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  1. VoyagernOK

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    I no longer really need my 75hp Mahindra and am looking at a JD 3046 Compact Utility Tractor. (46hp) I have a lot of implements, including an 8' heavy duty box blade that I would like to keep. My uncertainty is whether the 46hp JD 3046 will handle that blade without overloading the tractor...
  2. VoyagernOK

    JD 4210 PTO not working

    I have a JD 4210 with a loader and lots of implements... right now, I have a JD 47 backhoe on it that we use regularly. (We are a Rural Water District with 8 miles of waterline and about 4 miles of sewer lines and 75 acres to maintain.) The backhoe will come off even though it is mounted to the...
  3. VoyagernOK

    Hello from Oklahoma

    I just realized I'd never posted an introduction as I was instructed to do after joining. I just jumped on here looking for help with a problem and went straight to asking and got a good answer that solved my issue. I run a water/sewer utility company in SW OK in an upscale unincorporated...
  4. VoyagernOK

    Mahindra Shuttle Shift failure

    Manhindra MPower 75P Two times the roller pin securing the shuttle shift shaft to the collar on the linkage came out (in under 300 hours total time). We replaced it both times. But now the Shuttle shift itself has failed. The lever moves back and forth freely even without the clutch as it isn't...