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  1. Ritothebull

    No Rotella T6

    If you open an account with Wal Mart you can place an order and have it delivered from the warehouse, they also have more bulk size options online. The locale stores have very little diesel oil if any and even the online supplies are getting thin.
  2. Ritothebull

    Who rides motorcycles?

    At the Snake in Tenn.
  3. Ritothebull

    We really are being spied on!!!

    Yeah, they definitely profile us but I would rather see ads for motorcycles than toenail fungus.:oops:
  4. Ritothebull

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Went for a spin yesterday near my place.
  5. Ritothebull

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Getting lost in and around the Smoky Mountains again, this pic is near the NC Virginia border, Trump signs everywhere up here.
  6. Ritothebull

    Toilet paper

    My wife saw this on the local Nextdoor app yesterday and at first I thought it was a joke but apparently not, luckily there were several people that came to Tammy's rescue.
  7. Ritothebull

    Toilet paper

    Found some but it's very coarse :eek:
  8. Ritothebull

    Toilet paper

    Me with my grandfather up in Maine with the old BSA 22, it looks a lot bigger in that pic than it does now.
  9. Ritothebull

    Agrimetal 3 point Leaf Debris Blower

    Model BM-300 This unit works great, I just don't bother with the leaves anymore. $1,650.00 Location Brooksville Florida [email protected] Thanks, R. Henry
  10. Ritothebull

    How do you store you logging/tow chain?

    I have a few of these around from when I was doing ship repair, handy for all kinds of climbing work or going down into nasty places where the sun don't shine.
  11. Ritothebull

    Everlast Welders - Welders and Plasma Cutters by Everlast

    Well I've been wanting to upgrade some of my equipment for a while now and this sale is fine with me, my 250ex tig arrived last night and I like it so much I'm going to order a mig as soon as I can decide which one.
  12. Ritothebull

    Why ride street bikes?

    Nothing like a Beemer
  13. Ritothebull

    Why ride street bikes?

    I've been riding all my life but I dont go near cities or congested areas anymore, just backroads and the smokie mountians, I go where the people are straight and the roads are crooked. :laughing:
  14. Ritothebull

    What's happened to Shield Arc

    Don't worry, old welders never die, their rods just dont stay hot so long.:laughing:
  15. Ritothebull

    Todays shop time.

    Started to do a bumper tuck on the Ranchero to do away with all the funky looking 5 mph junk.
  16. Ritothebull

    Florida man runs for his life as neighbor chases him in tractor

    Some kids just never grow up. Florida man attacks neighbor with a tractor - YouTube
  17. Ritothebull

    Preventing Rodent Damage During Tractor Storage

    My owls have a perfect spot behind my house, a couple limbs were broken off this tree during a storm a few years back but you can also build a nesting box. Just google owl nesting box and there are lots of plans, owls will nest in just about anything. A water source will also help attract them...
  18. Ritothebull

    Changing Bush Hog loader to quick change

    I did one for a guy recently on a skid steer rock bucket, converted it to a Deere pin type, I didn't know you could buy these brackets but he did.
  19. Ritothebull

    Preventing Rodent Damage During Tractor Storage

    Their Barred owls and they've been nesting behind my barn for about 5 years, they are here every day so I guess they've just gotten used to me. That photo was from last year when they only had one baby, this pic is from this year and they had two. Also this breed is somewat active during the...
  20. Ritothebull

    Preventing Rodent Damage During Tractor Storage

    Just get a couple of these guys, they'll take care of the rodents and the snakes. They showed up around 5 years ago and we have been rodent free ever since.
  21. Ritothebull

    Tractor Theft Prevention

    Thats funny, I have one of them as well, he scares the **** out of some folks when they first see him but he's probably the sweatest dog I've ever seen, and he loves kids but he hates coyote's.
  22. Ritothebull

    Hello from Florida

    Greetings everyone, I've stumbled across this forum many times over the years and have found some helpful information and recommendations for parts and other things. I haven't spent much time online until recently and that's probably because television has gotten so lousy and I won't even...