loop into the garage and used that. No worries about sparks, flames or combustion gasses. Nothing to vent to the outside either.
  26. oosik

    First Time Wheat Cultivation

    Hand sowing will take quite a while. I hand seeded a half acre into wild grasses and flowers. If you decide to do it by hand. A recommendation - try hand sowing sand for a half an hour or so. This will help you get the hang of it.
  27. oosik

    Making a Creek Pond

    I've had the same extended beaver family on my lake for over twenty years. They graciously took over maintenance of the outlet many, many years ago. They built and maintain a low dam at the outlet. Over a twelve month period the lake level will vary only 8 - 12 inches. Looking West - off...
  28. oosik

    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    Buy a new, bigger saw - get a younger guy to run it for you.
  29. oosik

    Making a Creek Pond

    You build a nice pond - likely to get beavers or muskrats as guests. They can tend to complicate the maintenance.
  30. oosik

    Strange things found in the forest

    Hey - "out in the forest" - that's where most all strange things are found anyway.
  31. oosik

    Are tractors waterproof even if they have a cab?

    I've had two tractors in the 40+ years out here. Both - open station. They have been kept in an open carport. Protected from direct rain, snow and sun. Never had a problem with either because of the moisture. Kept in the carport mostly to protect all the rubber parts from the sun...
  32. oosik

    Small but annoying problem..

    My ROPs has two bolts on each side. One is the hinge bolt - the other tightens the ROPs down. Maybe a little bit of welding to make brackets to tighten the ROPs down.
  33. oosik

    Suggest a best 3rd function kit for MX5200

    I had a WR Long installed with my grapple - ten years ago. Not a moments problems.
  34. oosik

    Width of Snow Plow to Buy?

    For 27 years I used a five foot PTO driven blower on a smaller tractor - Ford 1700 4WD. Now with a larger tractor I use an 8 foot really HD rear blade. When I angle the rear blade - I loose cutting width. It would take a 9 foot or larger rear blade to completely cover my rear tire width...
  35. oosik

    Peeling apples for drying OR why I now own a Kevlar glove

    My Mom would use most any type of glass jar for jams/jellies. Fill the jar - pour a hot wax lid on the top. This provides an adequate seal. Then the lid does not have to provide an air-tight vacuum seal. This only works for jams and jellies.
  36. oosik

    Educate me on having cattle

    I hear from many who are into farming. Yes, it is a way of life - like being in the poorhouse. FORTUNATELY - those who I know the best are still into farming because they like that way of life. AND they are very good at it. Farming is a business. It can be a very tough/demanding...
  37. oosik

    Educate me on having cattle

    I have lived for 42+ years in the middle of ranchers with cattle. One large rancher on my north - another on my south. There is NO WAY I would wish to have anything to do with raising cattle. Not at my age - 80. From what I've seen it's a never ending job. 24/7/365. Fencing - feeding -...
  38. oosik

    Broken tip on dipstick. How? Where is it?

    The other good thing. It appears the dip stick is plastic. If it should get into any of the transmission it should cause no harm. It would simply get chewed to smaller pieces and, perhaps, end up on one of your filters. How did the end get chewed off ?? Only thing I can think. The OEM...
  39. oosik

    How's The Weather?

    The temps dropped to 14F this morning. Thankfully - no wind.
  40. oosik

    Peeling apples for drying OR why I now own a Kevlar glove

    I have a hand-crank peeler like ponytug links to and Moss Road shows a picture of. Mine is by "Peel Away" and has a rubber suction cup rather than the screw crank - for attachment. Very handy device - works like a champ. Easily attaches to any hard, smooth surface. It peels the apple and...
  41. oosik

    3 Point Log Splitter

    When we first moved here it was firewood. My ancient Ponderosa pines are 24" to 36" on the butt. I tried a splitter maul - ABSOLUTELY no go. I looked at a 3-point splitter and a stand alone splitter. I chose the stand alone splitter. I could get the stand alone low enough to the ground...
  42. oosik

    What you find in long grass

    When I tilled our garden plot with the new Troy Bilt tiller. MILES of ancient barbed wire.
  43. oosik

    How's The Weather?

    Over here, near Spokane, we have had two snow falls. About ten days ago - 2.5 inches. Four days ago - an inch. Both were heavy, wet snows and have melted away. The coldest morning, so far... 18F. Good Morning Doofy. Hope all is well up in Glennallen.
  44. oosik

    Log splitter 4 point wedge

    I used a 25 ton Didier splitter. My ancient Ponderosa pines were too large for a 4-way. The 4-way split was never an even split. My rounds were 26" to 34". I stayed with the OEM vertical wedge. A 4-way would be nice if you like the way the round splits.
  45. oosik

    Most useful attachments

    This is how I justified all my purchases. First the tractor - plow/repairs to my mile long gravel driveway. Clear the snow in my yard also. The FEL and bucket - move material on my driveway and anywhere on my 80 acres. The 3-point rear blade - driveway maintenance and creating trails...
  46. oosik

    Root rake grapple

    I'm with MF243RedTop - you should consider a stronger built grapple to go with your 75hp tractor. Also do something like this with your grill guard. Sticks, stobs & limbs have a nasty way of damaging your radiator, grill or battery. This is my Land Pride SGC1560 - 60" wide and 820# of AR400...
  47. oosik

    Anyone watch "Yellowstone" on the Paramount network?

    No - I've not watched Yellowstone on any network.
  48. oosik

    Do I need load range E tires?

    My 2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon came with load range E off-road tires. Recommended pressure - 65 psi. On rough roads it rides rough - on smooth roads it rides smooth. If you want a smoother ride - go to a lower load range and lower tire pressure. I'm completely satisfied with the way my...
  49. oosik

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Lutefisk. It's a Scandinavian delicacy. I'm going to describe the smell of cooking this "delicacy" as politely as possible. Those who have been to war have, most likely, smelled what Lutefisk smells like. When my Mom would cook it up - the entire neighborhood was agast. As a child -...
  50. oosik

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Got a friend who I graduated High School with. He moved to an area in East Tennessee. From what I understand - not far from RockyTop. He and I use to raid the neighbors LARGE corn patch and eat it raw. He says - gets most of his corn from a Mason jar now.