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    Equipment without def is about to be worth more.
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    Pumping sewer into a septic tank. Bad idea?

    I’m working on a on a job now where a house is being built and they want to use an existing system. They planned on doing this from the start and the existing system was designed and permitted for the load so no problems there. But there’s not enough fall to gravity drain it. I’ve done sewer...
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    Has anyone seen a backhoe like this before?

    A guy that I used to work with text me wanting to sell this for cheap. At first I thought the boom would be good to go on my buddies trencher and the hydraulics would be good for another project. Maybe converting my dump trailer. But when I actually looked at it it’s not the cobbled up homemade...
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    Mowing Kubota diesel overheating.

    I’ve got a grasshopper ZT with a Kubota diesel in it. It happens fairly slowly but the temp keeps creeping up. The radiator is clean. The air filter is clean, the fan belt is tight, the fan shroud is in place all but a little bit at the bottom which I don’t think has ever been there. There’s no...
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    Kubota M59. Best condition you’ll find.

    I’m changing directions with my equipment and I need to sell this. Located in Crossville TN. It currently has 720 hours although I’m going to keep using it until I sell it. It has 3rd function on the front for a grapple hookup, 3 rear remotes on the back, the 3 point arms are included, and the...
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    How big of a wire gauge for a gate opener?

    I’ve got a customer wanting me to run a wire underground for a gate opener. They don’t have the opener yet to look at the amperage but I don’t think they’re very many. Electric charts suggest like 6 gauge but I’d have a hard time believing 12 gauge and 10 for good measure wouldn’t work. I...
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    Fixing drive belt on low end riding mower.

    I had a guy call me about fixing the drive belt on his riding mower. I was expecting a 20 minute job and he only lives about 2 miles away so I ran over and picked it up. First I realized it’s the transmission drive belt not the deck. It’s the most ridiculous routing I’ve seen in a long time and...
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    Making hydraulic truck brakes work without the truck.

    I’ve got a 1960s medium duty truck with a 14’ flatbed dump bed. I’ve only got $350 in the truck. It’ll never run again and I just bought it for the bed, but I really don’t need it anymore. I was thinking about cutting the truck off about the middle of where the cab used to be and making a dump...
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    Where can you buy pin on pallet forks.

    I’m trying to help a guy find some forks for his Kioti CK25. It’s just got a pin on loader not SSQA. He won’t ever use the bucket so there’s no point in converting to SSQA which adds weight and expense. And clamp on forks are a no. I’ve not had any luck finding pin on forks. I could modify SSQA...
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    Tennessee Howse finish mower. 72”

    Located in Crossville TN. Hardly any use and has been garage kept. The blade pictured is the original set. It’s $2600 new asking $1800.
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    Mini excavator/skid steer vs backhoe.

    It wasn’t intended that way but this video does an excellent job at what I’ve been saying for a long time. Mini Excavator vs Skid steer - YouTube. With my M59 I could have have dug the footer with the backhoe, moved the fill material with the front bucket. Dug up whatever stray stump there might...
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    Ballast Any idea what this tire filling is?

    I drained a small sample out of my M59 tires. It didn’t have much taste. Kinda nasty like a rubber tire. It kinda smelled like alcohol but I couldn’t light it with a lighter. It’s not sticky either. It’s thicker than water too. Maybe like very thin paint.
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    Running used steer tires on a heavy truck. Bad idea??

    My dump truck needs a steer tire. I’ve got a out of service fire truck with almost new Goodyear steer tires. I’m not wanting to run a retread, I’m not wanting to run a drive tire on a steer axel. I’m just wanting to swap the tires on a truck that doesn’t get used to a truck that does. One of my...
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    Honda clone motor won’t start hot.

    I’ve got a Lifan motor that’s actually been pretty good and has a lot of hours on it. Cold it’ll start easy with a couple of leisurely pulls. Hot it take several pulls and you really have to yank it fast. It’ll never start with an easy pull. I’m guessing a valve adjustment issue or possibly a...
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    Where can you find worm gears?

    I’ve got a hi-ranger bucket truck with a gear box that’s torn up. It’s got a gear with teeth knocked off that I can’t find. Does anyone have any idea where I could get one?
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    Are these forks a good fit for my Kubota BX?

    Ok, I don’t even have a BX or own these forks but it seems like a good combination...
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    How much would a good gasoline motor cost compared to a diesel?

    The topic of making a swap to gasoline equipment comes up occasionally mostly because of recent emissions equipment. A Kohler air cooled motor and a diesel is a far cry from the same thing. How much would making a gas motor with comparable durability as a diesel cost in comparison? Likely...
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    Would you buy a vehicle with this description?

    My Mom things this is a huge turnoff for being rude. I think anyone that would be interested in said truck to begin with wouldn’t think anything of it. I did it because I’ve sold vehicles in the past and got dozens of messages in one case close to 100 asking questions that were already in the...
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    How do you verify if the tow/haul button actually works?

    I’ve got a 2500 suburban with a 4l80e transmission. It seems like the tow haul function is staying on despite the little trailer emblem going off. It’s pushing the shift points high and doesn’t seem to be shifting into OD. I need to experiment with it more tomorrow.
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    Do mechanics significantly over charge for the time to change a part?

    So my truck needed a master cylinder put on the clutch. I’ve heard horror stories of bleeding a clutch so I decided to let a shop do it. The quoted 1.5 hours at $80 an hour. I did want to pay that so I did it myself. It took maybe an hour to put it on and that’s with a lot of screwing around...
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    Would you spend the money to run synthetic oil in equipment that rarely sees winter u

    I’ve got T6 oil in my truck which really didn’t make the improvement I was hoping for on cold starts. I’ve got T6 in my lawnmower ( diesel) which was probably a waste considering it’ll never be ran in the cold. Next up my backhoe is due a change and if it’s cold there’s a very slim chance I’ll...
  22. 4570Man

    Help me understand the logic.

    So you can buy a new pickup, a rv that stays parked 350 days a year, a boat to go with the RV, a tractor that you probably don’t need to begin with, plenty of implements that probably get used once a year, and hundred of minor things that can’t all be listed. But buying a backhoe or a nice...
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    How much cooling power can I expect from a mini split ac unit?

    So I’ve got a 30x40x11 high woodworking shop. The building is well insulated and doesn’t get terribly hot. The humidity is the real killer. It’s unenjoyable to work in in the summer months so it’s pretty much only used over the winter. So if I had a mini split unit and a smart thermostat that I...
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    Price Check How much would you list 310 backhoe for?

    So I’m thinking of selling my 310j and buying a M59. I’m seeing prices all over the place for used ones. Mine has 2500 hours, new back tires, mechanical thumb, 36” and 18” bucket, and no DEF. the boom is tight with no wear in the pins and bushings. Unfortunately I don’t have service records but...
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    What machine would you want to do this task?

    So my Dad and I build and remodel houses. 3 builds and 3 remodels to date and probably leaning to the building side for future projects. So up until last year our equipment wasn’t adequate to tackle the whole project and we hired out a lot of the dirt work. For the current not yet completed...
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    Does anybody have a Allmand bros 425 TLB?

    I’ve got a family member looking for a little backhoe. He’s been looking for a B or BX Kubota but has unrealistic standards for the condition or price and hasn’t bought one. I found a Allmand bros 425 Kubota diesel powered TLB for $8500. It looks like a stout little beast outperforming the B...
  27. 4570Man

    Does anyone know of aftermarket side glass for Kubota CTL?

    So I broke the lower panel out of the side in a Kubota 95-2. The Kubota dealer wants $250 plus tax for the piece and I’d have to pay freight or wait over a week. I’ve found plenty of replacements for the front and back glass but I’ve had zero luck finding side glass. If it was my machine I’d...
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    At what point do you justify buying more tools vs making do with what you already hav

    So the title pretty much sums this one up. Examples. I was driving precut rebar grade stakes and due to rock probably half of them needed to be cut shorter. I didn’t have any bolt cutters so I used a sawzall. That one is an easy choice I’ll be getting some bolt cutters before the next rebar...
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    Best way to remove 3’ of bed rock to burry septic tank?

    So I need to install a septic tank and the bedrock isn’t much over 2’ deep maybe 3’ tops. I could add some dirt to the top but not enough. Is something like that in the range of Dexpan or a handheld jackhammer? Should I look into renting a mini excavator with a rock breaker? Any other ideas...
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    Putting propane in R12 ac system?

    If it just seems like a bad idea to you please go away. If there’s an actual safety concern based on fact, voice your concerns. Next question will it actually work? I’ve got a 1992 truck with an r12 ac system. I already tried charging with 134 and it didn’t work very good and currently doesn’t...
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    Can you pass a DOT physical with a broke ankle?

    So I’ve been going to get a CDL for a while and I haven’t ever gotten around to it. Well now I have a broken left ankle and can’t walk for 6 weeks. So assuming that’s the only health problem could I pass a DOT physical?
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    How do you plumb a natural gas/ propane combo generator.

    So I got what was a previously seized up house backup generator for free. It’s not seized up anymore but it was previously natural gas powered. I suppose I could go to the mower junkyard and get a gasoline carburetor but propane would be easier. It says it runs on either but there’s no...
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    How strong are trailer brake magnets supposed to be?

    I’ve spent the better part of the day troubleshooting my trailer brakes to no avail. As a last ditch effort I hooked the magnet to a battery charger and stuck it to a piece of 1/4 thick steel and I could drag it off with one hand. I think it should be way stronger. The magnets don’t appear to...
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    Is this trailer heavy enough to haul my Mule on?

    Usually when people post threads like this they already know the answer and this one is no exception.
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    1990 fuel injected GMC 6500 won’t start cold.

    So the title pretty much sums this one up. I’ve got a fuel injected topkick that won’t start cold. And the definition of cold is only like 50 degrees ambient temperature. If I spray brake cleaner down the intake it’ll start. Even if it only runs for 30 seconds and dies it’ll start back and all...
  36. 4570Man

    Do severely overheated brake rotors need replaced?

    I bought an older kodiak dump truck that needs a little TLC. When I was driving it home one of the back brakes calipers ( this truck has disk brakes ) stuck and it severely overheated the rotor. As in it was glowing. Assuming it isn’t warped does it need replaced? The cost isn’t significant but...
  37. 4570Man

    How would you feel about this? Business tacking on bogus charges.

    So I got a quote on a backhoe bucket and I was about to order it until they tacked on $30 surcharge. It’s a marginal amount of money but it pisses me off. Am I out of line on thinking it’s lousy business practice?
  38. 4570Man

    Why no heavy duty Chevy pickup?

    Ford and Dodge both make a 450, 4500, 550 series pickup. Chevy used to make a 3500 HD that was significantly heavier duty. Now 3500 and the 3500hd is pretty much the same thing. They make a 4500 that’s a joke to the medium duty truck world. I don’t know about the rest of the country but here the...
  39. 4570Man

    How would you solve this problem. Mower belts rubbing.

    I replaced the center pulley on my mower with a double pulley and got rid of the stacked center pulley which reduced the clearance. Now the belts rub against each other. Even before swapping the pulley the belts rubbed against each other evident by the abnormal wear on the belt. I’m thinking...
  40. 4570Man

    Anyone interested in buying some Husqvarna chainsaw chains?

    The mowers dealer told me that he didn’t sell enough chains to justify the minimum order of 60 chains but if I wanted to buy all or most of them he’d order me 60 at wholesale. The markup on chains is pretty good at about 100 percent. I’m considering buying 60 and selling off 40 of them if...
  41. 4570Man

    Do all integrated transaxles on zero turn mowers suck?

    I’ve been looking at stand over mowers and I’m not dead set on either one but I’ll likely end up with a Ferris or Hustler. The Hustler only offers a Kawasaki motor. Most people consider the Vanguard to be better. The Hustler offers separate pumps and drive motors which I consider to be better...
  42. 4570Man

    Any stand up mower users?

    First off I know this isn’t the commercial lawn mower forum but I thought I’d ask anyway. My Grasshopper 72” cut is just too big for a lot of jobs. I’ve been looking at the stand up mowers. I don’t want a belt drive unit and I don’t want a walk behind unit with dolly to stand on. I’ve been...
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    Good quality flush mount LED flood lights.

    I’ve had good luck with the really cheap led lights in the past but for this project I want a better quality flood light. Most of the cheap lights don’t throw an even spread. I’ve had pods mounted on the canopy on my Grasshopper and they don’t hold up to trees there. I never thought about...
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    Parts or replacement needed for Eaton 788-046 hydraulic transmission.

    I’ve got a John Deere walk behind mower with a bad drive motor. The motor was unfortunately discontinued years ago and I can’t find any parts. Deere doesn’t stock individual parts either. If I had parts 20,21 and there’s a bushing inside #7. I believe if I had those parts I could fix it. About...
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    Hydraulic motor full of metal. ( Not my Grasshopper, different project)

    So I got a JD walk behind mower for free with a drive motor down. I decided with not much to loose I’d take the hydraulic unit apart. This is a self contained pump and drive unit which after tearing this down I believe is a terrible design. It’s full of metal. The only wear I notice is on those...
  46. 4570Man

    Best option for solid front wheels for ZTR?

    The front wheels on my ZTRs have been constant trouble for years. Between cutting several of them and leakage they’re always flat. I’ve looked at tractor supply for solid wheels and I haven’t found anything that’ll fit. Most of the options had crappy bearing anyway. Yesterday at the NFMS I saw a...
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    Ruggedmade wood splitter. Beware, poor quality. Not so rugged.

    So first off this machine cost half what a comparable timber wolf would cost so I have refrained from hating on them until now. Upon opening the box I noticed it was a low quality pump that’s like $100 on Amazon. And the valves sucked. I was willing to look past that. Next within an hour use I...
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    Hydraulic motor keeps pushing seal out.

    When I got this mower the seal was pushed part way out. Without removing the hub I used a pry bar to push it back in. It pushed back out and then I replaced the seal. It fit tight enough it couldn’t be pushed in by hand. Then it pushed out again. The hub fits tight enough that it can’t come all...
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    Wood splitter deal. Portland Ohio.

    If it wasn’t a 400 mile one way trip I’d probably buy it myself. The construction looks pretty good and that I beam is really heavy duty. Unfortunately I don’t know how to post a direct Facebook link so you’ll have to find the add yourself. If you’re not a Facebook person maybe I could get a...
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    Coca-cola collectors. What would you do with this?

    We have a small auction company and someone dropped of a nearly pristine condition all original Coca Cola cooler. It’s hard to predict value of something like this but without the holes drilled in the top I was hoping for at least 5k. The catch is someone decided to make it into a bar and add a...