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    Seems to me that some content over the past several days hasn't exactly matched the recent comments about civility & TBN. I believe there is civility here and that this is a TRACTOR discussion page. Maybe some leadership could be used.
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    I recently read a comment about a NH/Case merger being completed. I'm just wondering if anybody has heard any specifics or upcoming changes at NH dealers. My main interest is whether I'm still going to get the same good support for my out-of-production Ford 1710.
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    Dealer Service

    Got my Ford 1710 back from the dealer yesterday. The main problem was bent and broken 4wd shift and linkage parts courtesy of the previous owner. I also had some tinkering things done as long as it was there. I really REALLY have to build a decent equipment shed and organize my tools so it's...
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    quick connect tip & warning

    Fairly new operators may not have experienced the hydraulic quick connect that, when disconnected, can't be reconnected. Most often, the problem is due to pressure in the male connector line. Pressure can result from disconnecting a line on a cool day and reconnecting it on a hot sunny day...
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    Ford 1710 4wd problem

    Dang. Tried to do some grading yesterday and the 4wd won't engage. It was working until I left it in 2wd while doing some fork work. I recently drove 10 highway miles, but in 2wd. There is a feeling that something mechanical is happening at the lower (2wd) end of the control lever travel, but...
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    Gauge Wheels

    I'm looking for a set of manually adjustable gauge wheels that can be bolted on to the side plates of my box scrapper and snow blower. The scrapper weighs under 700#. A dealer just told me he went through his supplier catalogues and could find the wheels, but not a set with mounting plates...
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    Horseshoe Tournaments

    I found myself playing in a horseshoe tournament yesterday. The following comments may be useful for either real good, or like me, real bad players. Actually, I'm far worse than a bad player. 1. Have you got to hold windage on these things? 2. What size horse did these come from? 3. Oh...
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    Abandoned Septic Systems

    Has anybody heard of methane from old septic systems entering buildings through under-ground electrical conduit? I made an underground electrical connection to a construction trailer. The underground end of the conduit going to the trailer may be close to an old septic system. Parts of the...
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    Pile of Fill

    Eight loads of fill were dumped into a hole where a house was at our camp. Exactly when things are going to happen around here aren't always defined. The pile of fill just showed up. The hole is about 5' deep, and the fill occupies half of the hold, is around 15'x30' on top and goes about 5'...
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    small Tricks

    Thanks to whoever posted the note about connecting balky quick-connect hydraulic hoses by depressing the connector ball-bearing. I needed that one yesterday. Yes, covered by a rag is good. My own trick of opening the valves while pressing in the connector wasn't the answer. It was cool when I...
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    Hydraulic Relief Valves

    I was looking in the hydraulics section of a Northern Tool catalogue. I noticed that the input sections for spooling valves have a specification for relief valve pressure. I wonder if this refers to a relief valve in the spooling valve or refers to something that is adjusted to be compatible...
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    Bone Head Stunts

    I did a prizewinner yesterday, but 'bone head' wasn't exactly what I called myself at the time. I was using the loader to fill a leeching bed with septic stone and also moving stuff around with 3ph forks. I filled the leeching bed and then picked up a bucket of stone for ballast while using...
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    Exhaust pipe rain cover

    The tractor has to sit outside after I moved it to our other place for awhile. I couldn't find a small can to put over the exhaust pipe, so I tied a plastic bag over the end. Now I start thinking. Gee, I wonder if I'm sealing in more moisture from exhaust gases remaining in the manifold than...
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    Got mosquitoes eh?

    There are few mosquito comments here and there. Bet you haven't got them like here in Northern Ontario. The big ones are out, but baritone versions don't bite much. Wait for the soprano version. Bug shirts work; repellant doesn't. But it gets worse. The black fly appeared yesterday...
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    Waste Oil

    Just a note. Today, we get 500 gallons of waste oil removed from our other place. The oil was an accumulation from a previous owner. The oil is in a well-rusted furnace oil tank and 55 gallon drums. They've been there since the days of leaded gas, and are just waiting to rust through or tip...
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    design and discussion

    The idea in this note is that the use of this site is very discussion oriented. Some subjects go on for a week or more. The design of a site certainly affects how it is used. To me, discussion is the strength of this site, and it would be good if future site development supports discussion...
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    Free Service & Owner's Manual

    Free Service & Owner\'s Manual Found a service and owners manual when we were clearing out some buildings. The manuals are for Case Log Skidders; Models 600, 800 & 825SK. Various engines and transmissions are covered. Free to anybody who can use them. Yes, I know it's not a tractor or very...
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    automatic logon

    No problem, just an observation: I have software that identifies files from web sites, which remain on my computer, after I exit my browser. The software gives me an option to remove them or leave them. When I leave the tractorbynet material, I am automatically logged in next time I visit...
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    Septic or Composting?

    Anybody know about composting toilets? I noted my permit and inspector trials in redoing our hunt camp in another post. The permit stuff is too much, so we're going without a septic system. The sewerage disposal alternatives seem to be: a biffy (outhouse), chemical, cesspool and composting...
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    Threaded discussions

    Hi all. I've been absent a few days trying to get my account here working. My Mcaffe privacy software may have been corrupting the site's cookies. Thanks for the info Muhammad. I like many things about the new site. But here's a problem I'm having. I can't seem to get a threaded view of...